Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LMM's candy store...

Will there ever be a time when blogging doesn't surprise me?  Tell me if you can relate, since most of you readers are also bloggers.  (I almost typed "boogers" by accident.  What can I say?  I'm a home schooling mama.  I deal with boogers.  Um.  The people... aka, my children.  Just to clarify.)

I find myself regularly biting my nails in tense anticipation of how my words (sometimes many words) will be received a lot of the time.  Especially the really gut-wrenching heart-to-heart ones.  My previous post was nearly the most vulnerable I've ever been on this blog to date.  I bit my lip and pressed, "publish," not knowing what was going to be said. And then I was blown away when comment after comment read something like a Sasha pep rally.  "You can do it!  I'm praying for you! Go Sasha!"  I feel like I could go tackle something.  Maybe my husband?  Just kidding.  You can't tackle someone who doubles your body weight.
 But seriously, you are all so dear to me.  Even my man has come to know your names!  Your comments were like little whispers of encouragement to me all day long.  I owe you so much for your support.  This is not an exaggeration when I say that every comment and private email you sent me in regard to my previous post touched something so deep inside my heart.  I read every single word and wish I had the time to respond to each one of you.  Thank you so much for being there for me.  And thank you for sharing your own stories with me.  Your vulnerability is not lost on me... I cherish every one of them. 
And now, I'm going to bore you with 347 photos of my hoodlums painting pottery with their cousins today. 
 Now, the original plan was for Alli and I to sit and relax, while our collective bunch of hoodlums painted. 
 Ava painted... and painted... and painted.  But she's a quiet and creative type, so I expected that. 
 And then there was JJ.  Shocker.  He's always the ham in the sandwich.  Didn't want to sit still for five whole seconds, and made plenty of noise.  He was bored at minute number two.  Another shocker. 
 And this is my niece, Emma.  Together, JJ and Emma are turkeys.  Little hoodlums.
 This is my candy store. 
 Squeezing.  Why does this little booger make me laugh? 
 There's just something about little girls and chippy polish. 
My little niece, Madison...
 Alli and I were alternately laughing, rolling our eyes, and grabbing at wayward hoodlums...
 Still... I love being in a place where creativity happens....
 And my sweet girl was in her element!
 I love these little boogers.


  1. Does that say 'surrender?'?! I LOVE it!

    I've never understood parents who can go to a pottery painting place and relax - I just envisage broken pots, glaze across the floor and me having to pay for all breakges!

    Looks like it was fun! Keep going brilliant Sasha. We've just started watching the Radical talks (didnt realise there is a book!) and I can already tell transformation is coming our way. I'm a little scared/terrified/uncertain/excited! Will pray for you when we're praying for ourselves about all of this. Xxx

  2. God Bless the Boogers! Your blog is one of the very first I read every morning. It inspires me. It's real. It's funny and heart wrenching at the same time. You, my Sweet sweet Sasha are a wonderful mother. The best thing about you is that you know that you can't raise these kids alone. You can't make the best choices all the time. You give it up to God. Thanks for being you and for posting from the heart.

  3. HEY you can't go there. NOT without ME! Oh memories...sweet water colored memories:) I'm taking my munchkin's tomorrow. Then I'll bore you to death with MY pics...HA!

  4. I talk with parents all the time about homeschooling versus public/private schooling. It is such a hard decision, especially when special needs are required. All I can say is interview the schools and make sure they have accommodations in place and want to meet your needs. That is what they should do!

    I love pottery much fun! Your kiddos are adorable--Ava's pigtails just have me in awe over sweet.

    I can't wait for your etsy shop to open...I want to be the first purchaser!!!

    Thanks for your sweet comments...I do hope someday to have more time and energy to blog again!

  5. :) so glad you felt all the love and support :) its a great community out here and sharing our story and who we are is important! Its amazing to me how much social media really does help and encourage and give back in such a positive way! I am getting closer to starting a blog - why not right??


  6. This is something that I truly wish we had nearby...I have never been and I know my girls would adore it!

  7. How fun! I wish we had something like this in our city! What sweet little faces!

  8. Your candy store looks fancier than my candy store!! I LOVE the painted plate (er that is what ours is called)! I wish I could afford to paint a million things in there.. alas... it is more expensive than buying dishes!! ha ha!! That is where I asked my wee family to take me on my 40th birthday last month... blissful way to spend my birthday!! =)

    my "word" is surrender!! LOVE that your little boy chose that word! My kids are so so private and shy about God... (much like their daddy) ... how did that happen? I am the only live out loud one in my family!! =)

    Have you ever read The Believers Absolute Surrender? Andrew Murray. excellent book. I read it many moons ago... I should read it again! =)