Thursday, June 24, 2010

Waiting for the next move

Our home is still for sale.  It's been for sale, 37 of the longest days of my entire life.  And even though I'm given to drama and exaggeration, please know that any day you; wake up, make three beds perfectly, clean up after two hoodlums on Summer break, shoo your hairy, messy dog around so you can clean up her dog hairs, carefully stage your house "just in case," and then sit tensely, waiting to see if the phone will ring, bringing with it a potential home buyer, is an incredibly... long... day.

Two people have come to see my home aside from open houses.  Let me stress that.  Two.  (One of them came twice, but that doesn't count since they didn't make us an offer.) We still feel like we are supposed to sell it, and move into a less expensive home.  I could tell you all of the amazing answers to prayer and the wild arrows that continue to point us down this path, but it would take a while.  I hate to admit this, but sometimes it's hard to stay focused on them, when nothing is happening.  The unknown kills me.
 I just want to know what the next move is supposed to be.  I've been studying the book of Ruth, and the Kelly Minter study that Beth Moore is planning for the Summer.  I was in desperate need of a now word, so I devoured the entire six week study over the past two weeks.  Have I mentioned that I'm not good at waiting?  Yeah.  About that.
 In the book of Ruth, something really struck me and I wanted to share it. (Before I do that, here's the cliff notes version of the story in case you are totally lost or non-religious but still want to see where I'm headed with this.)  Ruth is a chick from Moab, who marries into a Jewish family that happens to be living in Moab.  Her father-in-law, brother-in-law, and husband all die, and she and her grieving mother-in-law take a little trip back to Bethlehem to start a new life.  In order to make ends meet, Ruth heads out to glean leftover grain and barley in the fields with other servants. Ruth's mother-in-law gets this hair brained idea that Ruth should try to snag herself a man.  But not just any man, she suggests the owner of the fields Ruth's been working in.  He just happens to be related to Ruth's dead husband's side of the family.  If he were to agree to marry and take care of Ruth, and then have a son and pass on Ruth's first husband's name and inheritance to that child, it's called being "redeemed."  (It doesn't make a lot of sense to us, but apparently it did back then.  It was basically a way of keeping a family line intact.) The plan that Naomi (the mother-in-law) comes up with, involves Ruth, in the middle of the night, arriving at a threshing floor where Boaz (the guy she wants) is sleeping.  She is supposed to uncover his feet, then lay down and rest.  At this point, Ruth has made all of her moves and the rest of them are up to Boaz. When he wakes up and finds her, he figures out what she's after, and promises to do all he can to redeem her as was the custom in those days. Then she has to wait and let him deal with it, as it's now completely out of her hands.  She's done all the hard work, she's followed Naomi's instructions and now all she can do is rest and wait while Boaz figures out the next move. 

Only, (and here's the best part in my opinion) Boaz doesn't send her away empty-handed.  He fills up her shawl with grain.  (What a guy, right?) I was so struck by that, because even though Adrain and I are frustrated and waiting and can't figure out what is supposed to be happening next, every day brings with it, a blessing, an answer to prayer, or some sort of encouragement.  It's as though God has been telling us to rest and wait, but sending us away with something to sustain us while we wait.

Is that precious, or what?   

But for the record, I still don't particularly enjoy waiting.  And I'd really like to know the next move.  I'm just saying. 

"The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still."  Exodus 14:14.  

... Want more of the story?  it continues little by little, click here.


  1. Excellent post! a great read for the beginning of my day. I hope to pick up that study guide today. I have never joined in on one of Beth's study and will probably do it "solo" as she says.
    I really enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Well, I rather enjoyed your version of the story.

    And here's something that Cory said to me recently - "Our house WILL sell. God is not going to tell us to sell it and then not have it sell." It was sort of like, Duh. Right?

    I know we just barely listed ours, and I'm impatient, just like you. But please remember, all of this was not your idea. You aren't the boss here! Maybe you are just supposed to just have some fun, Summer down-time before you're swept up into a full-fledged move? I don't know!! But it. will. SELL!!!

    Hang in there. And go make those beds! ;)

  3. Thank you for sharing the story of Ruth with us.

    Selling a house is hard right now, as you already know. Give it to God and let him decide what is the best for your family. Have patience, he'll answer.

    A pastor once told me how God answers prayers,"God says No, Go, and Wait."
    Waiting of course I think is the hardest.

    Best of luck with the selling of your home.

  4. that is precious! I am just like you. I am not a good waiter. but I tell you what... God has developed some serious patience and perseverance in me this last year. He's making you stronger now but sustaining you as you go. He's cool like that. :)

  5. What a refreshingly honest and funny post. Love the story of Ruth and Naomi!

  6. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

  7. Oh LMM, that is why I love you so. I know you say you are impatient and dramatic (of course i don't see you in your day to day role) but you always are able to make applications to what God is teaching you. I knew that story, but I never thought of the last part in that way. God does sustain us while we wait. MOst of the time we are so busy looking for the solution that we miss much of the grain that he puts in our laps. Keep looking for the grain LMM, your solution will come.

  8. Great post and reminder!

    Lean on Him...learn from His lessons along the way. You will look back one day and see the evidence of Him working all things for His good...

    Look forward to hearing about those lessons=)!

  9. I just started the study and am so excited to see what it holds. I have read the book of Ruth many times but never really "studied" it before. My good friend and I are doing it together with the LPM blog.

  10. Oh goodness I just typed out the best comment and then there was an error! DRATS!!! Anyway girl I've been there and the waiting is enough to do anyone in. Just focus on those arrows and His provision. He will show up. Your house WILL sell. Now go make some ice tea, take a walk, find some fun and quit worrying. I promise it will be alright:)

  11. This hit me SMACK in my gut.

    I needed to hear it.

    Thanks for sharing..

  12. A word of encouragement, God is a God of miracles! My husband is in ministry and a position opened up in a town he had always admired, was closer to family and has a GREAT school system. We were happy where we were, but he said if God wants this to happen it will. So eight months later he is offered the job. (That's, eight months of "Well, if they call...., then.....") We sold our house in two months in a town of 1000 with about 14 other houses for sale at the same time. Our house was priced 40 thousand above the average price of homes in our town. Our selling price covered our loan and the entire amount we invested in the house. (minus Realtor fees. So, in other words. it cost us about 6 grand to live in our beautiful home for two years. We felt that was fab considering the market and all.) So hang in there, God is just preparing that perfect buyer for you. One that has no strings or houses still attached to them. One that has financing and needs your perfect home. So, keep "patiently" cleaning because God will bless your efforts in the end. P.S. Aren't Beth Moore studies awesome. The Lord has really blessed her with insight into the Word of God. I always leave her studies with a new face in the mirror.

  13. Hang in their sweet friend!!! I just survived this same story...and He will send the perfect buyer, soon!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Many Blessings!

  14. Gosh I just love y'all so much... and Anonymous, thank you so much for the words. I just sat there and cried as I read what you said! Some days are harder than others, you know?

  15. YES!, that IS precious!
    Too funny that you finished the study in 2 weeks... Our group is starting it next week and I cant wait! :)

  16. The right people will come along and God knows who they are. He just hasn't told them yet! Patience is hard but it is one of the best virtues we can all have!

  17. What a wonderful post and reminder that we need to be still. At my Grandmother's funeral, the preacher talked about "hushing" and being still. She was 10 days from being 95 and still didn't want to miss what was going on here and was scared to crossover into heaven. He reminded us that if we hush and be still he will sustain us. On a side note, the night that she passed, a lady on the other side of the nursing home with Alzheimer's pushed her button for the nurse and told her the Angel of Death was coming tonight. She didn't know Grandmother or what was going on. My Dad ran into the nurse and she told him that story....awesome, huh?...or I think so anyway. Anyway, my point was that I appreciate your struggle and message.

  18. Just remember to breathe sweetie...Just breathe and roll with it. :)

  19. I wanted to share our house selling waiting story. The house had been on the market 9 long months. I finally said maybe we should just take it off the market and wait till we take care of some financial obligations and the child is out of middle school. I was tired of doing what you are doing. The very next day the phone rang for 2 showings and one ended up being the buyer. I wish I could say it was smooth sailing after that, it was the hardest house selling transaction I've experienced but sooner or later the situation comes to a close and you move on to the next thing. God has the timing of the sell of your house in His capable hands. Relax and enjoy life and don't worry about dog hairs, they never go away! Blessings, Jeannie

  20. Ohhhhh - it WILL happen! It will. Everything happens for a reason, it really does. But I know it is hard to always remember that. And, even if you remember it, you still don't always trust it. Grrrrr. I feel excited for you, though, because I feel like you are standing at the precipice of something big. I really do. There is a plan you are part of and it is happening as we speak. Sometimes the next move is to simply wait until you know in which direction to turn.

  21. Great story and even better message. I sincerely enjoyed reading this post, more than any other you have ever written. Remember that the trials you are facing are for good reason and everything will only become clearer as the days continue.

  22. I don't like the waiting either but His timing is so perfect. Hang in there.

  23. that is totally my favorite entry of yours ever
    not like that should bring you any comfort, but i love a good ol' retelling of one of my fave old testament stories & i love how YOU did it

    totally not my strengths either
    but boy that does a doozy on character!

    there will come a day when this waiting & these long days will be long forgotten
    hang in there cutie
    there is bliss in a clean home, that's just waiting


  24. this was really good and i'm sending it on to a couple people who i think will really appreciate and enjoy it. thanks for sharing!

  25. Aww, it IS so hard to have your house up for sale, isn't it!? :( Hang in there! If anybody can DO it and is UP to it, it's you, Sasha!! This too is part of the plan... ;) XOXO

  26. Jumped to read bits of your blog for the first time after reading "Humble Pie's" post today... :)

    We were in a similar boat in the last in our brand-new custom-built home in a HOA-type development and thought we had it made! But with a police officer hubby and myself also working full-time (12-hour shifts) with 2 growing kiddos at home I truly felt SOMETHING was missing. I knew time at work was taking from time from my children and what I was able to give to my sweet husband and our Home. Made the grand decision to move from the picture-perfect home (with price tag to match!) and purchased a LARGER home in a neighboring city that not only added nearly 500 square feet to our living but decreased our mortgage by several hundred a month. In turn, I was able to QUIT my 911 Dispatcher job and come home FULL TIME for the family that I adore! Best of all, welcomed baby #3 in the last year as well. Our choices lead us to this home - with an additional bedroom, bathroom and even an inground pool - it's a home with 'good bones' as we say and we have adored the past few months of minor renovations to update it and make it our's. Lovely to see that your Family is moving forth with the changes you need to live the life you truly want! What blessings come to those that work towards that goal! :)