Thursday, January 27, 2011

Brown paper packages, tied up with strings....

 You may remember when I attended the most gorgeous wedding ev-uh. (You may also remember how long my hair was when you view the photos... sniff, sniff.)   After that post, I received quite a few inquiries about my "Family Established" signs. 
I like to hunt for old, reclaimed lumber, and then paint and distress each sign, creating an individual work of art. I liked giving them as gifts, but I was afraid if people started ordering them from me, they'd expect something that I wasn't able to deliver.  Fear... gets a girl every time, doesn't it? 
 Somehow, jumping bravely (okay, tremblingly actually... but don't spread that around) into Etsy made me feel like perhaps... just maybe, I could create and sell these. 
 My friend Ann was the first to place her order and I was excited to deliver.  She chose a soft gray for her monogrammed letter in the background.  I love the way it turned out!  I found the perfect old board, complete with wormholes, nail holes, and scratches.  Full of rich character and charm.
 I nailed self-leveling hangers on the back and wrapped it in a protective layer of bubble wrap before covering it in brown paper for transporting. 
I love to see brown paper packages, tied up with strings... cause um.... these are a few of my favorite things.

(I'm not even sorry... I couldn't help it.)

Want one for your sweet little home too?  Well, guess what?  I'm now accepting custom orders and would love to make you one!! Details are pasted below!!

All of my Family Established signs are created using found and reclaimed lumber, and vary in size because of this.  They are hand-painted, gently distressed, and will take roughly up to two weeks for completion unless otherwise stated.  The text for each sign is Times New Roman, and the monogrammed initial is typically Edwardian Script but adjustments can be made if desired.  Each sign is $75.00 and the charge for shipping is an additional $13.00.  Main text color is black, background is white, and monogram letter can be personalized from various colors to be decided at time of order, but neutral colors such as gray and tan work best.   

Payment is to be made via paypal upon completion of piece, and before shipment.  I will contact you at that time to make arrangements.  I look forward to working with you and creating a piece that will grace your home for many years.  For any further inquiries, or to place your order, please contact me at



  1. I do believe this is just the MOST perfect Valentines Day gift!!! I will be contacting you!!!

  2. Fear - it doesn't do a body good! The sign is lovely. Keep leaping.

  3. If I was married, I'd totally order one. It's fabulous, Sasha! Well done! I do believe you have a little money maker here.

  4. Love your signs! Extremely cool. Way cooler than say...raindrops on roses, or whiskers on kittens. And don't even get me started on bright copper kettles. Golly. Now I have to go watch The Sound of Music!

  5. Congrats on taking that step. I want to start selling on Etsy so bad but I worry that I'm not quite "there" yet with my skillz. Yes, fear, worry, trepidation, all good things right?

  6. yay you my friend sasha!!
    how fun to watch your dreams continue to unfold
    & yay you again
    i love all your jazzed up links on your sidebar. off to check 'em out.
    you rock pretty girl

  7. I looooove these! Gonna need one hanging in my farm house some day, so don't quit anytime soon... ;)

  8. Love your signs. I might just have to start saving up. I also think you need to bottle and sell your "ability to step out of your comfort zone and start your own Etsy store" Tonic. I just need a small bottle of "Anti-Fear" to get mine started. Let me know if you bottle it up :)

  9. OH MY. I sure hope the endless hints and links to this post will result in receiving an e-mail from my husband! :)

  10. Love the signs! Renee is right they are the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

  11. It's my favorite wrapping too. So simple, crisp and just plain exciting. Love your signs girlie. So cool!