Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When I was a kid we had metal slides...

I have a new obsession.  (Because apparently I don't have enough of them to date.)  My newest obsession is sign-making.  I feel like all the cool kids are doing it, and apparently I'm a joiner.  Or a shameless copycat.   I'm here to give you a tip if you want to make one for yourself because it's oh-so-easy.  (But don't tell anyone that.  If you make one and someone comments, tell them that it was excruciating, back-breaking, hard work and took you months to complete.)  I love the old hymn, "Great is thy Faithfulness" and it seems like everywhere I turn, I come across the words, the song, or the verse from Lamentations.  It seems to be our verse for this journey that Adrain and I are on.  So I created a sign for our new house. (Because I'm convinced that at some point, our house really is going to sell and we really are going to move into a different house. Convinced, I tell you!)
I had three signs I needed to make, for various situations, so I hit our local Re-Store for boards.  I found this slab of bead board that was long and narrow.  Perfect for my sign.  I also found two other really old, beat-up boards.  I think I have a love affair with every single old and beat up item I come across.
So the first thing you'll want to do, is print your words onto paper.  Get them the size you want on your board.
Lay out your board, pull out any rusty nails, and throw them away!  I emphasize this last step, because I stepped on a rusty nail, from a board in our backyard, when I was in the 4th grade.  That was also back when we had merry-go-rounds, metal slides, and teeter-totters that knocked your adult teeth out.  Dangerous times for children.... Anyway, I remember panicking and thinking I was going to die.  I ran screaming into the house, and my Mama calmly got the band-aid box out, and then took me for a tetanus shot.  Good times. 
Okay, now color the backside of your printed image with a pencil.
Then when you lay the paper on your board (minus rusty nails) you'll be able to simply trace the outline of your image, and a transfer will occur on your board.  Pencil lead.  Such a beautiful thing.  Of course, when I was a kid, we actually had real lead in our pencils.  It's a wonder we all lived...
Now just paint your image with a really fine tipped brush.  If you can color inside the lines, you can do this.  My hoodlums kept asking if they could help.  I told them to, "Go outside and play on their child-safe plastic toys.  Enjoy their lead-free childhood while they still had one for heaven's sake!!"  They just stood there, blinking.  I don't think I made much of an impact. 
And if you want to, sand it all up like crazy once it's dry.  I wanted to.  Very badly.  Because in case you didn't know this, sanded and aged =  beautiful.

Happy sign-making. 


Mrs. C... said...

When I read your title, all that came to mind was the "oh, ouch, awehhhhhh",as we slid down the metal slides in the hot sun. Did that stop us ~ nope! Can't tell you how many times I burned my bum while wearing dolphin shorts and my lead pencil stuck in my ponytail. Anyway, thanks for taking me back although my laughter had nothing to do with the actual post. See, you are funny even when trying to get me to be creative. As for the hymn, it is one of my favorites too! Happy Wednesday!

amanda said...

Okay...I have now decided that I will NEVER read your blog again because myself-esteem just plummets lower and lower each time. I actually laughed aloud when I saw that you had said it was really "easy" and then part of your instructions were to actually HAND-PAINT the letters!!! I cannot even draw stick figures let alone hand-paint letters. Once I tried to hand-paint a saying on the wall of our home....traced the letters first and everything! When I was finished, my oh-so-honest 7 year old said "Mom you should really slow down and do your best" Enough said.
Truthfully, I am super jealous of you and your abilities. Your house looks how I imagine my home would look if I had a lot of money and hired an interior designer. I am in awe of your over-the-top-talent, your amazing ability to communicate, your time management, etc. But I am still not reading your blog again;)

Chris said...

If you haven't treated yourself to Fernando Ortega's version of Great is Thy Faithfulness, you must hurry over to this link:

I heard it about a year ago and was hooked. I just didn't know how to find it again, because I didn't know who had arranged it. Just try looking up "new version of great is thy faithfulness" on a google search and see what you come up with. No, don't. I'll save you some time: Not.this.version.

I recently found it for real and was able to learn it well enough to perform it at church. And instead of playing the dear, familiar piano, my pushy friend Andrew made me learn how to play his cajon and had someone else play piano. Did I mention he's pushy? Look it up. It's intimidating if you're a white girl like me.

Oh, and I am also obsessed with signs. My role model is a 60-some year old grandma who has no less than 13 signs in her smallish home.

What a disjointed comment. It's been a hard week. We had kid-drama. The great facebook will tell you in fewer words than I could right now.

Boy, I've given you, like, 3 assignments. I want your report in by tomorrow, missy. ;)

Stacey said...

That is so cool! I'm going to try this!
I'm not very artsy, so we will see how this turns out.

Shell said...

So creative!

LOL @ teeter totters. I flew off one when I was a kid- landed on my head on the metal bar in the middle. I blacked out.

NaomiG said...

That is SO cool! I wish you'd done this a few months ago when I was scouring the internet for how to paint letters properly for this project...

Anyway, it looks AWESOME... great work! I love that hymn too, one of my favs.

Jewls said...

I use vinyl...I paint the board the color I want the letters, slap the vinyl on, paint OVER the vinyl, and then peel it off...but it's not as cheap, I just don't know how to color in the lines! ;)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Thanks for the tutorial. You make it sound so easy, and I've got an old piece of wood just aching for some writing :-)

Kearsie said...

My most favorite verse ever.

jociegal said...

SOOOO cute! You are so clever/creative! Hope you're having a blessed week!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

it is beautiful! they look expensive and nice :) great job!

Dandy said...

I swear the pencil lead thing is absolutely genius!!!!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

did you ever tell the joke when you were little...what sounds does a kid make sliding down the slide sideways? BBBBBBBBB, (strawberry sound)....butt cheeks... course you wouldn't make tha sound on a plastic slide.

Sharon said...

1. read that part of Lamentations just this morning.
2. there is still a metal slide in our hometown and my kids love it... IN THE FALL when it is cold.
3. learned how to do that pencil trick 20 years ago, thanks for the reminder, i had forgotten it.
4. gotta try sign making, sure looks easy
5. gotta find some old wood...
i sure love reading your blog. so many great ideas. so much encouragement, so much faith, so much laughter.

Jenny Brown said...

You're sooo creative! I look forward to your posts every I'm off to dig out some pencils and old boards...(so I can copycat you!) :):)

Janna said...

Love the sign - and may steal (ahem...borrow) the idea to make a gift for my niece's wedding gift. Metal slides and rusty swings - those were the good old days. Sometimes I even was known to eat an apple straight from the tree without even washing it. Yeah, we knew how to live dangerously back then.

Seizing My Day said...

That is WAy too easy!! fun! now if I could just finish ONE project .. maybe I could make 'art' for my house!! ;)

the one thing they did do right when we were kids ... is they used REAL wood... not chemically treated particle board that I just bought at the good will b/c it was such a great bargain! I pray my children survive particle board furniture! *sigh*

sorry ~ tangent!! =)

kristine said...

nice! i love it and want to make my own some day!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Seriously there anything you can't do?? I actually skimmed this one. I never skim your posts! I am so amazed at your stinkin' ability. I will have to revisit this one when I have the sign ready to go.

Stephanie said...

Ummm, I can't paint... do you think a sharpie would work? No I am serious, what if I sanded it up afterwards? Ya probably not ;)

Katie said...

That sign is amazing! Thanks for sharing! Your blog is awesome! I hope to one day have a blog as nice as yours :-)

**you are my inspiration**

julie said...

great job! it turned out beautifully distressed! love it!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I love this times one thousand!

Genn said...

Wow, great job on your signs. They are beautiful.

Also, thanks so much for your informative comment on my last post!! I appreciate the info very much. I did download the same sitereader you have onto my blog, and I've been keeping my eye on it. It's crazy how many followers you have! I mean, it's great, and I can totally see why, but sometimes it would freak me out too because I wouldn't know who they all were. Ah, such is life in the blogging world I guess. :)

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Love it! I love this trick with the pencil transfer. I remember doing that as a kid too.

Andrea said...

Awesome! I am totally going to give this a try. Thanks!

Oh and hot metal slides? Yes, I remember those.

Jules said...

I remember those metal slides. Can you say hot???

I love how you turn trash into treasures. I don't have that talent, I just see the trash. You are good for me.

Georgia Gibbons said...

I know it's Oct. and you posted this back in the summer, but I just had to comment. You are cute and hilarious and I love how you love Jesus and your family. Thanks for the fun and encouraging stuff. God bless ya.

Georgia Gibbons said...

By the way, forgot to mention that I love your sideboard/console table in your dining area.

Provi said...

Found your blog on Google just now. It really inspired me to see someone so excited about God's Word. It was fun to read as I was just scrolling down. Thank you so much.

(The original comment was so much better...then browser crashed.)

God bless.

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