Thursday, August 26, 2010

Restoration plus interest.

Do y'all remember the other day when I told you about a biblical woman that I'd come to adore, and then I proceeded to share with you, in full LMM detail, the comings and goings of her faith journey?  Yeah.  Guess what?  She came back.  I wasn't even looking for her, but she dropped right in front of me in six more verses (2 Kings 8) and we get to see the "conclusion" of her story!  I was so excited!!  I mean, I love it when you're reading a book that spans generations, and then you get to the fourth book in the series and the original characters are referenced somehow, and you get to see that they actually lived long and prospered.  (Er, something like that.)

 The Shunammite woman did just that!  Well, actually, she had to experience a little life-garbage first.  (And for some reason this makes me love her even more.) Like, seven years of garbage to be exact.  That's a lot of garbage.  Anyway, it all began when her old son-healing-prophet-buddy Elisha, told her about a famine that was coming to her land, and told her to skeedadle out of town for the next seven years until it passed.  I bet those two were Facebook friends by now.  She's referred to as a widow in my commentary, so obviously, the rich old geezer she was married to had passed on.  She came back after the seven years had passed and low and behold, her abandoned land had all been claimed either by squatters or the king. (It doesn't say which, but my money's on the king.  Woman's intuition.)

Anyway, Elisha's servant Gehazi (the dude that Elisha had sent to cure the Shunammite's son back when he died, but she wouldn't trust anyone but Elisha to help) was talking to the king about Elisha and all he had done.  In fact, he just so happened to be explaining how Elisha had brought back a woman's son from the dead when in she walks!  That "just so happened" situation is so God.  He's always doing that sort of thing.  It's like his signature move or something.  The king was standing there with raised eyebrows while he listened to this crazy sounding Gehazi dude.  I mean the story was rather extreme, so he was dubious at best.  Then the Shunammite saunters in, all sweetness and feminine charm on a mission, and happily assures him that all the rumors were indeed true, and now, "could he please restore her land back?"  She must have made an impression, because get this.  The king gave her back all of her land, plus all the interest from the day she left, until when she walked in to visit the king. My commentary says that, "...the widow and her son were living examples of the Lord's provision and blessing for those who were obedient..."   This one just gets my whole heart.  I mean, she got the land plus the interest!!  That is so God for you.  (Make that two signature God moves.)

Obedience=Blessings.  And when in doubt on that obedience part, just follow the words of Proverbs 3:5- "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight."  ...and chances are, you'll get the land back, plus interest. (I added that part.) 

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  1. Lord, make me an obedient and faithful woman.

    Thanks for sharing Sasha!


  2. love the way you write...and love this truth to start the day with this morning!

  3. Now THIS gives me goosebumps. SOOO a God thing. Love that HE works like that!

  4. Thank you for sharing this, love it! BLess you!

  5. I love when I go through (sadly only phases) when I am just enamoured by God's word! Thank You:)

  6. I love that story! And I am so glad for the reminder today. I've had some rough patches lately and I just seem to need constant reminding that God is in control.

  7. I swear I needed this because I'm just dying over this new diet I have to follow.

    Obedience = Blessings

    I should write that 20 times.

  8. What a GREAT post!
    Thank you!
    Have a pretty day!