Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This post has no point whatsoever unless you consider it therapy.

I really have no reason to share the following, other than the fact that I'm still simplifying my life through simplified decor, and spring cleaning like a mad-woman.  Not that I'm an expert on what mad women do. Unless of course, you count the kind of mad, when you clean everything that stands still because a child (who shall remain nameless) happened to track dog-poopy shoes all over your carpet in not one, but two different rooms.  Not that I'm an expert on that either. 
Ahem.  But if I was that kind of mad, this post would probably cheer me up.  I cleaned all the dishes from these shelves, and replaced them with whites and apple-ish colored green accents in honor of Spring.  And not in honor of poop.  And surprisingly, I'm not that mad any more. (Not that I was mad before...I'm just saying.)
These sweet little egg cups make me smile.  Smiling's my favorite. Except when I'm spraying spot shot on my carpets...
Okay... so worse things have happened.  I can't think what those worse things were, but I know for a fact that poop on the carpet isn't the worst thing that's ever happened to me before.

I think.

Please excuse me while I list my dog on Ebay.

I'm just kidding.

Not really though.

Poop happens.

It's all fun and games til someone steps in poop.

Poop hit the fan floor.

I'm done now. Thanks.


  1. Oh my. OH my. Eeek.

    Your all whites do look loverly!

  2. Yah....that is never any fun to clean that up...one of those irritating clean ups you know:)

    Your decor looks so great!!!

  3. When I first saw the title I thought "ooohhh, I could use some free therapy today". But now I feel stressed for you. What an icky thing to have to deal with. My kids still refer to the Woodland Park Zoo as the place the bird pooped on Mommy's head. Yeah, that place. Love it. Can't wait to go back.

    And about selling your dog on E-Bay. Could be worse, sometimes I consider for a brief fraction of a second posting my kids on E-Bay. I would never ever do that in a million years. Just had to be sure you knew that. Or I could have deleted this paragraph. See, I need therapy. :)

  4. Well that just stinks (literally) (sorry) :)

    I guess theres no such thing as happy crappy (Oh, please stop me-I "crack" me up!!!)

    Anypoo I mean hoo, I love your white cabinet full of green and white-It's very springy and cheerful!

    Okay, I gotta go, (number 2 that is...)



  5. Oh goodness. I haven't had dog dirt tracked through the house but I have had mud. The redish clay kind...think Sedona red.. stainy and hard to get out..ack!
    Love love the dishes and the green. On another note, I was visiting a website and saw a lemonade sign.. totally thought of you. So you're in my head now... even when I am shopping.


  6. Everything is so cute. It reminds me of the family store that my husband's great uncle est. ions ago. It still is in Olympia. If you are ever in town there, you should check it out.

  7. Oops. The name would help. The store name is, The Drees Store
    524 Washington St SE
    Olympia, WA 98501

  8. Oh, dog poop and I (as well as bird poop, squirrel poop, and several animals and their pee) are not on such good terms. We don't even have a dog yet people like to leave little piles in our yard, where our kids play! Grrr. I would have to move if one of them tracked it inside. We always take shoes off at the door, at least whatever is on them doesn't get very far. Unless someone sat in something...oh, dear.

  9. I am a ding-a-ling. I also meant to say that I LOVE your white cabinet with the dishes in it. So cute!

  10. oh no, i just know that's what is coming my way!

  11. So pretty...and then there's my favorite rooster;) Makes me smile!

  12. You are funny even talking poop. :) You make my heart smile...and not because of the poop. hee, hee.

  13. You do such a great job of decorating your home!!

    I need lessons. Also, mostly what I have in my home is books.

    Also most of those books are boring theology books.

    Also, now I'm kind of depressed. I think I'm going to go look at those green eggs.

  14. Oh yes, having a puppy living with you certainly means that poop will happen. And yes, cleaning it up is GRRROSSSS! So glad your decorating put the smile back on your face, we like it when you smile. :-) I'm so loving the green scattered throughout the beautiful white pieces. Martha's got nothing on you baby!

  15. Always always make me chuckle!!
    Love the white and green :) So fresh and fun!

  16. .......even worse when you have a big dog }0

  17. All of the white and green looks so pretty!

  18. oh girl..love the white and the simplicity. Need more of that.
    Hey...sounds like we go through similar things.

    My little girl is continually picking up our puppy's poop outside in the backyard. EVEN after I think I've gotten all of it picked up! AHHHH!! Even though she's not 2 yet why does she think that picking up that smelly gross stuff is okay?

  19. All of the white with a touch of green looks gorgeous! And I am absolutely loving those egg cups. Simplicity is good for the soul too! I always love looking at pictures of your home!

    I hope today isn't as stinky as your day was yesterday! :)

  20. Girl, you are so crazy! You make me laugh! I always say "it's all fun and games til someone gets their eye poked out." I'll have to use the poop saying too because if one of my kids tracked poop in, I would GO CRAZY. Really I would.

    Love the white dishes with the green accents. Pretty!

  21. You are too cute and I love your collection of WHITE!! Glad you visited me so that I could find you.

  22. I want to clean my house to make it pretty like yours :o) I'm not sure I'd list my dog on ebay - but my kids maybe :o)

  23. yuck! too funny! that would ruin my day! thats why i am a freak who doesnt let anyone wear shoes in the house! and i do mean freak! hehe!

  24. Oh yikes and i'd be a bit grumpy if it was on my carpet too.... if it helps my dog threw up on my capret yesterday :)

  25. FUN...thanks. The house looks good though!! Off to check out the interview.

  26. Love love love your shelves and those little egg cups made me smile too. CUTE.
    Sorry about the poop. Your right...it does happen.

  27. I just re-decorated my kids bathroom with white, blue and lime green accents - new curtains, took out the shower doors and replaced them with a fabulous shower curtain, new bath mat, some new hand towels.... now it's all springy and clean and bright and I'm lovin' it.... maybe I'll do my own post about it and add pics :-)

  28. Poop on the carpet! Yikes!

    Love the white and green together, it's very calming...

  29. I thought those photos were from Pottery Barn! So gorgeous.

  30. Oh, does poop ever happen. In the most unfortunate ways! Love those whites and greens, so purty!

  31. I love love the white and apple green... happy and refreshing!

    though my poopy puppy would surely eat every thing off the shelf in minutes...

    and then I would be crying! =)

    gotta laugh at those kids, dogs and the poop that happens...

    first maybe loose it... then crack a smile... then laugh..

    in that order...


  32. See- My kiddos talked me into a dog looonng before yours so over the years i've learned my lesson and I only have tile and wood. NO CARPET!! Just read the interview- loved it! ;)

  33. I can totally relate to dog-related upheaval! I'm a bit OCD anyway-throw in a pooch and all the potential messes/germs and I'm just a proverbial mess (often trying not to add my own upchuck to the already made mess)! Your post made me smile :-)

  34. I could never have that much white in my house because of my pups! I love those little egg cups though! So cute!