Sunday, June 27, 2010

Did you think I wasn't doing any projects?

My house is on the market, but it doesn't mean that I'm not sprinkling my creativity where ever I can.
I'm just having to limit it.  Because you don't want to make big changes when your house is on the market. (Or so "they" say.)  Plus you can't really make big changes when you've committed to spending a lot less and changing your entire lifestyle, which is why you have your house on the market in the first place, and are now living on a cash-only budget, that truly means actual green stuff in a wallet.  (Or not. Depending upon the day's proximity to payday.)
Assuming that downsizing our home to a smaller more affordable home (if that day ever comes) will actually mean losing space, as in probable classroom space, I've committed to finding a way to create a compact homeschooling space.  I plan to convert this console table into "two desks" for my children.  That way, homeschooling at the kitchen table becomes a snap.  No additional classroom space needed.  (Well, I mean a closet for additional manuals and supplies might be handy, but I'll cross that bridge when I buy a different house.)
And when I said "two desks" I didn't actually mean that I was going to chop up the table and make desks out of it.  In case you were wondering.  Which you may have been, if you've been reading my blog for any length of time.  Then again, you might also remember that I'm not allowed to touch Adrain's power tools, so perhaps you weren't wondering that.  I found two of the sweetest baskets you have ever seen but they were $30.00 each.  They had liners and chalkboard labels and they would have made Pottery Barn proud.  But I can't afford to spend $60.00, considering that I'm hoping to sell my children's actual desks for a grand total of $30.00. (Also assuming that someone will ever buy them from me.)
I found these two wooden crates at JoAnn's Fabrics for $9.99 each and used a teacher's discount to drop that price even more.  Then I brought them home and slapped some creamy white paint on them.  This just needs to be said. Painting crates is not fun.  All these little grooves and spaces to cover with paint. Ech!
While I was at the craft store, I saw these darling little chalkboards for $1.99 each.  I grabbed two of them.  The only problem was that the chalkboard frame was pine, and the chalkboard was an ugly greenish-gray.  I hit them with chalkboard spray paint in black (one coat) and some more creamy paint on the frame.
Then I seasoned them, once dry, by rubbing a piece of chalk sideways, across them.
And now I have ready made labels for my crates.  Have I ever mentioned that I love chalkboards?  I might require an intervention, but honestly they make perfect sense to my organizational-loving brain.  I hot glued them onto the crates. 
Done!  Now I just have to order curriculum.  And put school supplies into the drawers for next year.  And sell my house.  Oh yeah... and find myself another house.  
This week I'm only posting about easy crafty ideas, with minimal money spent!
Because it's fun.  And right about now, I'm needing a little fun.  How about you?  I'm linking up here for other projects!!


blueviolet said...

I adore this idea! You are so creative!

Jill said...

Those look great!

Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

Those turned out great! Sooo cute :)

Karen Deborah said...

very cute ideas.

Elizabeth @ Southern Comfort said...

I am in LOVE with this idea. Since I don't have kiddos, I'm thinking one basket for the dog's toys and one for the cat's. Oh my.. I'm giddy now. Thanks for the fabulous idea!

Jensamom23 said...

Very cute and creative! Nice job, Sasha!

Farmer Gal said...

Cute, cute, cute! Yes, I can see where painting crates would be a pain in the #!*! But they turned out so sweet, it was worth your time! My current fun and crafty project is to make a little apron for my little girl, who will be 2 in a couple weeks. I've got the material... Now just need to get sewing!!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Well, of course it's cute! Cause you're cute, duh. And I have never heard of seasoning a chalk board, but it sounds kind of important, so I'd better look into it.

And your cash envelopes thing cracks me up, because it's SO us! I always feel like a personal armored vehicle at the beginning of the month and by the last week of the month, I leave them on the seat of my unlocked car, because Lord only knows, ain't NOTHIN' in them. :)

MamaMonki said...

I love your crates. I may have to make a trip to JoAnn's b/c those would be perfect for WeeMan's toys and books.

Jenny said...

Great ideas! Love your charming practicality.

julie said...

very cute and nifty! cant wait to see more!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

They look awesome!! :)

Martha said...

I love them...what a great idea!!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I can't believe hos cute these crates turned out! I absolutely love them! Good luck on you home sale!

kristine said...

how do you season the chalkboard??

Jocelyn said...

those crates are super cute!

the wild raspberry said...

Your crates look fantastic! I love them. And, I just read your last post as well. Waiting is very hard. I completely agree! And so is staying focused and thrifty. Thanks for the encouragement!
Love, Debbie

Darlene said...

Don't feel alone on the envelope system. It works (when we use it).

Those crates are darling and they could be used for lots of things.

Nancy said...

I love these. You showed Pottery Barn a thing or two! YEs, you did!

Jessabells said...

Smart idea!! I'm glad you didn't give up creating. I enjoy seeing what you make.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh it looks so good Sasha! So glad to see you're still creating:)

Elle Bee said...

Awesome!! I love the organization. And I love love love how you label everything. I'm a labeler too. 'cept your labels are way cuter than mine. :o)

Angie said...

LOVE how these turned out!!!

Kim said...

Too cute!

Jill said...

ADORABLE!!!! just adorable!!

Bekki said...

What a great idea. I am currenly working on a workbox system for our homeschool and all the ideas people have are plastic(ugly). These crates would be perfect and solve the ugliness factor as they might just end up in the kitchen

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Those are REALLY adorable! I always walk by those and wonder what I could do with them -- duh!! So cute!!

Tracey said...

Chalkboards are fun, aren't they?!! I love how your project turned out...PB needs to take a few lessons from YOU!!! You are so creative!

Hugs ~

:) T

...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

That is just too cool. I love chalk boards, and how creative you can be with them, so fun! :) said...

you are amazingness! i LOVE the crafts you do and how inexpensively you do them!!
What craft store did you find those chalkboards at?!
Need.need.NEED :)

TheVirginiaHouse said...

I love, love this! I'm going to have to check Hobby Lobby for some supplies. Those are great!
Thanks for linking up to We Can Do It Cheaper!

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

You get a teacher's discount at JoAnn's??? I might have to drag my husband in there with me. :) Very creative and oh so adorable. I may have to "steal" your idea for my little boy's big boy room. :) Thank you so much for the lovely inspiration.


Joy @ Thrifty Parsonage Living said...

What a creative and thrifty idea. Your crates turned out so cute! Followed your blog form the Virginia House we can do it cheaper.

Dandy said...

You season them? I had no idea. Please send your craftiness this way!

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