Saturday, November 20, 2010

Leaving and Returning...

Adrain and I had the opportunity to dump our precious hoodlums into the loving arms of my sis-in-law this weekend.  Then we celebrated fifteen years of marriage, by taking a little road trip, and crashing at a 120 year old, restored hotel and spa.  It was absolute heaven!
The hotel was warm and welcoming. 
As we climbed the four flights of stairs to our room, I looked up and saw this.  Isn't it gorgeous?

I'm a bit of a good hotel junkie.  I love a clean, nicely decorated place.  And the best part about having a spa inside the hotel, is that you get to use all their bath products!  These were amazing. 
As I was reading this post, I got inspired by photos of "befores" and started thinking about that, as well as taking photos of "afters."  I was thinking about it all weekend long, looking at things with a fun twist on perspective.  This would obviously be an "after."  (You have to love a hotel that gives you chocolates.)
After our spa treatments, I stole this tea bag and took it back up to my room to savor.  It was so pretty I photographed it.  And I love the fact that my husband randomly sees things that might photograph well and says things like, "Hey, what about getting a shot of this?"  It's good to have a fan. 
The bathrooms were so adorable too.  And really, how often can you say that about a hotel?  It makes getting ready less of a chore, when you have pedestal sinks, and old fashioned black and white tile floors!  Have I mentioned that I love old buildings?  Because I do.
If you live anywhere in the Seattle area, and want to escape for relaxation, you should check this place out.  It is well worth the drive and the people in this town are crazy friendly. 

Directly across the street from the hotel, is an art gallery that stole my heart.  Showcased, was the most gorgeous and colorful art by Lorna Libert.  Seriously, anyone who paints old trucks gets my vote.   Her colors are so fun, fresh, and somehow make you feel lighthearted.  Isn't she amazing? 
Adrain was a fan too.  I love a man who will wander an art gallery with me.  I think I'll keep him. (wink.)
If I could have, I'd have taken this baby home with me.  I loved it!! 
But the real reason I loved her art, she obviously has a terrific sense of humor.  Life is way too short to take yourself seriously, and her art is like a blast of refreshment and humor, rolled onto a canvas.  I mainly took this photo for my brother because I knew it would crack him up.  (Plus, my husband told me to.)
Finally, after a ton of relaxing, laughing, steam rooming, (I made up that word) spa treatments, (facial and manicure for me, massage for the big guy) art gallery and antique mall wandering, we headed home to our babies.  I love leaving, but I love returning even more. 
And we drove right into some snow.  It was the perfect way to come home, because we don't get much snow, and I love snow! 

If I don't check in again this week, I want to wish y'all a Happy Thanksgiving! 


  1. Congratulations for what has evidetly been a wonderful 15 years!

  2. This looks beautiful! The hubby and I have been contemplating a weekend away this winter...I think you may have found the perfect place!

  3. Lorna was my very first art teacher. I took an oil class from her and have drooled over her art ever since.

    Happy T-Day to you, too!! : )

  4. I'm so glad you two got some away time. Hope you had a super anniversary, sounds like you did.

  5. Aw, fun times! What a pretty place, too. AND, I love your hair!!!!!!!

  6. Looks like a dreamy time. That hotel is so gorgeous...

    What a neat idea with the 'after' photos!

  7. Congratulations on 15 years!
    Anacortes, WA is beautiful! I love it there. I miss my Seattle home.
    If you guys haven't checked out the San Juan Islands yet, you would love it!
    Orcas Island or Friday Harbor are my favorites. Quaint, old, little sea-towns. Your kids would love them too, I'm sure. :)
    -ana O.

  8. Oh-what fun. Looks like a great getaway. BTW-I saw that lady on the beach in South Padre when I was in college. We took a picture of my buddy with her. I must dig up that picture-classic. She was wearing a yellow bikini and everything :) Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours

  9. What a lovely place to spend your Anniversary. Thanks for the tip! I'd never heard of that Hotel...your photos and write-up are is that artist! What fun!

    Almost Happy Thanksgiving!

    : )

    Julie M.

  10. sounds like a blast! That cow picture is adorable. I'm going to try to talk my hubby into a Washington trip next year for our anniversary. I've never been! (which seems ridiculous since I'm only 4 hrs away!).

  11. Happy aniversary! Looks like you had a beautiful trip!

  12. everything about this weekend sounds amazing. Happy anniversary! My 15yr is in July!!! YIPPEE!!!! ;)

  13. Looks like y'all had a great time! Congratulations on 15 years!

  14. Sasha, I always love catching up on your posts. Congratulations on your anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Your vacation spot looks beautiful, as does your home!
    Love, Debbie

  15. Congrats on 15 years! The place you stayed at looks beautiful. I will definitely keep the website bookmarked. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Oh girl you know I was lovin' that art. She can paint! What a fabulous get away. And can I just say your pictures were incredible. YOU inspire me! Happy happy anniversary. You guys are such a sweet couple.

  17. Happy 15 Years! That's awesome. Looks like a wonderful trip.

  18. Happy Anniversary and Happy Thanksgiving! Great pictures and looks like so much fun!!!

  19. How did I miss that you live within the same state as me? Are you in WA? I swear I am not some crazy stalker fan, but I feel closer to you already, knowing this LOL!

    I am in Vancouver (the United States Vancouver... down by Portland ;) And I am definitely going to look into this hotel, it looks amazing!

    Thanks for posting it :)

  20. Happy 15yrs! What a beautiful Hotel. A perfect way to celebrate :)

  21. Congratulations on 15 years. Yahooooooo

    I would absolutely love that place too but it is a bit far from here.

    That last picture of you is simply gorgeous!

  22. Congrats on 15 years! I just wanted to tell you that your hair looks amazing! Very French Chic, Coco Channel.

  23. What beautiful pictures! I love that art.