Sunday, January 30, 2011

365 Monthly Review

 Well I did it.  One month, of taking a photograph every single day!!  Truthfully, I took an average of about twenty photos a day, but there was nothing new about that.  The only day that I suddenly realized I hadn't taken any photos, and randomly picked something laying around, that had nothing to do with anything about that day, was January 16th. 
 Starting to make purchases for Etsy.  Wondering if I had any business making anything... wondering if anyone would even purchase anything I might make...
 Praying this verse over the coming year... so in need of some good blessings!
 Timidly creating...
 Following resolutions and making my entire family eat more fruits!
 No explanation needed.
 Good times.  Family game night.  I'm a loser, baby.
My Etsy, "Aha!" moment.  I created my first flower pin, fell in love, and it just flowed from there...
 Beginning to prepare some of the little "extras" that make buying handmade special...
 Making the most of snow that had nearly melted.
 Nine sets of napkins completed and ready...Etsy opened... me, hiding in the corner. (Just a little joke)
 Overwhelmed when I awoke to piles of orders...
 Celebrating my brother, Officer McJakey's 30th birthday with a scavenger hunt, amazing race style. 
 The day I had nothing.  Literally.  I had one of those days... "Dear God, it's me, LMM."
 God showed up.  He lit up the sky.  I'd like to think it was just for me...
 My man went out of town... I sat through taekwondo missing him...
 I created these cute shirts and put them on Etsy.  (I have two medium fitted ones left, and that is all.)
 I baked frosted brownies for Officer McJakey because he offered to watch my hoodlums the following day so I could storm Ikea with his wife.  Still missing my man.. loving my brother.
 Ikea.  My sis-in-law.  No kids.  Perfect day.  Until I got completely lost in the dark of night and the pouring rain.  Then it wasn't so perfect. 
 Decorating for Valentine's day.  I love Valentine's day. I also love picking up my man at the airport and getting his hiney home where it belongs. 
 All is right in the world again...
 Cute shoes, cute bag. 
 But do cute shoes and cute bags really matter??  Chewing...chewing...chewing...
 Precious time with kids and cousins... even if it wasn't all it was cracked up/supposed to be.
 Our first small group met this night to watch the Love and Respect videos.  Marriage changing subject matter.  What an amazing, and precious group of young couples.  We feel so blessed to  be doing life with every single one of them. We also feel a little bit old to have done so much life before them.
 I like umbrellas, even if everyone teases me for carrying one. 

 Cleaning for a house showing, when I realized I was a tad overdressed.  It gave me a giggle.  Also, I like yellow.  In case you didn't know that.
Painting the inside of this cabinet... freaking out when my man killed a black widow spider inside of it.  Eek!  I love my man.  I love his spider fearlessness. I also love my cabinet.  And I love the way Sherwin Williams, "Lemon grass" looks on the inside of all the drawers and cupboard.  Organizational bliss begins with fresh paint.  That's what I always say...

Yes.  I am a day a head.  Thank you for asking me.  I wanted to get this post out, and  couldn't resist this photo as an addition to my pile.  So, I decided to fudge.  Don't tell anyone.  Thanks.  Kids are weird.  Dogs are weirder.  This is my life.

I think I found a system that works for me, how about you?  I plan to post each photo individually during the course of the month, and at the conclusion of the month I will create a collage, and  re-categorize them in my 365 tab that way.  For now.  Unless I change my mind. 

How did you do on your 365 project?  It's not too late to start!  Jump in anytime!!


  1. way to go girlie!
    i'm rocking along too. i cut myself some slack though...some days i take a new one OR i post process/edit an older one.
    love yours!

  2. You've been a busy and creative girl! Loved all the photos and posts. Here comes February...:)

  3. Great photos!! I'm posting them on a blog and then week by week putting them in my Project Life book. I'm current and love it!!

  4. great idea girl. they are all so good! really each and every one:)

  5. BEAUTIFUL!! They all look fabulous... love the creativity and unique view points. You are quite the photographer :)

  6. What an awesome idea, enjoyed the great pictorial recap of the month...You go girl!
    My favorite is the little card deck with your bible verses. I need one. Tutorial please. LOL
    Many Blessings, Deborah

  7. Awesome ! It so cool to see your enthusiasm through your pics!

  8. This is such a neat thing! I wish I had thought about doing it! Hmmm, is it too late to start for February?



  9. love your photos...they're beautiful...i start a photography class tomorrow night to learn a bit more about my camera...i'm excited.

  10. you're doing great! and it shows what a great month you're having. such great news tonight!!!!! so happy about it!

  11. Great idea....I just may have to follow along and do this in the upcoming months. Your images are amazing.

    Happy new week to you. xo

  12. Nice job! I loved your ceramics photos. Great 365 .. it's fun, isn't it? :)

  13. Great pictures! I love the last one with your daughter and dog! It's too cute!

  14. Hi LMM, I haven't commented in a while. I have to confess, I've been a lurker on some of my favorite blogs lately. It was so nice to see what you've been up to the past month through your photos. Congrats on the Etsy shop. I was "window shopping" today.

  15. I'm a newbie to your blog...just love it. Never fails to put a smile on my.face...thanks

  16. I'm loving your month in fun and great pictures. You're quite the photographer.

  17. I'm visiting your blog for the first time and after this post, I feel like I know you!! What great photos! And from someone who has had a house for sale for oh, I stopped counting--3 or 4 years now--I say CONGRATULATIONS! It will fall in place, you wait and see!
    Your blog is lovely!

  18. ok, i love the pics!! i flipped through all of them before it dawned on me i should look back to my birthday!! i was sure GOD had a message for me!! sure enough!! my birthday is the 17th. so, i hate to break it to you but the rainbow was for me, too!!