Sunday, October 10, 2010

I love a man in flannel, early in the morning...

 We took the hoodlums to a country farm over the weekend.  The best part of my whole day, was the fact that my man wore flannel. He's got a little bit of farm boy in him, which tickles me to death.  I love that about him.  I grew up in the Montana countryside, but I didn't do the animal thing like Adrain did.  Or buck bales. Or drive a tractor.  Or milk a cow.  Or gather eggs.  Or get chased by an ostrich.  (Which, according to Adrain, isn't as much fun as it sounds.)
 There were rusted trucks laying around, driving me crazy, because all I wanted to do was take pictures of them. 
We saw lots of "farm art." 

My kids loved the corn bin.  Seriously, who knew corn could be this much fun?  As we returned to our cars, we overheard a little boy say to another little boy, "Uh oh.  I think I got some corn in my crack."  Yup.  That's what happens when you play in corn.  It's all fun and games til someone gets it in their crack.  (Sorry.  Couldn't be helped.)
We played at these water pump/gutter stations forever.  Something so simple, yet completely entertaining.

The idea, was to pump water furiously at the opponent, who was also pumping water, in order to move the rubber ducky to their side.  JJ gets a little competitive.  I think he gets that from his father.

My favorite part of the day, besides the tall, dark, and handsome man in flannel... was a live duck race.  It was hysterical.  Here you see my hoodlums lined up and waiting for the ducks to come out the shute.  I mean, you just don't get to watch a duck race every day now, do you?

Look very closely at the woman's face in the upper right corner of this photo.  I think her duck was ahead.  Incidentally, this is what gambling does to people.  This photo made my day.  I think it might have to be my Christmas card.  (And yes, I'm going to say that about every photo I love from now until Christmas.) 
A trip to the Farm wouldn't be complete, without finding your pumpkin. 
Just something about tromping through a barren field of dirt, and discovering "the one." Hmm. Kind of like dating.
This is "the one."
Then... we entered a cornfield maze. 
I like corn.
I also like watching men in flannel walk through corn....
And pushing their babies in wheel barrels...
Such a reward.
Finally, we saw piglets, born early that very same morning.  Incredibly cute.  I loved Charlotte's Web. 
Ava found her heaven.  The bunny patch.
I stopped to smell the flowers...
Before we left, I got my wish, and convinced my family to climb all over a rusty truck. 
Luckily, everyone is current on their tetanus shots. 
What? (giggle)
 As we left, we came across this darling little church and I had to snap a photo of it.  Such a wonderful day...

Have you gone anywhere fun with your family lately?


  1. This looks like such great family fun! The thing about South Texas is that there isn't much of the Fall excitement because, well, it isn't really feeling like Fall yet-at least not temperature wise. Oh well, I'll live vicariously through your precious family on this one! Your pictures are AWESOME! So glad your family had such a fun weekend!

  2. Oh Sasha- such gorgeous photos!! It looks like an amazing place to spend a day. I miss reading your blog :( I'm so overwhelmed with life right now.

  3. Looks like a wonderful time. Great photos! Your kids always look so cute and happy. The piglets are so cute too. And Ava and I would be best buds because the bunny barn would be my favorite place too. :)

  4. which farm did you guys go to? that looks like so much fun!

  5. Oh, Sasha, what a perfect outing. I love fall the most. It is homey and cozy and gorgeous. (sigh)

    Since you mentioned Charlotte's Web, I have to put a plug in for my favorite E.B. White book, The Trumpet of the Swan. The audiobook is fantastic, as it is read by the author, and he has this magnificent New York accent that enthralls you. I love Charlotte's Web, oh, yes I do, but this one is magical in its own way.

  6. So fun and such beautiful pictures!!
    And it looks like that woman in the duck picture is actually yelling,"Quack!" haha
    Thanks for reading the post I gave you. It's funny to tell the story now, and see God's sense of humor and love. :)

  7. Yes, I just took a road trip through Big Sur, but I'm still going through my pics. BTW I'm lovin' your sassy new do. So cute in the cornfield.

  8. Those pictures are wonderful!! What a great place. I too have always loved a man in flannel:)

  9. What a great day!

    Your hair is looking fantastic from that last post!!

  10. good job "Mama"...great pics and a wonderful day for your family. thanks for sharing

  11. Georgeous photos! I love them all, especially the duck race-that is hilarious!!

  12. You captured your day at the farm beautifully with your pictures.

    Could you do a post about photography?

  13. What fun! That looks like a great time. I love the haircut more every time I see it. Those piglets and bunnies would have me instantly ohhing and ahhhing.

  14. I totally can't wait to take my kiddos to the pumpkin patch.

    Also, if I spot any baby pigs, I am going to stick it in my purse. Because I am being slain by the utter cuteness.

  15. Oh my goodness girlfriend your pictures are DIVINE! I love every single one of them! Going to share this post on my facebook page if you don't mind! Gorgeous!

  16. Fabulous photos! Love country stuff things to do.

    And yes, we did go somewhere special lately. I just posted about it!


  17. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for taking us all along on the farm. I, too, LOVE the rusty trucks! The baby piglets were precious...and SO clean for pigs...LOL! Glad you had a great time. Happy Fall Ya'll from Houston, TX

  18. What a great time! Loved all the photos-You look all cute in your green outfit~

    Hey, on my hummer pictures: Yes, I used a 70-300mm telephoto lens. Though on the first picture I didn't have to. I have a feeder hanging on my bedroom window and a planter with sticks in it that they love to land on. They look in the window at me, I look out at them~It's a win/win! I've even had them land on my finger!

    Have a great week,

    P.S. Still laughing at the corn up the crack remark~I hate when that happens!

  19. Such great photos of a wonderful day.

    Just wanted you to know that even though I don't always comment, I visit your blog regularly. Love your new 'do. :o)

  20. Wow, what gorgeous pics! I don't think I've been by here before, nice to meet you & see such a pretty blog.

  21. What amazing pictures..I am so wanting to go somewhere with beat up trucks and cool weather. I love how photography can make art out of junk...and junk into art. I Love EVERY picture on this post. I know will be trying to find some way to copy. That's what I do..I see some mom do some great thing and I think..I want to be her...let me just..COPY!!
    Why re-invent cool??

  22. Okay seriously those are the best pictures EVAH! You know I love me some farm art. BRAVO girl. I think you have the hang of that camera now. Did I tell ya I want one for Christmas now. That pic of the woman screaming for her duck was hilarious. Too funny!!

  23. Those little baby stinkin' cute are they! What fun. Love that you are enjoying your family and your man in the flannel shirt!

  24. I love all the pictures--and I'm a sucker for pictures of churches!

  25. what a fantastic post with fantastic photos!!!!!
    you are looking so cute with your sassy hair cut & your honey is darlin in his flannel.
    you are a great mama making things so much fun for your little ones & then chronicling your life with such great images!
    bravo sasha!

  26. What fun! look smashing with your new hair and in your green outfit - just smashing!

  27. Ok...I am PRAYING I have the items needed to make those cupcakes on your side bar!!!! My mouth is watering!!!!!!

    Fingers crossed!!!!

  28. What a gorgeous place! Especially the quaint white historical churches.

    We are going on a trip next week - will be fun, will be an adventure, will be without our kids. Ethiopia bound!

  29. I am in love with your photos.

    What kind of camera do you have?

  30. These are the exact type of memories I want to make with Peanut... what a perfect fall day!