Monday, November 30, 2009

Knock it off Pottery Barn. I mean it. Don't make me count to three...

Okay Pottery Barn... I love you. I really do... but your fifty dollar moss wreath is killing me here. It's moss! It's a wreath of moss! Fifty? Really? Why?

But... being the suckered in PB groupie that I am... I did it for under $13.00. How do you like them apples?
It just requires a styro wreath form... and two bags of moss. Oh- and a vacuum cleaner, some newspaper, and a hot glue gun. Tear moss in smaller chunks and hot glue to form. Fill in gaps and work your way around the entire thing. Two bags was enough to cover front and back and make me cry for a maid. (It's really messy. But not fifty dollars messy. No sir.)
About 20 minutes later... Voila. I know... it's not quite as cute as Pottery Barn's. But it required so much less of a financial commitment... so it was well worth the mess to me. Now, just hang as is, add a pretty ribbon, or use some push pins to add a few ornaments decorations, or vintage postcards! Super cute, and like all my projects- stupid easy.

Pottery Barn, you should be ashamed of yourself... Or just cut that price down for heaven's sake! I still love you though... I promise.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A picture worth a thousand words...

I celebrate 14 years of driving this man o' mine crazy wedded bliss this month. I recently thought I'd lost all of my wedding photos. Which wouldn't have been difficult, considering that all I have is a stack of 4x6 photos, tied with a ribbon as pictorial proof of this blessed event. I really need to get these into a permanent album!

I just about tore the house apart searching for these. You don't come between a girl and her wedding photos, even if they are only a stack of pictures tied with a ribbon. That's a good way to get yourself hurt. I finally found them and sank down at the table in relief. Then I applied myself to careful study of these photos for about the 800th time in the past decade. I quickly found myself laughing hysterically at the ridiculous way I chose to wear my hair (done by my own self) on this day, and the fact that I was sporting red lipstick. I think I stopped wearing red lipstick in the year 2000 and I will never look back. We should have eloped to Maui where I could have worn a simple dress, walked in bare feet, managed minimal family and guests, and taken a honeymoon. We weren't thinking. (We were 19 and 20.)

I'm just so thrilled that I had at least enough sense to forgo the butt-bow (You know what I'm talking about right?) that so many brides were wearing on the rear of their gowns in the 90's. (Oh help me... I was a 90's bride!)

So my point. Look very closely at this photo. It's my all time favorite photo of our wedding. It encapsulates our marriage perfectly. If you know us in real life, you know exactly what I'm talking about, and if you have read my blog for a few months, you've got a pretty good idea.

There's me, laughing and socializing with friends on the way down the aisle and being generally sidetracked into party mode on the way to the reception. And then you see my Adrain. Strong and steady, leading me, looking straight ahead to the future and protectively covering my hand on his arm. He was probably thinking, "Come on Sasha... sweetheart, let's just focus for a minute here, and make it out of the church in one piece."

He had no idea what he was in for...