Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sometimes in life, you have to make a leap of faith.  You work up the courage, a little bit at a time.  You practice on smaller jumps, gaining confidence and building faith momentum as you go along. When you first began, you could never have imagined making the big jump. But then, one day, it's time.  The leap of your life awaits.  You aren't fully sure you've got it in you, yet.  You have no idea if you'll actually make it out okay.  Only one way to find out, so you wiggle your toes up close to the edge.  You peer out into the distance and wonder for a split second, "What if I fail?"  You quickly squash that thought as the wind whips around you.  You're already here, and it's too late to back down now.  People are watching, crowds are gathering.  Cheering.  Laughing.  Wondering if you're crazy.  Heck, you've wondered that for years... You take a deep breath, mumble a quick prayer and squeeze your eyes shut.
You bend your knees a little and with one big swing that fully engages every muscle in your body, you push yourself up, over, and out.  For one brief, glorious second, you're free falling.  The air hits your face, and the smell of victory wraps around you like a living, breathing thing for that moment.  All sounds are muted, and you can only hear the beating of your own heart.

And that's when it hits you.  There is no safety net with a leap of this magnitude.  And you know what? There never was. 

Panic.  Then faith.  Sheer panic.  Faith.  Which one will win out, the panic or the faith?

Will you survive? Can you swim?

But... what if none of that really matters, because someone catches you, mid-fall?

"Though he stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand." Psalm 37:24

Read the continuing story of my journey, here.


  1. Lovely! Thanks for this, I needed it :)

  2. Wow, Sash. Seriously. I haven't responded to your email a while back because life has been pretty crazy around here lately. Read my blog recently? Turns out we are in a very similar boat. Or should I say cliff?
    Love you friend.

  3. Just what I needed to read. I think I held my breath the entire length of the post. . .

  4. Awesome post - can't wait to read more! Thanks for sharing! :o)

  5. Sasha...I am sitting here in tears! Thank you once again. This couldn't have come at a more perfect time for what is happening in my life at this very moment. I am so thankful that the Lord led me to your blog all those months ago. You are a blessing to me!


  6. I am thankful there are no style points. Great post.

  7. You have me in such suspense.....

  8. ok....waiting for the have me in total suspense

    great post girlie

  9. Great post girl, I can't wait to hear more!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. You just spoke to my heart. Thank you for this amazing post. God always catches his children. Thank you for leaping with me.

  11. I missed this one. Love the images and it is bold faith to dream and go for it with out any net or light for the way. Faith is being brave for sure.