Monday, January 24, 2011


Hey sweet things... just  hopping on here quickly to post this for ya!  They are here!! The fitted "I heart my man" tee shirts  are completed and selling already!  Just in time for Valentine's day, and who doesn't love that?!  If you want one, you can get them here! 

Oh... and my shoes that y'all kept asking me about in the previous post (which incidentally makes me love you even more) were found at a consignment store sometime last year... I know, it's kind of grody that I got them used, but they didn't have scuff marks on the bottom, and I don't even think they'd been worn!  They were calling my name... "LMM, buy me... look at me, I'm such a cute shoe..."  That sort of thing.  I'm not the only one right?  I do love a cute shoe. 

Okay, good night!! Mwah!


Momma Morgan said...

I love your "lemonade stand". Its definitely one of the cutest! I'm wanting a camera strap like REALLY bad!!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Very cute tee!

LeAnna said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying cute shoes at a resell store! Just think about all those nasty feet that try on new shoes. Did you know my sister once got athletes foot from a BRAND NEW pair of shoes?? That being said, I wipe all new and new to me shoes out with a lysol wipe and wear them proudly. ;) The tee's are adorable!

Jocelyn said...

Cute shoes talk to me too:-) The t's are adorable!

Lacey said...

Gotta love a deal ecspecially on shoes!!!!!

Andrea said...

Placing my order today! My man will love to see me sporting this T-shirt for sure.

Farmgirl Paints said...

I love YOU! So adorable:)

Amanda said...

The tees are awesome!!

Andrea said...

OKay so I am home from a looong day at work, my kids are in bed and I am ready to order a t-shirt, but etsy is down at the moment. BOO! I guess i will try again tomorrow. :)

Andrea said...

I tried again and it worked. I got my t-shirt ordered and can't wait to wear it for valentines day :)
Thanks LMM!

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