Thursday, March 11, 2010

Three Days with my Friends...

Three days.  Road tripping. Four beaches.  Campfires.  Hikes.  S'mores.  Cafe's.  Sightseeing.  Memories.  Laughter.  Driftwood smuggling. Ferry riding.  Fun.  Too much to fit into a mere three days?  Not a bit...

We arrived at our hotel room on Friday, and this was waiting for us on the table.  A s'more's kit, complete with kindling and matches, from Erin's sweet Mama, who currently lives near our road trip destination.  She also left our whole group, a coffee shop gift card.  It was such a fun surprise! I love small towns.

This was our room key.  I can't remember the last time I saw an actual "room key.

This is Alli and I.  

We ended up visiting four different beaches near my friend Erin's hometown.  They were gorgeous and the rocks fascinated me.  I brought home a huge pile of driftwood, (though I realize that's not exactly um, "legal") sand, and a ton of rocks.  They were so smooth and rounded from the tides.  

One of the beaches we visited, was accompanied by a great little hike.  This tree was awesome. 
This was the second beach we visited.  We were in heaven.  Miles and miles of sand.  It was sunny and warm too.  We carried our s'more kit with us to this beach, and had a mid-morning campfire.  
Kristin hauled the wood. 

 This is lovely Kristin, and I. 

And then we got down to business.  Have I mentioned that I love s'mores?  Um.  Yeah.  Cause I do. 
 I have actually never sat around a beach-side campfire.  I have also never toasted marshmallows beach-side.  I highly recommend it.  

It's like food therapy. 
We goofed around for a couple of hours, writing all kinds of things in the sand and taking hundreds of photos. 

After a full day of beaching, (just made up that word) hiking, walking, and relaxing, we made our way to a third location to watch the sunset.  We also hiked up a very muddy hill to check out some old castle ruins.  I love these girls.  I tell them, "Hey you guys, go climb on that log and pump your fists in the air."  And guess what?  They do it.  See why I love my friends? 
Then we proceeded to take about a hundred more photos of each other doing various things.  I'm not exactly clear on what Nurse Nicki was doing in this photo. The Macarena?
We finally found a huge log to sit on, while watching the tide come slowly in, and the sun sinking over the horizon.  
It really doesn't get better than that. 

More laughter and photos in the golden sun of dusk. 
I took about 200 photos.  They all looked the same so I narrowed it down a bit for you... 
I wish this photo conveyed the sound, the smell, and the feeling of the moment. 
Have I mentioned that I love my friends, lately?

Because I do. 
They are an amazing group of women.  They can listen and reflect wisdom.  They can walk quietly together and sit in comfortable silence while lost in their own thoughts.  They can laugh hysterically for hours over memories, stories, and funny moments.  They can keep a secret and relate to every emotion.  

Sweet Allison. 
After the sun sank, we hauled more driftwood and s'more ingredients for round two. 
Erin whips up a mean campfire. 
We looked like we were huddling around a fire in a disaster zone.  It was secluded and cozy.  Just the right sort of place for Erin to start breaking out freaky stories of urban legends

But morning came, and so did breakfast.  I like to call this "Cafe art." 

I love breakfast. 

Erin loves coffee. 

This was my souvenir.  It's so very "me."
After breakfast, we kicked it, on beach number four!  Only today we donned coats, hoods, and layers.  Not so warm, and a little rainy.  Perfect weather in my opinion.  I love the rain. This is wonderful Nurse Nicki, and I.  It's really good to have a nurse on board.  They are so handy to have around.  And so reassuring. 
I'm so happy Spring is popping out all over the place. 
Precious Miss Erin, and myself. 

Beautiful, rocky, rainy  beach.  
... and speaking of rocks... 
It just doesn't get any better than this weekend.  Thank you girls, for all the fun, laughter, silence, and conversation.  I have never felt more rested after being with four women non-stop, for three whole days.  I will never forget that weekend.


  1. Looks like you had a really fun weekend...
    The sixth picture with the trees on the rock reminds me of La Push Beach... you know the famous one from the Twilight series...

  2. Aren't girlfriend trips the best?! Getting ready to go on one myself.

  3. Oh my, that had to have been so grand and refreshing! Glad you posted about it what fun to get a glimpse of some beautiful places. I have the urge to travel there someday!!!

  4. this looks like a dream come true - how fun! gorgeous pics. your hair looks presh in piggies, btw!

  5. Great pics! They really capture how much fun you girls had!

  6. I have road trip envy! What fun. Friends, campfires, s'mores, beaches, urban legends...does it get much better than that?


  7. How wonderfuly energizing that must have been!

  8. Your besties AND s'mores...Does it get any better than that?

  9. HI, sounds like an amazing weekend!!! Things are good here...busy. Waiting! but good. Hope you are doing well. Hows school?

  10. Wow, it really looks like you have a wonderful group of friends-That is so special~♥

    You took some great photos too-I know those rocks, I know that driftwood! :)
    Did you know there is a five dollar fee to have a campfire on the beach at La Push? That cracks me up! I have a hard time believing that taking driftwood is a crime in this state-It's crazy how much we have on our beaches!

    Great post Sasha!

  11. Oh it looks wonderful!! I feel rested just looking at it. Oh how I love the ocean!!
    So, taking rocks and driftwood is "not ok"? Maybe it's just a "suggestion"? :)

    Great post, gives me fun ideas for a Mommy Sleepover at the lake I'm doing in the fall. There will be S'mores for sure!!

    :) Erin

  12. So gorgeous pictures! I love smores, I need some now. ;-)

  13. Now that sounds fun! Real times, real friends...I love s'mores too and I love the little pretty on your wrist! Glad you had so much fun. Come say hi :D

  14. Oh this looks soooo nice! I love the ocean pics, and I LOVE your hair in cute!

  15. Love, love, love it! We are having a girls weekend here starting later today. 12 friends who met through my message board over 7 years ago. There are about 50 of us total but we are trying it this year small! It's gonna be fun, fun, fun!

    Oh, and if you can borrow a drill press you could make those cool candlesticks or lamps with your stack of rocks!

    What a fabulous time.

    You look so relaxed and happy - hooray!

  16. What a wonderful trip with your friends!!! you must have come home feeling refreshed!!!

  17. LOVED this post. You did a great job summing it up for us. That picture of you girls sitting with the logs all around was AMAZING! I was shocked to see that.

    You looked adorable with your hair in pigtails. I wear my hair like that all the time! Shocker...huh? Now I'm craving smores, darn you!

  18. Now that sounds like one nice weekend my friend! God bless good friends~

  19. sounds amazing.

    that bracelet is gorgeous.

  20. Sasha!!! Oh my goodness...sounds like a FABULOUS time...and that driftwood and rocks...sand and beaches...that is my kind of trip...hiking...oh my!!! I don't know when I have EVER seen a room key wonderful your trip was...I would have been hauling rocks and driftwood too...oops!

  21. I can not believe you have never had a campfire on the beach!! =) I LOVE LOVE the beach... I have been to those beaches in your pics! I think?!! ha ha!! We used to have a huge friend campout every year at Kalaloch and visit near by beaches... like Ruby beach!! and La Push! ;) I am close??! =) since you said Forks was in this visit... right?

    I need a girly weekend like that ... at the beach! and I need a hubby weekend like that ... at the beach! ha ha! love beaches! and campfires!

    Cannon Beach OR... so worth the drive! I am just sayin.. 3 hours drive... well.. from Olympia! we camp on a budget at SeaRanch! just sayin!

    Have you ever tried smores with Nutella?? I will never go back!! Sorry Herseys!

    am I done yet... =)

    Just Jenn~

  22. Your pictures are downright amazing. It made me covet both your camera and your skill! I especially loved the profile one of you and friends. What a refreshing slice of time!

    Have you ever read Nicole Johnson's book "Dropping your Rock". It is a small but mighty hardback. Your rock pictures reminded me of it.

  23. That looks heavenly!!!

  24. Wow! What amazing photos! Looks like a fabulous time and a fabulous bunch of ladies! :)

  25. I am so glad that you had such a great time with your friends. Such fun pictures and being with just the girls really rejuvenates the spirit!
    Love your bracelet. Adorable.

  26. i love love love the beach. it soothes my soul. and to be there with girlfriends! I wish I could have a smore right NOW! my tummy is growling! great pics!

  27. Sounds and looks like you had a blast Sasha, good for you!


  28. Sounds like a perfect trip!!! Love the pigtails - to cute!

  29. I love that silloette shot. And you look great in that periwinkle light blue jacket. I need a weekend way with my girlfriends.

  30. Wow, I must say, now I am uber jealous of your relaxation! I mean, does the world get more beautiful than that? Maybe one day I could escape to a place like that and gain a piece of my sanity back! Glad yall had fun!

  31. Oh Sasha, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time at the beach with your girlfriends. It sounds like a blast. It makes me want to head to the coast and have some smores of my own. Looks like you guys had gorgeous weather too!

  32. I am so jealous! That is such a wonderful weekend! I mean, you had me at mid-morning s'mores. Bonfires remind me of growing up and having them in high school. I love the smell of your clothes and hair after a bonfire at the beach.

    There is something so familiar about some of those beach shots. I feel like I've seen some of those places before and I can't put my finger on it.

    Sounds like a fantastic trip! I love the antique room key ;)