Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Lemonade in Review

In looking back over 2009, I've selected and linked my favorite posts.  I've also included a tiny portion of text from each post for your reading enjoyment. (In case you don't want to click on the link for the whole thing.) You're welcome. Really, it's a lot like People Magazine's Year in Review. Minus the celebrities. And the Brittany Spears drama. And millions of readers.

Okay, so it's actually nothing like People Magazine. I just wanted to pretend for a minute.

One of my favorite Solutions of 2009:
Magnetic Personality
In homeschooling, and in general life, I find that I need magnets. Lots and lots of magnets. I'm one of those people who clutter the front of my fridge with bazillions of photos of people I love, so I already have a ton of magnets. But I wanted magnets that actually served a purpose... You know, something worthwhile like um, oh I don't know... organization.

Favorite Funny/Romantic story of 2009:
Some enchanted evening...
Recently I was standing quietly, in a crowded room. I happened to look out across the tops of heads, as I felt some sort of magnetic pull to the opposite side of the room. My eyes scanned the laughing, chattering faces until they came to rest on the one I'd been inadvertently seeking...

Favorite Mishap of 2009:
Are you ready for some football?
...I laughingly jumped on top of the sled, thinking, "Of course Adrain won't actually tackle this thing with his wife on it..."
He laughingly thought, "Of course she would grab onto a handle and expect me to bump it a little if she actually jumped onto this thing..."

Favorite Photo of 2009 (1995):
A Picture worth a thousand words...
Look very closely at this photo. It's my all time favorite photo of our wedding. It encapsulates our marriage perfectly. If you know us in real life, you know exactly what I'm talking about, and if you have read my blog for a few months, you've got a pretty good idea.

There's me, laughing and socializing with friends on the way down the aisle and being generally sidetracked into party mode on the way to the reception. And then you see my Adrain. Strong and steady, leading me, looking straight ahead to the future and protectively covering my hand on his arm.

Favorite Organizing like a Mad Woman post of 2009:
Because you just can't be too organized...
...I could have a bag for everything under the sun, so long as it was clearly labeled. Labelling is my love language...

Favorite Aha Moment of 2009:
The difference between Daddies and Mommies
...I wrinkled my nose in disgust at the apparent lack of concern, and began edging toward my husband who was out of earshot. Certainly he would have something a little more protective to say when he quickly saw things my way. (snicker) When I finally got to him, I said "Honey, should JJ be up so high? What if he falls?" My husband gave me the look. You know, the adorable one that says, "You are a girl. You clearly don't get it, and I can't help you." And then because of the horror spasming across my face at all of this manly disconnect from would-be danger, he was careful to reassure me. "Oh babe, he'll be fine. If he does fall, he'll just know not to do it again."

Favorite Kids World Moment of 2009:
Let me tell you how I feel about Kites...
...You lick your finger and hold it up to see what direction the wind is blowing, and your baby begins to unravel the string, pure joy lighting up her features. She has no idea what's in store for her with this kite. And frankly, neither do you. You've been semi-imagining laughing children, running back and forth with a kite gently swaying, high up above. You can see it dip and dive, and everyone is smiling in your little ignorant daydream. You are under the false impression that this kite is your friend....
...Next thing you know, people are quitting all over the place. Key people. Star people. Kite runner types, that are supposed to be in charge of this operation. They are just throwing down their kite in disgust, and letting the wind take over...

Favorite Popcorn Moment of 2009:
Does this post make my butt look big?
...Once I got home, I tried them on and they appeared to be rather cute. But before I could get excited, I had to know the harsh truth about the butt pockets. No one was around to ask, unless you count a six year old who wears brown and pink striped shirts under an Easter dress and thinks it's beautiful. You just can't trust that...

Happy New Year!!

I love ya to pieces. Can't wait to blog with y'all in 2010.