Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On any given day...

If ever, my husband walked in the door and asked, "So... whatdya do all day?"  Here would be one of many answers I could give him.  In the direct words of JJ, we had, "a highly academical experiment." This series of photos is my version of home school time lapse photography.  For the record I'd just like to say, that convincing JJ to put on safety glasses, was the hysterical high light of my entire day.  (I don't get out much...) Please pay extra special attention to Ava, in the background.  It should give you a giggle or two.

This may be my Christmas card... I'm not joking.   It's at this point, Ava is only mildly interested....
  Curious even, perhaps...
 Ava's beginning to lean in...

This is taking too long.  She's given up.
 Ava's walking away.  She's done.
 JJ's thinking, "Whoa.  It's actually working.... "
 Everyone, just stay calm...
 Okay don't stay calm... get very, very excited!  JJ begins to call, "Ava, come back... Hurry!!!  I can't move, but it's working!!!!!"
 Ava's back.  That was all it took.
 Do you smell that?  It's the sweet smell of scientific success.  

No wait.  It's actually the smell of vinegar and baking soda in a bottle.  Phew.

And I changed my mind.  This is going to be my Christmas card photo.  I love my hoodlums.


  1. too cute, i love when we can "amaze" them so easily!

  2. I love when things work out as they should and some humor was involved. Who says learning can't be fun?

  3. Maybe I'm a ditzy blonde, or maybe I still have that child-like wonder, but I am amazed when our little experiments actually do what they are supposed to do. I've never had one fail miserably, but I see that day coming when I have to say, "Well, folks, thanks for coming. Mama's a science flunkie. Maybe your daddy knows what to do."

  4. I aDORe this post. What great pictures of your hoodlums. You got that right. Perfect for the Christmas card.

  5. Wow! Looks like a fabulously successful time. Maybe we'll try that experiment "at home" too.

  6. Bummer, we are all out of vinegar and baking soda...and red food coloring. But I'll have to get more so we can try this little experiment. Wondering where all the stuff went? Bret has been into making volcanoes out of dirt outside on our dirt hill. Fun times!

  7. Such a great post!
    Love how you captured all of it on camera!


  8. That would be a great card! Adorable.

  9. so cute!!

    Your son looks JUST like you!!

  10. i love the glasses. and that "academical experiment". my son would love that, too!

  11. Success. Definitely a Christmas card worthy photo.

  12. Oh my - how fun! You were right on the money with your Christmas Card idea - I am still regretting not having my camera on hand when our daughter did the ping pong ball experiment during our air temperature investigations! Her eyes were as big as the ball when it finally 'popped'. Too funny! Homeschooling is 80% plain hard work, 15% just happily humming along and 5% sheer joy - or at least I think that's what I read once! I'm glad you captured the joy!

  13. I can't get over your daughter's facial expressions. So funny! lol.

  14. Those are so good Sash. Way to capture your sweeties in a real way. Love it. Pray for me today. I'm just sad!

  15. Sasha, I'm lovin' your new website.......the content is still top notch and soooo entertaining and the logos and stuff are great!! I think you have a great eye for photography (which makes sense given you're artistic talent)! Keep it up girl!!
    Nicole B.

  16. Oh she is too funny! Love the laying on the counter the best! Ok, where did you get that Money can't buy you happiness sign, I love it. I want a closer look at it!