Sunday, January 9, 2011


 If you know me at all, you know I am an addict and full blown lover of all snow.  (Except when I was ten months pregnant and living in a house with a really steep driveway.  Then I wasn't a fan.)  We don't get much snow here in the rainy but gorgeously green Pacific Northwest, so when it does snow, Sasha is happy.  (And tends to speak in third person for some reason.)  By the way, Go Seahawks! (Are you happy now, Adrain?  I told you I'd squeeze it in, so now stop bothering me and let me finish this post about snow, for gosh sakes, alright?)
 I'm happy because I can bundle up hoodlums and pull them on sleds, inciting all manner of infectious laughter for hours.
 I can bring my camera with me and capture multiple photos of snowy things.
 Photographing puddles isn't nearly as fun as photographing icy winter scenery.
  I can watch snowball fights between my man and my kids.  (None of them play fair.) 
 And then I can ditch them for the cozy inside, where I begin warming up pre-made chocolate chip cookies in the oven.
 And getting the kettle whistling with hot water for cocoa...
Because before long, everyone's had enough, and they all come tromping in for cookies and cocoa.  (And as you know, I'm well stocked with the cocoa for just such an occasion.)  The snow will probably all be melted by morning, but I'll enjoy it for now...


  1. Yep! Hot cocoa is the BEST after playing in the snow. I just bought Penzey's Hot Cocoa mix and I'm dying to try it. Of course, with 3 little boys they always want mini marshmallows (or "snowman poop") in the cocoa.

  2. Pretty scenery! We are soooo dry here I'd gladly take the puddles. It snowed a little today, but not much. Enjoy that hot cocoa!

  3. We got a blast of snow today too, which happens maaaaaybe once or twice a winter here in Dallas, TX.

    Can you believe that we made it a whole entire week with the 365? Whoop! ; )

  4. I love the snow too. Beautiful shots. Beauitful post.

  5. I wish I could love our snow. Maybe if it wasn't always below zero for temps we could actually go out and play in it more often....

    Those are some awesome pictures...that's one thing about snow, it sure makes for some gorgeous shots.

  6. Northwest? Why did I think you were Southern?

    Enjoy the snow!

    A Midwesterner

  7. I'm just north of Seattle (Bothell area) and no measurable snow here :(. Send some my way!

  8. How beautiful! No snow here in South Texas! Great pics..

  9. I want! With the exception of NZ glaciers I haven't seen snow in years... I can't even remember when. It's so incredibly gorgeous- I wouldn't be able to stop taking pictures

  10. Looking out the window at about six inches--very unusual here! Now I'm praying there will be no ice to interfere with our cookie-and-cocoa making.

  11. That's a lot of snow to have melted by morning. But playing outside like that are the memories kids keep with them all their lives. Especially the end note of hot cocoa. Fun stuff. Good pictures.

  12. thankfully we only get it once a year...i like it for the first day (or so) i have to admit i'm loving looking out my back windows at the gorgeous scenery too! we had snow yesterday and the kids had a blast! i like being a kid again too..reminds us to slow down.
    (but yes...being 9m preg and no coats fitting my belly or my boots...booooo. i looked like a nut yesterday) :o)

  13. awww so happy for you girlie. enjoy it while it lasts. great pics:)

  14. we did not see even 1 tiny flake!


  15. Wonderful photos Sasha! I'm saving up for a new camera and think I'll follow you lead and get a Rebel! The children look delighted with the snow - such healthy rosy cheeks are a joy!

    I love snow too - being a transplanted Canadian and all! We are expecting 5" tomorrow in OH and we could not be more excited! I just washed the kids snow pants and jackets from the last skiver we got - more mud than snow! Hopefully this will be a nice amount to play in for them! And less mud for the mama to try to wash up!
    Do you make your own hot chocolate mix? I have a great recipe that uses vanilla powder to add a nice dimension to the mix. There are too many chemicals in the prepared mixes for our special ADHD boy! I'd never pull him down off the ceiling!

  16. Such beautiful pictures! I can't remember getting this much snow in years and years - last year and this one are the only two in my memory where the snow fell so regularly. It never gets old for me!!

    Oh, there is NOTHING in the world better than cocoa after being in the snow. Maybe a grilled cheese sandwich, but I don't know...

  17. I would so love a snow day!!

    Sounds like you guys had a good time!

    Family games we play: Sorry; Yatzee; Uno; Apples to Apples :)

    I am really beginning to think we are really kindred spirits! I too married a quite man; 14.5 years ago (i even think we have the same wedding anniversarry); I am loud; talk loud; cheer loud; and all that - you should hear me at baseball games!

    Anyway - happy Monday!

  18. We had a beautiful snow storm here in Arkansas too. We have had so much fun playing.

    I agree with your guy... Go Seahawks! So glad they beat the Saints.

  19. I love snow too!
    Enjoy every single flake!
    Have a pretty day!

  20. You are brilliant, and I commend you on your willpower. I've never thought of warming up pre-made cookies. When homemade cookies are in my house be they room temp or refrigerated or frozen, I eat them. I eat them much. I will consider keeping them frozen and reheating them at your directive, but I'll have to work on ignoring the fact that there are cookies to be had in my freezer calling my name in that sultry way only chocolate chip cookies can. They want me. We belong together.

  21. OK, makes me yearn for quasi-snowy climate like the PNW. I don't think I can handle months of it, but those few weeks/days at a time, I can do!

    So fun, Sasha - beautiful photos, too!!


  22. So glad Chris and I can provide that service for you. Chris usually grabs the limelight. She's a natural entertainer, but between the two of us and our husbands, we have quite a few good laughs.

  23. Don't you find it takes longer to dress for the snow than the kids actually play out in it?

    Still, the hot chocolate makes it all worth it.

  24. Oh... you all got more snow... earlier than we did!! Lucky!! I love love snow too... only this year it is only sticking around for less than 24 hours at a time!! grrr... if it has to be cold and wet... the wet should be snow... *sigh* =) Beautiful pics! That is funny that 49 states had snow... I am guessing Hawaii was the one without!