Monday, February 21, 2011

I love Ikea. No, I hate Ikea. No I love it. I hate it.

 As we prepare to (hopefully) move into our new house in a couple weeks, (if all goes well with our buyer and her publisher's clearing house winnings) I have been spending my time (when I'm not packing or homeschooling, or worrying about publisher's clearing house people) thinking of fun ideas (that don't cost an arm and a leg in case this all falls apart) to turn our next house into the cutest home imaginable.  There is no chandelier above the dining table, so I had this amazing idea to put a candle chandelier over the table until we can afford to do some electrical changes...  So... my sis-in-law and I dragged our men to Ikea on Sunday.  It was all they had hoped and dreamed it would be.  And then some... (poor guys.)
 Once home, I quickly realized that I, loathe...Ikea.  Why?  Well, just look at what I came up with as I attempted to "assemble" my chandelier.  It took me two full days to unravel this mess. 
 This man... who I ordinarily adore and cherish... had the audacity to mumble something about "character building exercises," while I fought with Swedish pictoral instructions, and big chunks of unruly wire.   If he wasn't so cute, I'd probably have thrown it at him... (I snapped this photo of him as we were driving to Ikea.)
 Anyway, I didn't like all the silver of the pendant and this candle chandelier, so I hit them all with some primer spray paint, and a couple of coats of oil-rubbed-bronze.  Much better... wait til you see it!
And now, we are putting our little butcher block island together... I'm painting the bottom section white, and putting rolling casters on it.  I say "I" rather loosely... because to my way of thinking, my man owes me after the whole candle chandelier incident of 2011. 


  1. I cannot wait to see that butcher block island painted!!! We have the same one and I've been trying to convince my husband to paint it for ages and he's not convinced it will look good.

  2. LOL! You are hilarious! The things we do to save money, huh? I would have done the same thing! When we moved into our old farmhouse our dining room didn't have any lighting...none! Think of George Washington's room at Mt. Vernon or something like it. Very old and quaint but hard to see your food when it's dark, you know? In our under the stairs secret compartment was an old brass looking chandelier. I sweet talked hubby into wiring it in black wire and adding black chain to suspend it. Then I requested a can of black matte paint and I went to town. "Your not going to sand and prime it?" he asked. "Nope" said I! And it is/was lovely!! It's been there almost three years! ;)

    Can't wait to see your cute house! Praying for your buyers winfall to come quickly!

    Old House Kitchen

  3. I have not checked in for awhile, but had to see what you where up to! Publisher Clearing house, you are right, you can't make that up. We will take this down to the wire with you. I have always been nervous for any house closing, that is to be expected. Wishing you the best, can't wait to follow close now and see if you get the kitchen cart together!!


  4. I have always wanted a candle chandelier. I lived in Sweden for a year and they were everywhere and I just had a duh moment... Sweden.. that's why you went to IKEA. Hmm....

  5. lol!;) Cant wait to see how it all turns out!! xo Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  6. Candle I need to try and get to Ikea one of these's only 2 hours away. Ooh, butcher block island...sweet!

  7. I'm so excited to see your new place Sasha! And...I really do love ya! :)

  8. I laughed OUT LOUD over this post - agreed, IKEA brings out the best & worst of all of us! ha ha... I have gotten MANY an item home, opened it up and thought..."Are they serious??" The WORST ever was a wooden plant stand...and there were NO directions in the box. It almost became kindling in our fire pit. ;)

    LOVE the finished look of your pendant...and chandelier. Darling darling darling.

  9. I love that chandelier! It's so pretty!

    And I can't wait to see your new island. I bought an island from Ikea and it was perfect until my honey assembled the top upside down! So now I have a rather large "This Side Down" stamp in the middle of my island. I'll just hide it with a plate or something until summer when he can sand it off!

  10. character building exercises or marriage testers? I'm pretty sure B and I almost broke up over a dresser assembly