Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Man. The Jar. And the Ash.

I could have also titled this post, "The Good. The Bad. And the Ugly," and literally meant every single word.  Many of my long-time readers will remember a post I did ages ago, about Adrain and I, and our long-standing battle over a jar of Mt. St. Helen's ash.  And when I say long-standing, I mean, like... over the entire past 14+ years of marriage.

Good times.

Adrain entered into this union with a huge jar (think jumbo mayonnaise size) of ash.  It was a like a prized possession, much like his lucky boxers, for which he credited his impressive athletic prowess to. (Which one day, disappeared in the wash.  Oops.) This jar was the bane of my existence as a young, enthusiastic bride, hoping to create a darling nest for my new man.

You just can't put a jar of ash on a bookshelf.  People tend to ask strange and random questions like, "Uh so... was your grandma cremated?" 

It gets awkward, you know?

I decided, to throw the jar away when Adrain wasn't around.  But it reappeared a few days later, with not a word from my husband.  I did it again, and it again, reappeared, with still no mention of where he'd found it.  It quickly became an unspoken game of cat-and-jar. (Heh, heh.)  Over time, I got smarter, and dumped half the ash into the trash, and transferred the remaining ash into a smaller jar.   Then I threw that one away. It reappeared, so I dumped out half of that, and eventually we had a baby food jar full of ash, with not one word ever mentioned about it.

When we moved, I threw it away and finally outsmarted the man, by stuffing it under some paper.
Only my victory wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.  I actually missed planning covert ash operations in the middle of the night.

Years passed.  Seven to be exact, and it's become something of a joke between us, and all of our friends.  Only it's not as funny to us, because it's actually gone. My girlfriend, Nurse Nicki, was traveling, and recently visited a curio shop.  She purchased this "jar" of ash for my husband.

And I don't think I want to can put it into a smaller container than it's already in. 

I think she may have saved our marriage.


**Many of you have asked additional questions about my home-made laundry detergent post.  Such as how it smells, and if they get as clean, etc.  They do indeed get nice and clean, and they smell clean.  I put a bounce dryer sheet in when I dry them, and they smell really nice and fresh.  Also, many readers brought up the idea that you could easily chop/grate the soap in a food processor.  I would do that if I had one, because it would aid in my laziness.  Lastly, some of you asked if it had to be Ivory soap.  I'm pretty sure you could use any brand you really liked. Enjoy!!**


  1. Ha ha, my parents used to have a sandwich baggy with ash that they had collected off their cars. Yep, the ash made its way all the way to Forks. I don't know if they still have it though.

  2. That is hilarious:) So sweet of you to comment on my new friendless blog, and no it didn't sound wierd. After trying to figure out WHERE I commented on your blog I moseyed through some (a lot)of your back posts. Our journeys right now seem very similar. I'll say a prayer for yours if you say one for mine
    ( don't worry I'll say one for you anyway ;)), God Bless You!!!

  3. Hahaha - this is too cute, I must say. It seems like you two have such a nice relationship. And - I dont blame you about wanting to rid of the ash!!!

  4. I love this about your relationship. Keep that playfulness going on. Even if it all over a pile of ashes:)

  5. What a cute story. That sounds like something we would do. I love little secret games like that between the hubby and me...

  6. i love that you two are so well connected that you didn't need to talk about any of it and could just keep playing. what a wonderful marriage!!

  7. I have a piece of my 16th birthday cake in my freezer-I am now 44. It is a long time annoyance of my hubby's and he swears he is going to throw it out. It is only about 4 inches square and in the freezer-who sees it? I better not let him see this post....he might get ideas.....

  8. this is so cute!!! Love it!

  9. I had similar experiences with three hula girls from Hawaii. Wooden hula girls, of course. Eventually I moved them out of the home office to the away from home office. All was right in the universe. ;)

  10. Sasha, I don't know, but I'm thinking maybe you guys are little "Lucy and Ricky"-ish!!!

    And, I too must admit to "losing" certain items from my husbands wardrobe over the years. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do ;)

    Blessings 8)

  11. how funny! and what a fun little game...

  12. love this story sasha.

    but how did you not get your ash in trouble over this?! :)

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  14. Neal and I did this exact thing many years ago only it was with his old clothes. I threw them out in the dumpster outside the condo we were living in only to find them all neatly folded in his drawer the next time I did laundry. We laughed so hard,

  15. I just stumbled onto your blog...it's lovely! =)

  16. did y'all get ash in your yard as a kid?? I lived in Centralia and we had ash ... my dad bagged so many black garbage bags it wasn't even funny! Looked like snow... only darker ... and more dreary! the memories! now people are actually making money on it! =) wish i had saved a jar or two! Sasha ~ you could have scored on Ebay with that ash!! ha ha!
    I have a Father Christmas made of ash... =) I love it. he he!

    I love this story! =) too funny!

  17. Aww, I love this post. What fun!

    Can't wait to try the laundry soap "recipe." I'm sticking with Ivory since I think it is one of the most pure soaps without added junk. "So pure it floats" right? :)