Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Because, you just can't be too organized...

One very obvious flaw I that I have, (and trust me, there are many, where this came from) is that I just can't buy something that I could actually make for myself for a lot less money. I try, really I do, but then my DIY personality takes over, and it's a fight I can't win. So I give up and head to the craft store.

Today's project is a very obvious knock off. If you've ever drooled over the boat and tote bags in an L.L. Bean catalogue, and thought to yourself, "Oh gosh... I could get one bag for picnics, one bag for field trips, one bag for books, one bag for groceries, one bag for travel, one bag for chocolate..." It goes on and on. I could have a bag for everything under the sun, so long as it was clearly labeled. Labelling is my love language. But back to my point. I just can't afford four or five of these bags, though I dearly love them... so I made some. Y'all still with me here?
I purchased the tote bags for a couple of dollars each at the craft store, along with a tube of fabric paint, and a stencil brush...
I traced a printed image of my word onto some freezer paper, (waxy side down) and then carefully cut the letters out with an X-acto-knife. Then I simply ironed the paper onto my bag...
Stenciled the paint over the printed cut-outs...
Carefully peeled off the paper...
And my knock-off bag is done for under $5.00 a bag!

And now let's all take a moment for an ooh n' ahh. You know, when you stand back and say in unison, "Ooooh. Ahhhh."

Organizational bliss.

And no, I didn't make a bag for chocolate. It wouldn't stay in the bag long, so what would be the point, you know?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some Enchanted Evening....

Recently I was standing quietly, in a crowded room. I happened to look out across the tops of heads, as I felt some sort of magnetic pull to the opposite side of the room. My eyes scanned the laughing, chattering faces until they came to rest on the one I'd been inadvertently seeking.

Standing tall, and tanned in a red shirt was a devastatingly handsome man. He was casually leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a sucker for biceps, so they grabbed my attention. He looked relaxed, and appeared to be having a good time. His eyes met mine, and even at that distance, I could see a smile curving up the outer corners of his mouth. A nice, slow, smile that made my breath catch. I knew he was looking at me, because I'd just turned around and looked, to make sure. I was standing apart from a larger group, off on my own, and there was no one else looking back at him besides me. I felt like a bit of an idiot, but it's not every day that a gorgeous guy grins my way. So, I smiled back. Then he raised one eyebrow. Now I was blushing like a schoolgirl. I just stood there looking his way, and this guy never took his eyes off my face.

All of a sudden, my children came running up to me, clamoring for attention with books, and papers, and shouts of, "Look what I made Mommy!!" And when I looked back across the room, he was gone. I felt a little pang of disappointment, until a warm voice nuzzled my ear, and my husband said, "Hey, I really like your shirt... I was admiring the way you looked in it, from over across the room. Very cute."

And then I hired a babysitter for the rest of the week.

Just kidding.

Then we went home to real life.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Magnetic Personality

I have the best craft idea for you today! Are you so excited? Me too! (Admittedly, it takes very little.)In homeschooling, and in general life, I find that I need magnets. Lots and lots of magnets. I'm one of those people who clutter the front of my fridge with bazillions of photos of people I love, so I already have a ton of magnets. But I wanted magnets that actually served a purpose... You know, something worthwhile like um, oh I don't know... organization. That surprises you about me a little bit, doesn't it? (snicker)
I bought a narrow stick (about the size of a yard stick) at the craft store, an adhesive magnetic sheet, and some rub-on letters. I brought home the stick, painted it, and then rubbed on the letters. My husband cut the stick with his saw, because for some reason, he doesn't trust me with a saw. (He needn't worry, you can't hug a saw or anything... though I nearly could have, after I saw how adorable these turned out!!) After the ends are cut, you want to dab some matching paint on the ends... then simply adhere a magnet cut-to-size, on the back, and voila, you are done.

You could literally make magnets that say anything! You could go crazy with this people. Organizationally crazy. So now... go- and...

Organize your life.

(Oh how I love those three little words...)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The difference between Daddies and Mommies

It was a weekend like any other. The weather was mild, and the kids were happily playing outside. They had just received permission from their daddy to ride bikes up and down the sidewalk out in front of the house. This is something we do a lot around here, but I always sit on the porch or weed the front yard flowerbeds while they ride. Adrain casually responded "Oh they'll be just fine," when I asked if he was going to hang out on the front porch while they rode.

I was forced to stand at the front window because letting them "be just fine" is something I'm apparently not capable of doing. And that got me thinking about the differences between moms and dads. There are quite a few in case you weren't clear on that. (Besides the fact that my children's daddy has biceps that positively melt me into a puddle of useless mush, whereas, I have no biceps at all by comparison.) Ahem.

We were recently picking apples with my parents. Adrain and JJ were way off down the lane, and I could see JJ climbing way high up into a tree. Adrain stood below, watching him in a relaxed attitude. I was nearest to my dad, and I remarked, "Oh I hope JJ is okay up there... I hope he doesn't fall!" My dad looked up for a second and said, "Eh- he'll be fine, if he does fall, he'll know not to do it again." Then he went right back to what he'd been doing.

I wrinkled my nose in disgust at the apparent lack of concern, and began edging toward my husband who was out of earshot. Certainly he would have something a little more protective to say when he quickly saw things my way. (snicker) When I finally got to him, I said "Honey, should JJ be up so high? What if he falls?" My husband gave me the look. You know, the adorable one that says, "You are a girl. You clearly don't get it, and I can't help you." And then because of the horror spasming across my face at all of this manly disconnect from would-be danger, he was careful to reassure me. "Oh babe, he'll be fine. If he does fall, he'll just know not to do it again."

Are you kidding me? Do they teach men this word-for-word response in Manhood 101? They were nowhere near each other, and both my father and my husband responded the exact same way! I laughed hysterically because I couldn't help myself. (for the record, my mama was just as worried as I was) And you know what? JJ didn't actually fall. Amazing.

So I decided that it's a good thing mommies and daddies are different. Because then kids get one parent who lets them climb, and one who patches them up when they fall. Sorta. You know what I mean...