Saturday, December 25, 2010

You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

The day is winding down, and I got to spend some time paging through all the photos I took, so I figured it was the perfect time to post a few of them here.  I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas!  Ours has been completely wonderful.  We've had family breeze in and out, some fun moments of celebration, and plenty of reflection on the birth of Jesus. 
We hosted a cookie party with Adrain's family and played games.  Such fun!  And I must say, a cookie party is probably about the least amount of stress a person can have when hosting a party!  I might throw one every year from now on!
About an hour before everyone came, I had a fun idea for a chips and dip holder, using a galvanized bucket.  It turned out so cute. 
And on Christmas morning, we celebrated the birth of Jesus.  As an aside, I think we have all developed an addiction to the sparkling cranberry juice at Trader Joe's.  (We went through three whole bottles of it over the weekend!)
 We had a relaxed and festive Christmas breakfast of donuts.  We like to take our time and savor the moment, talk about what Christmas means to us, and reflect a little bit.  There's something sweet about doing this first thing in the morning, before we do anything else. 
A little toast to Christmas.  Clink!
 Of course, the flurry begins shortly thereafter, ribbons and tags getting yanked off, wrapping paper flying through the air.  It's all just as it should be, with excited little ones.   
 As the day wears on, we share our favorite treasures with each other.  Of course, I look around, and see all of mine under the same roof.  I feel overwhelmingly blessed...
I remember what Christmas was like for me, as a child.  I don't remember all the work my Mama put into the day, but I do remember seamless gatherings of friends and family.  I don't remember her ever being stressed out, but I remember that it was always fun for us kids. I hope my children remember it the same way.  

I even made a blended mushroom lasagne, with a silky herb cream sauce.  It was amazing if you're a fan of mushrooms.  Perfect for a special occasion. The hoodlums were not fans. 
It was a labor-intensive three pot dish.  Which means it will be for special occasions only...
On Christmas Eve, we always get dressed up, go to our candlelight service, and once back home, we watch The Nativity Story.  Then I proceed to cry all my make up off, and we put the kids to bed.  It's a good tradition. 

There's always plenty of twirling in the new Christmas outfit.
And there's always plenty of play time with presents. 
This year, there was a lot of jewelry making, thanks to Grandma. 
And plenty of smiling.  Smiling's our favorite.

By the end of the day, I must confess that I'm always a little ready to put all the decorations away.  I know, there's a name for people like me.  (giggle) 
I really hope your Christmas weekend has been special.  


  1. Love this whole post!! ; ) I am one of "those people" too. I am all ready to take everything down, get ready for New Year's Eve and on to a new year....fresh! I look forward to getting to know you better in 2011! I know you have lots of commenters and stalkers, but we moms-with-cameras-turned-photographers have something in common! ; )

  2. Oh I am "one of those people", too! My husband thought I was nuts when I told him yesterday that I thought of taking the tree down on Sunday and the rest on Monday. We usually take everything down on New Years' day, but I'm in the mood to start fresh early!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Love the red jammies the kiddos were wearing. That mushroom lasagna sounded amazing. I have yet to see the Nativity story. Need to get on that! So glad you had a great day. Looks like lots of love going on over there:)

  4. Merry Christmas!!! Sounds like a very special Christmas. I love all the pics of your kids. They look so happy.

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Love all the pics...I was thinking about taking down the tree tomorrow as well. Time for a clean clutter free house:-)

  6. Before I had children I loved to keep the tree up until the 1st of January, but now.....I'm so ready to get it out. I think I feel that things are too cluttered with all of the decorations and all of the new gifts that have been brought into the house. I'm feeling in the mood to organize (: Love your pics, love the warm feeling they give!

  7. I'm one of those people too--So happy that you had a great Christmas. Mine was one of the best ever--simplifying and savoring all the moments worked well for my heart. I feel so blessed as I write this...

  8. Your weekend sounds wonderful and meaningful isn the way it is supposed to, Sasha! Really like your photo from outside the window, too!

  9. Beautiful photos Sasha. Glad to hear your Christmas was filled with family and good times.

  10. What beautiful pictures, Sasha! I love how they really tell the story of your Christmas. The lasagna sounds yummy too!

  11. LOVE your pictures! THe kids look like they had a wonderful time! We are so blessed! Merry Christmas!

  12. Oookay, you must share this mushroom lasagna. I love mushrooms. I love pasta. PRETTY please? ;)
    Sweet pictures of your kiddos! I'm totally "one of those people" when it comes to decorations coming down. It would have been all packed up today if I weren't up to my eyeballs in Christmas-present-vomit. I got my kitchen and living room clean today and the stuff is coming down tomorrow!

  13. Smiling's my favorite too!! (love that movie) Beautiful photos. Looks like a wonderful Christmas.

  14. Sounds like pure Christmas magic! Only 364 days until Christmas! :)

  15. Look at these amazing photos! It looks like you and your family had a fabulous holiday weekend! And three bottles of sparkling cranberry juice from TJ's? Boy, I might have to give it a try. It must be good!!

    Happy Monday Dear! xo

    Oh, and did you ever add your city info to Location Central? It's where you see who blogs in your area? So cool!

  16. What a fun blog...I love it!!!!

    I love those sparkly straws and I am a huge fan of Trader Joes...I talk about it on my blog all the time.

    sandy toe

  17. Gorgeous pics and special moments captured!

  18. I love all your traditions! I'm all about Christmas traditions and have been thinking about what I want ours to be. I've always just spent all the time at my parents and we'll need to add our own in :)

    I hate after Christmas when it's time to take the decorations down!

  19. what a fabulous christmas!!! Loved reliving it through your perfect photos and amazing descriptions.

    Merry Christmas & Happy HAPPY New year to you!


  20. I absolutely LUV that pic with your tree in it! Like from a mag only better!
    Because you reminded me of it, my son and I watched The Nativity Story on Netflix (I luv that, too, btw). He said it was boring but he asked all kinds of questions and was hooked until the end. So that was fun!
    Happy New year! Bring on the new adventures and the growing (but please let it be easier this year~!)