Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For purple mountain's majesty...

Our family loves to hike, and we recently went on the prettiest hike I've ever been on.  I had to share it with y'all, because we had a blast and got some really fun photos.  Of course, I might have a photo snapping obsession.  (I said, "might."  I'm not quite ready to own that...)
I love hanging back and watching my man lead us on a trail.  I love how he helps us all cross slippery rocks, and how he swings me down off small cliffs and sneaks in a kiss. 
Sigh. I love this man.
And yes, he does eat mountains for breakfast, thankyouverymuch.  Doesn't this look like a fake background?  We howled with laughter as we tried to get this shot just right.  I never would have thought of it, but Adrain's fun like that. 
This is more my type of photo.  I like the symbolism of a trail that leads to somewhere, but you can't see the destination just yet.  I love how you get a glimpse of the goodness along the sides, but you have to press on to the end for the full picture.  Hmm.  Kinda like life...
It's tiny moments like this, that make the entire hike memorable.  It's so easy to get caught up putting one foot in front of the other, that we forget to stop and smell the wild mountain  flowers. 
Not a bad place to stop and eat lunch if you ask me... And listen for marmots.  I love watching them scamper around.  Sadly, we didn't see any on this hike.  But we did hear them whistle. 
Next time, we're bringing our sleds.  There were so many people sledding down this hill,  and we were so hot and sweaty after our hike we just wanted to lay down and make snow angels.  In August!  Instead, my crazy crew decided to throw snowballs at me. 
Bunch of weirdos.
But I sure love them.  And they didn't hit me.  (Or my camera.) 
And this... well, this just made. my. day.  I wanted a photo of this sweet woman in her sari, all alone in the snow, but I didn't have the guts to ask her.  So I just snuck a photo.

Because you just don't see a woman in a beautiful sari, on a snow capped mountain, in August, every day now, do ya? 


  1. That is really beautiful. Just seeing these photos has managed to cool me down cause we are all sweaty and bothered in this end of the world where temperatures are 40+ degrees C!

  2. These are gorgeous!!! Where were you hiking? We love to hike too. (hence the name of my blog) What a beautiful day God gave you. That looks like somewhere I would love to hike.

  3. That is a beautiful place. I love the pic of your hubs leaning on the mountain top. It's so sweet that he did that for you.

  4. What a glorious day and terrific memories you are making for your kiddos!

  5. Hey! That is gorgeous, can't help but love where we live, huh? Is there any chance you could email me back with what hike that is?! It looks like something my kids would love, and we're trying to get as much fun day hikes in during the next few years so they'll be excited to backpack in a few years.

  6. What beautiful land we live in! I adore that photo of the woman, so sweet!

  7. How beautiful! I love the part of the world where we live, don't you? And that sari - how beautiful. I have always thought that saris really flatter the female figure and are just lovely.

  8. What a beautiful hike in the middle of August!!

    That sari is lovely, and pretty amazing to see out in the snow! I did chuckle when I read what you wrote about it though. One of my (adult) daughters accuses me of being like the Paparazzi! That I keep my camera clicking (sometimes when she is unaware that I even was) to snap a beautiful picture...:)
    Blessings to you,
    Gloria @}~`}~~~

  9. So jealous of your mountainous regions!! sheesh that could be taken the wrong way! HAH! I think I must be insane after my first day back to school so excuse me. In all seriousness, you captured some beautiful pictures!

  10. Gorgeous photos! What a fun day!

    That wasn't Mt. Baker by any chance, was it? It looked familiar . . .

  11. It's breathtaking! I never tire of Gods Majesty.
    Cute story: on vacay one time we came across marmots and my son who was about 4 at the time would called them whistling marbles. So now thats what we call them!
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. I totally don't get where you live. Um, is that white stuff snow... in August?!

    Photo of Adrain leaning on the mountain is hilarious and that last shot amazing.

    I sneak pictures too.

  13. The last shot is just incredible!

    I like mountains, too, but I prefer going snowboarding in winter...

  14. Thanks for the comment!

    Chain Lakes?! No way! We were just up there two weeks ago! We didn't do Chain Lakes, but we hiked the Bagley Lakes trail, which is close by. Unfortunately, it rained the entire day. The clouds were so low we couldn't see any mountain peaks or vistas. But we hiked anyway and I got some amazing pictures of the snow fields and a couple waterfalls. My little guy had never seen snow before and he LOVED it. :)

  15. Oh my goodness. That picture of him with his elbow on the mountain is AWE. SOME. So funny.

  16. wow. this is amazing!!! Looks like a beautiful hike and I love the pic of your husband leaning on the mountain! That is SO something my hubs would do too! :) Actually, he made ME do something like that recently and I'm too embarrassed to post the picture! lol

  17. Gorgeous. That photo of your husband is hilarious...we just did the same thing on a hike but Kelly looks like a monster climbing the mountain.

  18. Love the wild flowers. It looks like it was a fabulous family outing.