Tuesday, June 15, 2010

LMM's Guide to Joy

This will be more of a narrated pictoral guide to joy.  But before I plunge in to that, I have to share how joy got dumped all over me the other day!  My darling girlfriend, Becky sent me this handmade necklace, the other day, out of the blue.  (Many of you know her as the darling an talented, Farmgirl Paints.)  Getting an unexpected gift in the mail blows you away and carries you on a cloud of joy the livelong day.  (In case you didn't know that.)  Doo-dah.
I was getting ready to head out on a much needed date night with my man when this arrived.  Adrain and I don't get to go out by ourselves very often, and we had been really scrambling to make this night happen.  Let me tell you something.  Date night = Pure joy.  This gift just about made me cry but I didn't want to mess up my mascara.  (Side note- Messy mascara does not equal pure joy.)  Adrain took me to my second favorite date spot. It's a local Inn, where they were having an outdoor BBQ on a gorgeous evening, ocean-side, complete with live music and dancing. (Which in my world means, people-watching-and-dangit-I-left-the-camera-at-home.) It was so refreshing and I chose joy.  How could I not?
But if that's not an option for you, here's how to find joy, the Lemonade Makin' way.  
Grab your favorite hoodlums.
Grab their new, untested, but good quality kites. (Emphasis on good quality) Try not to think about previous kite mishaps.
Take them to a local windy spot. 
Don't forget to bring your favorite man. (Preferably your husband if you have one.)  They really come in handy.  I'll explain in a second.
Take in the view on the first sunny afternoon of the week.
Snap a million photos.
Lay in the grass doing nothing, while your husband runs back and forth between your hoodlums. (Told ya he'd come in handy.)
Watch as your child attempts the unknown on her own.
And then watch how fast your man shows up when she lands in trouble and in need of stronger hands to help.
Bask in the knowledge that your Heavenly Father jumps in to rescue you just as quickly has your man jumps in to help his babies.
Watch your baby master that thing, and make her kite soar. 
And when it's finally time to pack up, remind yourself out loud, that this day was full of joy. 
Now.  Go stand beside a giant fake Orca.  Tell your children to, "quit climbing on it, and stop getting so close to the edge of the dock," and for heaven's sake, "hold someone's hand," and "No! They can most certainly not jump on the tail," and for everyone's sanity, "would they please not walk into the road," and, "Ava, you can't pick the flowers because they're public property," and "Honey will you please tell that man trying to photograph our children that he can't?" 

Now, go photograph a statue's butt.

(I'm sure I should apologize for that.  But I'm not going to.)


jociegal said...

Don't you DARE apologize because you just made me laugh!!! Love the blog post. You have a beautiful family.

Jill said...

I think there should be a statue of Marlboro Man's butt, don't you think? I'm just sayin'.

paige said...

what a great day
a joyful day
& i love that necklace!!
becky's a rockstart
oh & i love the photo of you all in front of the fake orca
how cute are you?


Lissa said...

Love the necklace! she such a sweetie that becky. Yes I choose joy too... although it's getting harder and harder each morning i wake up to cold, grey clouds. BLEK! joy... i need to choose joy...

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh and it looks so cute on you! What a fun date night and a perfect way to spend a sunny day. Love you girlie:)

Nancy said...

adorable necklace. and, NO you should never apologize for a statue's booty shot. NEVER!

Kimi@SoManyKids said...

I am making it my personal mission to find a statue just so I can in fact photograph it's butt!

PS Your hair looks fantastic!!! I want that style!!

leigh ashley said...

what a fun day!! i love flying kites!! :)

Julianne Hendrickson said...

Sasha, you live in one of the most beautiful places! If only we had rolling hills like that...wow!

Secondly, how is the temperature there? I can't IMAGINE wearing long sleeves and/or pants in Florida this time of year!

LeAnna said...

What a lovely, JOY filled day! Love your necklace, that Becky sure is talented!

Amber said...

The necklace, the sunshine, the pictures, the cute family. Love everything!

ps. ESPECIALLY the statues butt.

Katie said...

Thank you for this post!
Love the necklace - lucky girl! Did you give a link to were we could beg to purchase one like it???

Love the night out with "the man" - lucky lady!

Love the fun times with kids!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the statues butt! Awesome!


Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Love your new necklace, looks gorgeous on you. So glad you got your date night, those are priceless.

Your kids are so sweet, enjoying themselves with their kites.

Have a great day!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Too cute! I love this post, laughing along with you :)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

LOVE date night and surprise packages! I got a lil' surprise, too. I need to show mine off...

bluecottonmemory said...

What great pictures! And what joyful moments! Yeah for joy!

Jenny S said...

LOL!! That last made me laugh so loud hubby had to come see what was up!

NaomiG said...

That necklace is awesome! And, what a lovely day--beautiful shots of a lovely family. :-)

Seizing My Day said...

I am totally laughing at Jill's comment about MM's butt!! In Chaps Jill... in Chaps right?!! =)

I love that park on the water... I think we celebrated 4th of July there a LONG time ago!! ha ha! Great kite flying place!

great post... giggles, Joy and God.. and a great man... bliss really... ;)

Graceful said...

Super sweet kite-flying pictures...and I LOVE that necklace! Awesome acessory for date night!

Love your blog and your attitude!

1 Funky Woman said...

Oh what a fun day! It is always good to have the hubby around to run with the kids while we sit! Love the necklace that Becky sent you, I love what she is making lately!

Multiple personalities.. said...

That's a gorgeous necklace! What a great surprise that must've been. I love the sentiment behind it, it's such a positive message. And for the record, I like photos of statue butts, so go out there and take more! Ha ha!

And thanks for your sweet comment on my new blog design. I loved your comment so much, it inspired a whole post! Come check it out, 'cause there's a huge shout out to YOU in it! :-D

...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

What a beautiful necklace!! Love it! Your date night sounds perfect. Love the pictures, as always. :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Love the necklace & love date night! We need a date night ASAP! Glad you had such a joyful day with your family flying kites!

Nancy said...

Hey girl... thanks for linking up your lemonade recipe. Super awesome! Happy summer to you... we are officially on break and I somehow feel like a whole new woman. Watch out! :)

The Flying Bee said...

I love this post! Reading your blog always makes me smile...I choose joy, too! Love that Becky! She's just the best!


bigfatmama said...

What a beautiful necklace!!

You have such a cute blog...I found it through Beth Moore's blog. :)

Big Fat Mama

Heather said...

We haven't been kite flying in ever so long - your day looks quite perfect! All our windy days have included rain and lightening lately, so, no kite flying! Alas! Your necklace is very pretty - our daughter's middle name is Joy and she knows how to find joy in so may simple things - I pray it will always be so!

sanjeet said...

adorable necklace. and, NO you should never apologize for a statue's booty shot.
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Dandy said...

Becky is the best :)

Hilarious, wrangling hoodlums sounds hilarious! I think.