Thursday, November 11, 2010

This post, brought to you by the magic of Disney... Part one

We just returned from a dreamy family vacation.  We'd never actually taken a real vacation to a destination as a family, before!  We had a bunch of soon-to-expire air miles that afforded us the chance to hit Disneyland for the first time.  My hoodlums had never flown on a plane before, so there was a lot of excitement.  (And nervous tummies too, of course.)
 This was actually only my second time on a plane.  This is a breathtaking glimpse of Mount Rainier's top, as we headed out of Seattle.  It was a gorgeous day for traveling. 
The moment we entered Disneyland, we were halted, because they were filming the Christmas Day parade.  It was really fun to see all the activity, though it was a little bit strange to be ushered behind Main street into authorized personnel areas only, as they moved traffic.  Weird to pass Cinderella on a smoke break, behind the ice cream shop.  (I'm just joking, of course.) 
 This was my boys, enjoying our first ride. 
The highlight for JJ, was getting to battle Darth Maul.  I'm telling you, that guy creeped me out!  He was really intense, and I was afraid for JJ.  Adrain thought it was funny that I stayed crouched down every time he came over to stare down the audience.  I was terrified of his red eyes and scary makeup!  I couldn't look!  I just kept my camera in front of my face, and prayed he would move.  And then my baby had a light saber fight with him... and loved it!  I will never understand boys. 
The whole place was decked out for Christmas, which was festive and fun. 
 Every time I saw a bunch of balloons, I got happy flutters in my heart.  And get this-  Some woman approached my kids and gave them each a balloon.  She had purchased them for her grandchildren, but they were leaving the park and we were just arriving, so we got to enjoy balloons for free.  Then we passed them on, before we left.  It's like the gift that keeps on givin.'  
 Okay, one of my favorite photos!  The ornaments were as large as my head... but check out this one. I'm photographing the tree.  When I got home and cropped it, I could see myself, and my family in the reflection of this ornament!  Isn't that fun?!
 Then we went to build-a-bear for Ava.  Because apparently she doesn't have enough stuffed animals, to date. 
 And soon to follow, was the Lego store for JJ.  Same situation.  Not enough Legos in his life yet. 
 So basically, we came to Disneyland to purchase stuffed Build-a-bears, and Legos.  They didn't even ask for a Disneyland souvenir!  Adrain and I thought that was hysterical for some reason.  Incidentally, I could look at this view all day.  The people I love most in the word, right here!
 I'm not really a roller coaster kinda gal.  But they did force me to ride California Screamin' twice.  I drew the line at the third time, because I was running out of Dramamine, and opted to stay with the bags, and snap some photos.  This photo, was taken as they were whizzing past.  Ava's face absolutely cracked me up.  She is generally my little shy one, but she quickly became a roller coaster junkie. 
 As they exited the roller coaster, Adrain spied my name, carved into a tree!  (I am always on the man's mind.) So of course, I had to get a photo next to it.  Oh, and I just chopped my hair when I got back, today!  I can't wait to show it to y'all. (Maybe this weekend I'll have time to get that post up.) It turned out so cute, thanks to my darling hair stylist, who came back from maternity leave, just for me.  (Okay, so it wasn't just for me... but it kinda felt like it.)
 Apparently, we are very oddly posed action figures.  I think I'm doing the Robot. 
 I think this place is a treasure trove of fun things. 
 And the absolute highlight of our entire vacation... was meeting the precious and darling, Dawn.  She is the sweetest, petitest little new mama you have ever seen!  I stole her baby almost right away, and she let me, forever cementing our friendship.  It seriously felt like we had known each other forever, but it was like I didn't have nearly long enough to hang out with her!  She was so sweet to drive to see me, after just giving birth like, a week ago!  And she looked gorgeous... I tell you, I never looked that good a week after giving birth.  I don't even think I combed my hair the first month. 
Her mama came along, and was just as precious as Dawn.  Both of them were  such sweet women.  It was the perfect treat, to meet face-to-face, and a perfect way to end our vacation.  I was just sad I had to give her little peanut back.  I could have held him for at least ten more hours.

Part two, coming soon.  After I unpack.  


  1. And we had such great weather here in CA this week!! It looks like you had a fun trip--so glad!!

  2. AWW MAN!! I've been so out of it and behind on my blog reads I had NO idea you were coming to CALI!?! I'm only 30 minutes away from Disneyland!! I would have been there in a flash to meet you! Glad you guys had a great time!!!

  3. Fun! Glad you had a great time!

  4. Glad you had fun!
    We are going to Disney World soon!! So excited!!!

  5. What a fun trip!

    Isn't Mt. Rainier beautiful? I get to see that view all the time. =)

  6. It looks like you all had such a great trip. Love all the pictures!

  7. We've been all together in Disneyland Paris last New Year Eve! And the kids didn't get enough of it!
    Glad you had so beautiful time together! XOXO

  8. oh honey! You know me..sucker for all things Disney! IT's my family's favorite! We have never done DIsneyland, only Disney World! I was just at DW on Saturday for the day! Loved it! I'm so glad y'all went to DL and had a great time!!!

  9. Such great pictures! And how fun that yall flew there, too?!?! I know the kids had a blast!

  10. Looks like a fantastic trip! I've been to Disneyland once, I was about 13. I barely remember anything about it. Fun photos! Thanks for sharing. And how fun you got to meet up with a bloggy friend. :)

  11. I loved all these. Kind of cracked up when you said you could look at that view all day...and it was a picture of Adrain's butt! My mind just went there....HA!

    Looks like a magical get away. Just what you all needed and the icing on the cake of course is DAWN. She's just adorable. Can't believe you held peanut.

    Glad your home. Why does that make me feel better. Like you are closer for some reason;)

  12. fun trip! i love disney at christmas. it gets even MORE magical! congrats on the successful flight!

  13. Oh Disneyland! I love that place! Christmas time there is magical but Halloween is so fun! We were there for Halloween last year and it was the best! My oldest son got to do the Jedi training too and I'm pretty sure it was the highlight of his life! We didn't tell him what was going to happen other than it was a Jedi training course so when the Storm Troopers came out & the Darth Vader and Darth Mal...he was in Star Wars heaven! He got to fight Darth Mal too so we got loads of great pictures like you did. Oh I can't wait to go back! I'm glad your first "real" vacation was such a smashing success!

  14. Disneyland at Christmas time? Absolute heaven!!!!

  15. SASHA!! YIPPEE!!!! Funny way to start though... no walking down mainstreet but through a back alley. Did you get my text??? Did you have a fabulous time??? I will just die if it wasn't all you dreamed of. xoxoxoox

  16. First off, you were right over my house when you took that picture of Mt Rainier! (I'm just sure of it!) :)
    Secondly, I'm so thrilled you got to hang out in my old stomping grounds, my grandpa actually helped build Disneyland and I am from S Cali.
    Thirdly, I gasped yes gasped when I saw that you got to meet DAWN!!! She is so beautiful!
    What a great trip, I'm so happy you all got to go on a vacation-I'm sure it was MUCH needed!


  17. Fun, fun! We are surprising our kids this Christmas with a trip to Disney World (later in the year) We've never been as a family so can't wait!

  18. This post brought back so many memories....

  19. How wonderful! I hope to be able to take a Disney trip within the next few years before our boys get too old. Looks like you had a fantastic time!

  20. how fun!
    we took the boys a couple years ago, but since then we've had a lil girl, so we'll have to go again....whatever Disney does, they go all out! it was such a fun vacation...glad you had fun too!!

  21. NO stinkin' WAY!!!! WE were at Disneyland the same day as you!!! Had I known, we could have hooked up, just so I can see you in person and hear your giggle. I bet it is infectious. Oh, and Mr. C. could have taken your pict as a family! So glad you are here on a good weather week. Enjoy my slice of sunshine!!!

  22. oh, Disney! So much fun :) Glad you all had a good time--you were SO close!

  23. That's totally a hubby butt shot! You two are adorable.

    It was so good to meet you- I'd hand you Penaut any time!

  24. best trip ever.
    we love going to disney world!!

    loved all your tips....I second every one of them..even the one about miralax. :)