Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Adventure Chronicles, Surrender Edition

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My husband approached me first thing, the morning after my "big joy discovery," and brought up the idea that perhaps we were also supposed to be surrendered totally.  He said, "What if... (metaphorically speaking) we're sitting here, holding out for an afternoon in the backyard, but God wants to take us to the Zoo?"  I guess you can be joyful, but still cling to your own plan.  I had to mull that over a bit.  Cause ya know what? I happen to like the backyard.
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Shortly after that, my devotional spoke about being like clay.  Moldable clay.  It went further to point out, that clay doesn't have any preconceived notions about what it's being shaped into.  It just allows the shaping to take place.

Then I cried a few buckets of tears and told God that I was willing to surrender, but I couldn't surrender my plan and let go, unless He helped, because I'm entirely incapable of that sort of thing, and could He please speak to me right that second?  Before I had even finished speaking those words, the phone rang.  It was a person coming to view our house for the second time.
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And then, my dishwasher broke.  And one of my children allowed a very wet and muddy dog to come running through the house, where she circled the coffee table, ran into my bedroom, and back out and around again, leaving multiple muddy footprints.  Within the hour.  Mama wasn't happy.  Or joyful.  Or surrendered.  (Well, I mean, I was surrendering- to the idea that putting my dog on Craig's list was finally a doable idea. Just kidding...)
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I carved out a few minutes of quiet to finish my Esther study, where I encountered Beth Moore's words.  "He promises that in all things God works for our good.  In other words, every time He shifts us here, or moves us there on this earthbound chessboard, He's not just fulfilling His own pleasure regardless of it's impact on you.  He's also working every detail-even the dreadful ones- to your and my good."  

And that's when I surrendered.  Joyfully, I might add.

There is still no offer on our home.  But I'm making a conscious choice to:
Step out of my comfort zone in faith.
Fear Not.
Be Joyful.
And Surrender. 
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How about you?  Is there something in your life tying you up in ribbons of fear?  Joy and Surrender are great tools for snipping away at those ribbons.

Oh.  And, please send a dishwasher repairman.  Thanks.

Read the next phase, where I focus on faith in this journey, here.


  1. That is beautiful Shasha.
    Thank you for you.
    Thank you for this post.
    Knowing that you joyfully surrendered is just beautiful to me!
    I am trying to get there as I lay my all down and surrender joyfully. Meaning if I was a cheerleader and was to spell out where I am in the surrender I would be about to the second...Gimme an "R". And girly it has been a struggle to get to that point. So know I admire you so.
    Praying over you and for you sweet girly.

  2. Surrender is almost impossible for me too. I have clung and clung and clung to my desires...trying to say I was letting God mold me...yet still holding on. God has shown me SOOOO much the last few months about his glory and his power if we simply do surrender.

    Praying for you! It's a tough road we travel...but it is definitely worth it!

  3. 9 years ago I surrendered everything in my life to God-Right after that the flood gates opened!
    His will was/is so much better then mine! Who'd thought? :)
    My motto to this day: Let Go & Let God
    I look back now and see if things would have gone my way we would have been in a heap of trouble. Being we were patient and waited on the Lord, we were saved in the long run.
    You will look back and see God's perfection due in part by your surrendering. You really will. :)

  4. I'm still working on that whole surrendering thing myself.

  5. This is a beautiful post, as always!

    I am really trying to surrender to whatever His plan for me is. I have seen for a very long time that He has it all planned out, and always has something for me next, somewhere around the corner. . .I just don't know which corner this time, yet!

  6. Oh, surrendering is SO HARD! Why is it though??? I know He wants the very best for me.

  7. Have you ever read the Believers Absolute Surrender ~ by Andrew Murray? one of my All Time Favs!!

    Sasha ~ I love how honest, heart felt and open you are!! I could just hug you most days!! =)

    Yep ~ struggling with fear, surrender and having that pure joy ~ the sad truth is I know it!! I am baby stepping my way back !! I have allowed my heart to protect itself too much ...it is hard to let it all go and REALLY trust again... REALLY surrender again... even though I "know" it ~ I am fighting? I guess? =)

    You encourage me girly to "just do it" I need to pull myself up by my bootstraps and join you! =)


  8. What I have carried around with me today: "The Lord rescued me, because He delights in me." 2 Samuel 20-something: 20.

    I'm so with you, girl. Every. Word.

  9. How did I miss this one?

    It's exactly what you need to do...hands off...let go. It's crazy but only then will God allow it to happen. Because then it will be sooooo evident that it was HIS TIMING...HIS PLAN. Then He gets all the credit...kapeesh?? I just love you. SO sorry about that crazy Lucy. That would do me in I think! Love you girl:)

  10. What a thought provoking mini-bible session! Thanks girl!

  11. It is so easy to read this and it seems so easy..ha...not for a person surrendering. Thanks for the reminder to be praying daily for the plans the Lord has for you (and me).

  12. That is a hard lesson to learn. Around here there seems to be a fine line between surrendering and doing what you know you need to do (although I suppose there is surrendering in that, too).

  13. Surrender? I'm not very good at it. I'm better at fighting. Surrender is the hardest for me... but I'm working on it.

  14. Oh wow, I read a really cool quote recently that said "faith is less about striving and more about surrender". Who thought that meant it would be harder to do???

    Thank you for sharing that prayer where you asked God to help. I really never thought of that.

    And oh my gosh, I'm sorry about your dishwasher. I lived for a year without one and will NEVER take mine forgranted and neither will my fingernails.

  15. I want to surrender! I'm practicing, haha! I think it definitely involves giving up future projection and fear.
    Great post!

  16. I'm doing the Beth Moore Esther study right now. It's tough being a woman. :o) Don't you love it?

  17. Great post honey!
    Sorry about the mud and the dishwasher!!
    Those muddy paws.
    You sound like you made it through and are on the right path. God Bless You!!


  18. Sasha,
    Surrender is a never-ending process isn't it! I can look back over my life and see so many instances when I "let go and let God". But the further on I go in this journey I realize that anything less than ALL of me is not enough! All that I am, all that I hold dear, all that I desire, all that I do, ALL of it ...belongs to HIM!!
    You are a blessing!
    Thank you

  19. I love this.

    I am a control freak and know that God is in control. However, I seem to fit that "but" in there.

    You know the one....God is in control, but.......

    Yeah. It doesn't belong and I need to let go. Although I am happy, I want to be joyful. The kind of joy that comes with total abandon.

  20. Love it. I completely agree--I am very OCD and like everything in it's place and how I like it. This pup has certainly changed that! I imagine that one day, children will do the same. I love how God works in our hearts and minds...beautiful.