Sunday, September 19, 2010

Smitten with Weddings...

I admit it.  I adore weddings.  And babies.  And my husband.  And nearly every single holiday man has invented. (With the exception of Columbus Day.)  I think there is nothing sexier than watching my man tie his tie as we get ourselves ready to go.  And he knows it too- just look at that face.  This  has become my all time favorite photo of Adrain. 
I also admit, that I'm the girl who strategically sits on the inner aisle, just so I can see everything clearly. That's a habit I formed back when I was three.  I've never been able to shake the desire to "see the pretty girl in the princess dress."  I've tried...  Anyhow.  We attended a wedding this past weekend that was the (and I'm not just saying this) most gorgeous wedding I've ever attended.  I became smitten with this green floral ball the second I sat down. 
...And quickly decided to take seventeen hundred photos of it.  (But I won't show them all here, just in case you aren't as smitten with green balls as I am.  Somehow that sounded all wrong...)  I love this photo, because the bride and groom (my man said I shouldn't fully show them on here, since I didn't ask their permission, which means I have seventy gorgeous photos I can't show you) are joining hands for the first time.  Everyone is still standing in welcome, and I ducked down to get this shot. 

And then, while they were waiting for mothers to light candles, I snapped this one too.  Well, and ten more just like it.  (Obsessed can be a good thing, right?)
Speaking of "obsessions," does anyone else out there have an obsession with big white tents?  It could have something to do with my obsession with picnics... I'm not really sure.  Whatever it is, I nearly turn inside out with joy when I see one.  Adrain laid a gentle, but restraining hand on my arm and said, "Relax."  (I have no idea what that word means.)
Seriously.  There are no words.  Caramel apples.  In a white tent?  I have died. and. gone. to. heaven. (Can I live here?)
In. Love.
I didn't get the best photo of these centerpieces, but there were actually little rhinestones glued here and there, on them! 
Confession.  Seating at our table was sparse... so we stole four of these apples.  Four.
I swear it's been ten years since I've dressed up.  It was so much fun!
Okay, I can show this, even though I didn't ask permission, because I'm in it... right?  (giggle) Is she not the cutest, most darling, glowing, gorgeous bride you have ever seen? 
And look at this hair!  (I took about ten photos of the hair alone.) 
This is my favorite shot of the entire wedding.  I have to tell you why.  Number one- it was the first dance.  Number two, I couldn't see, and Adrain, (my personal knight in shining armor) leaned down and whispered, "Babe, why don't you sneak up the stairs and grab a shot of them from up there?"  Genius!  No one else had thought of it.  No one!  I ran up there as fast as a girl can, in black stilettos, and captured this darling moment.  Everything turned out perfectly in this shot, in my opinion!  I came back down and tipped off some other photographers, because I'm sweet and it's good to share.  (Even though I really wanted to just hoard this amazing shot to my own self!) My mister rocks.
And for those of you who have been waiting for-evuh to see the rest of the sign... well, here it is.  So now you know.  This is what I create for wedding gifts. You can read about the making of this sign, here.

I love weddings. 


  1. Beautiful wedding and beautiful pictures!!!! Oh and you look beautiful too :)

  2. Wow, what an amazing wedding! So beautiful... Thanks for sharing!

  3. Girl your pictures are AWESOME! look gorgeous! Cute gift, I need to motivate myself to make one!

  4. The sign is awesome and you two look amazing all dressed up!

    I'm obsessed with tents and twinkle lights. Love them!

    the bride was stunning and I ADORE her hair! She also has the most gorgeous freckles, is that weird?

  5. You and your hubby are a hottie couple. :) You're right, this wedding was absolutely gorgeous. Everything about it, especially the bride. I love the feathered hair piece. And the sign as the gift...perfect. I recently made a framed art piece for my cousin's wedding. I like yours better though.

  6. I love weddings and babies too...and everything:) Your photos are just gorgeous and what a beautiful bride and wedding...that shot from above is so neat...

    and that sign....I'm really in love with it...I must check out that post:)

  7. Beautiful photos--what a gorgeous wedding!

  8. OK . . . I just love how you blog . . . I love the pics you took . . . I LOVE the sign you made (I have one kind of like it and I was thinking to make some more, now I know I will!) . . . I love how you love your husband and I love the green ball, too! :)

  9. Coooool sign! Love it!
    She looked simply gorgeous. Xxx

  10. I love your enthusiasm for life. I think it's the number one thing we have in common and we have a LOT in common, so that's sayin' something.

    The wedding was gorgeous. That cool. If I got to do the wedding thing all over again...those are the colors I would pick. You rocked that sign. It was just beautiful Sasha.

  11. That is a great pic of him putting that tie on!
    That wedding was beautiful. I know! Big white tents are so cool aren't they! The apples were perfect! I would have taken 4 as well.. or more! heehee!
    Have a pretty day!

  12. wow. what a beautiful wedding...and your photos are perfect! :) you guys look like you had a great time!!

  13. I haven't been to a wedding in years! What a beautiful day.

  14. Wow, what a fun post. Beautiful pics and wedding. Love that green ball of flowers and the sign you made!

  15. that photo of you and your man is beautiful!!! please tell me your running to the local CVS to get that baby printed out and framed up asap.

    the sign you made them is so special! a fabulous wedding gift.

  16. Sasha, come over here and I will teach you how to make the balls..I have made a ton of them in my florist life...the little button mums are called kermits..kermit button mums. AND I have special glue that will keep them fresh for days.

    By the you know how sweet you really are????

    Love & Blessings, Tina

  17. I love that sign! So pretty :) Weddings are SO fun-I am in my best friend's in October and can't WAIT!

  18. I love weddings too. And I do love the adorable green balls....

    You talk about your hubby like I think of mine. We will be celebrating 28 years this next weekend. Isn't it great to be so in love with your hubby?

  19. Beautiful wedding, Beautiful pictures, and I LOVE the sign! Also, I would have taken 342 pictures of the green ball too, it is perfection. And the caramel apples, genius!

  20. Also there is nothing quite so delicious as a man in a suit (or tuxedo.) Yummy.

  21. That looks like an amazing wedding! And I totally would have been taking the extra apples too. I mean come on... they can't go to waste. :)
    Love the sign too. It's SO cool!

  22. okay! that's AWESOME! I am so digging the whole caramel apple bit! Did you get me one? You looked simply GoRGEous darling!

    looking forward to having "the talk" with you this week. :)

  23. Every single one of these photographs is absolutely beautiful!

    PS. Made your meatballs this weekend! Oh.My.Goodness! They are our new favorite and I can't wait to try them in different ways! Next up is on a meatball sub!