Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I mean... seriously...

 I looked around me today and realized that I have absolutely nothing to give you, in blogland.  My home is about as bare as can be, and we now have a tentative move-out date. But because of that, everything is packed except for the basics, and my house is boring central.  I thought to myself, "Well self... why don't you just photograph your day...."
 I'm happy to report that it began here.  I'm not saying that it begins here every day, but today this is where it started, and if it hadn't I don't know where I would have been, because by one o'clock, I had crawled into my bed, pulled my covers up over my head, and cried.  (Nothing to worry about... just sometimes the diagnosed issues of my little one gets the better of me and I don't know what to do or where to go.  Somehow crying seems like the only solution.  Don't ask, because I don't know...I'm a girl, okay?) 
 But enough of that.  This was stop two of my morning.  Oh I know... you can hardly believe my days are this wild and crazy. 
  Stop three, where I quickly realized we were going nowhere in a hurry, so I quit and stashed my camera for the remainder of the morning. I think the next time I have the bright idea to photograph my day, I need to make sure it's going to be a fun day...  I would however, like to proudly point out that the above shots were taken completely in manual mode!!  (Me, jumping around.  For real.  I'm jumping.)  I had a photography class with my photography hero Amy, over the weekend, and promised her I would kick off the training wheels of Av mode, and switch completely to manual.  I did it.  It was hard, but a promise is a promise. 
 Which er... brings me to this.  Sometimes a promise isn't a promise, and rules are meant to be broken.  When I accidentally booked ballet tickets on the same day a the Super bowl, and the worlds most amazing husband went with me, when no one else would go, I snuck this photo.  It didn't turn out very good because I didn't know what I was doing in the dark, and I was trying to sneak it, but it actually turned out kind of neat, so I'm posting it anyway. Apparently, you aren't allowed to take photos during performances.  Adrain raised a disapproving eyebrow at me when I steathily pulled my canon from my handbag and flicked on the power button.  I stuck my tongue out at him, fully confident that if security wished to see me, and rip out my memory disk, he'd have my back. (And don't worry, I won't ever do it again.  Take a forbidden performance photo I mean...  Um...or book ballet tickets during a Super bowl.) 
And on a completely random and different note... I think I found the perfect pendant light for my new kitchen!  I'm going to spray paint it oil rubbed bronze and call it a day.  It could work.. and at $29.99 it's right in my price range.

Whadya think? 


  1. already? you already found THE coolest light! yay you sasha. i knew you'd rock it!
    & i love that you are a phototaking rebel kinda girl.
    but seriously, did he really go to the ballet with you
    DURING the superbowl?
    you are loved indeed. seriously, who cares about manual shooting when your man is digging you over pro football

    fabulous shot my friend, even if illegal!! ha!

  2. Every cupcake deserves that much frosting.

    And in my world...boring is often a good thing.



  3. The light is way cool and the fact that your husband went with you to the ballet on Super Bowl Sunday is...well, SUPER! I am venturing into manual mode on my camera too and it is scary...you're doing well.

  4. YAY for sneaky shots at the Ballet! We went to Basildon House where the new Pride and Prejudice was filmed (it is Netherfield in the movie) and I took took sneaky shots of all the interiors. It was just too amazing NOT to!

    YAY for manual - you GO girl!

  5. I have my Beth Moore books spiral-bound too. It makes things so much easier.

  6. I'm a rebel photographer, too. I'm so daring as to take a photo in front of a sign that says "no photography." Oh well. Rules were meant to be broken, and your photographs are FANTASTIC!

  7. I love your morning. I love seeing a used and read through Bible...it just gives me the warm and fuzzies. Good for you trying to make new use of your camera. I'm still in Auto and trying to get better...sigh.

  8. I love this...I love seeing simple moments of everyday life. They are beautiful! And congrats on manuel mode...I got a new camera over Christmas in an attempt to learn just that and the training wheels have definitely not come off yet!!!


  9. Cool light! I love it, and I especially love your plan of what you're going to do with it. And I especially love the price. :-)

    That illegal shot is awesome.

    Weird fact. I'm planning on photographing my day tomorrow to do a blog post on. :-)

  10. I have two of those very lights hanging over my kitchen table. If you want to have a looksee, here ya go:


  11. I think we would not be human if we did not sometimes pull the covers over our heads about our littles ones and those darn diagnoses... or undiagnosed medical issues that can worry a mommy's heart into tears... I often find myself asking God why I can't just surrender it to Him once and for all... (for pity sakes)... and I keep hearing this little voice telling me... You are my child and I worry about you too but I will not give you more than you can handle... Trust me.....then I cry more! =) anyway... maybe this should be an email instead of a comment... but Girl... God has got your back on this one!! Just like He has my back ... even though I worry like a MAD woman... having extra challenges with your little ones is hard! One day when I come through the North we should have coffee... well... you don't like coffee do you... maybe tea or chocolate... and we can paint at that wonderful painted place!! =)

    ps Love the brushed bronze look... it will be fabulous in your new kitchen!

    Have you ever seen the 10 on 10 linky... You take 10 photographs ... one per hour on the 10th of the month... I keep meaning to try that!

  12. I've been hearing from folks around the lovely Pacific Northwest, that today is a weird day. I thought about taking a nap, but that was too much work...so I ate some Tostitos instead. I hope we're all feeling peppier by this weekend!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Cute pendant! I love oil rubbed bronze spray paint! : )

  13. the ballet thing cracks me up! i'm not sure my husband would've gone with me...pretty sure not :) and the pendant light is AWESOME!! love it! how did you find it so fast...you must have an endless supply of energy!

  14. So did I miss it? Did you guys find a house already? I love the light! I think the ballet photo did turn out pretty cool, you sneak, you. :)

  15. I love your day with your Bible and not crawling into bed and crying and I am really curious what powder that was. Nice pic in MANUAL- very impressive.

  16. 1) Crying is the best therapy

    2) Those cupcakes look amazing

    3) We wear the same make-up

    4) LOVE the light!!!

  17. My Mom always told us tears help wash away the stuff we just can't handle.

    The light fixture is fabulous! Can't wait to see it when you are finished with the transformation.

  18. I absolutely LOVE that he went to the ballet with you. What a keeper!!!!! And the photo isn't to steal their moment, but to remember yours...so it doesn't count. Ha! (my husband says I have a "wand of justification" and I just waved it for you).