Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Preparing for a room sharing experience...

 As we near the two week from moving mark, (Eeeeeeee!!!) I'm busy getting ready.  Does it surprise you that I don't like to do things after I move, but rather anticipate things I know I'll wish I had done, and get them ready beforehand?  For example, my kids will be sharing a bedroom for a little while, until we are able to renovate the attic and build a couple of rooms up there for them, so I'm busy trying to come up with ways of making that transition and experience not only fun but functional.  For fun, I created little pillows with their initials on them.  We are tightly watching our dwindling budget, (mainly because if we don't I'll never get to hit Ikea for the butcher block island on my list) so I scrounged around and used materials I already had on hand.  I ended up using an old coordinating pillow case for each child's pillow.  I just cut them down to size, and sewed an initial on them! 
 Both kid were so excited about this.  I thought it would be cute when their beds are side-by-side.  Their own little personalized space...
 And of course we've been doing plenty of school work amongst all the packing and busy work.
 It's funny because I'm feeling pretty relaxed about school work right now.  And somehow... we are still getting it all done.  (Well, for the most part.)
 I'm trying to keep us on schedule because I know there's bound to be about a week where we just move, and unpack. 

 I'm also trying to get a photo of my kids doing their extracurricular activities, so I can frame them in their combined room. 
It should be a fun experience, having them share a room.  I shared a room with my brother (Officer McJakey) and man, the stories we could tell you... late night whispering, giggles into our pillow, fights, me scaring him, all that stuff.  I think that's the good stuff.  And I also think it's one of the reasons I adore my brother, given our 6 year age difference.

Do you guys have any tips on room sharing for a boy and a girl?  I would love to hear them!  (Especially if they don't involve spending any money!)


  1. don't know about the sharing room stuff...can't help you there. maybe a curtain dividing the space or something. you'll work it out. love eva's cute. i have that ikea pillow. i'll see it tomorrow. is that even possible!! love ya girlie:)

  2. I think having their own area that's personal to them is a great idea. That pillow is so cute...I love the fabric.

  3. While we don't have boys and girls sharing a room, we do have 4 girls in one room and 3 boys in another. My advice would be to have a book shelf, a special tote/bin just for their "stuff". I'm sure that will be easier for you since you have boy stuff and girl stuff and not much "their" stuff. Ya know?
    Love the pillows!!

  4. how are so organized :) their room will be adorable! btw: what curriculum do you guys use? or is it a mix of several? just wondering...i'm kinda trying to scope things out for next year :)

  5. The pillows are so cute and such a great idea! I shared a room with my older brother and we had bunkbeds. My mom sewed a curtain and put it on a wire surrounding my lower bunk to give me my own space when I wanted it. I loved it!! Maybe one of those hanging circle canopies for your daughter would be cute and fun.

  6. My boys shared a room from ages 3 & 1 to ages 6 & 4 - when we moved a little over a year ago. They had bunk beds, the kind with a built in dresser, desk & bookshelves.

    I don't really have any advice because I didn't put any thought into it - it's just how it was b/c we wanted the other room as a playroom.

    I really wish they still shared a room, even though my oldest loves having his own space.

  7. Oh boy! I shared a room with my brother too and oh the stories!

    The fights will definitely happen so I'd say when it does to have another room or place for the other to go into where they can each have some privacy to cool off and not be at each others throats!

    Good luck with the transition period. New beginnings can be a little scary but it sounds like you are really planning ahead!

    Kind Regards,

  8. Hee hee! I love that you're working ahead for your space. When we bought this house I visualized us moving in, and not having any curtains that night to close, and it totally freaked me out. So, first things first, I sewed all our curtains before we moved in, and hung them the night we took possesion so the next morning we could move in and have closed windows that night. Silly because we had no neighbors at the time.

    I LOVE the pillows. And, I am so jealous of your renovating possibilities. My husband won't look twice at a house if we have to do any more than paint, and even that makes him frown. He has no vision. Drives me bananas. Someday, I'm going to have the money to just go buy a house by myself, renovate it by myself, and then show it to him. Yeah, not really. But I can dream.

  9. WOW somewhere I missed the house sale and the buy. Did you get the little red house or something else?
    When I was a kid it was only rich kids who had their own room. It's fun to share. Your kids are still little so it will be fine. they might even just like it! You might hang some curtains somewhere to make a little changing area for privacy.
    Congratulations and love the art stuff!

  10. Growing up my 2 sisters and I shared a room for about 2 years. We also had to share a bed, a queen under a single bunk bed. Believe me, we hated sharing the queen bed. What did really help was that we each had our own small desk, where we could keep our personal stuff, and do our homework. We also had a 3 shelf book case and we each got a shelf to put our books and whatnots on. It helped, but admittedly we were more than ready for a change when the time came. I was 12 and going through that lovely stage when a girl becomes a "woman", so sharing a room with two younger sisters wasn't the funnest. Good luck!!

  11. I don't know about sharing a boy/girl room. I can't help you there. I shared with my sister for many years and then we moved and got our own rooms. Funny thing though. The first night we had in our own rooms we slept together in her room. It just felt weird having our own space and noone to talk to.
    I have seen on HGTV where they have made hanging curtains like a canopy so each child can have some privacy. This will be important if they need privacy for dressing or for just time to be in their own space. Maybe think of it like a dorm. Maybe bookcases could be used as a divider. Back to back so each child has a space all their own to put all their books and bins for toys and such and then it also serves as a divider.
    I know you will figure it out. I admire you for working on it all a head of time.
    Okay, sorry to ramble. I love your pillows with the their monograms. Cute!

  12. Love your pillows!Cant wait to see how the room turns out! hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  13. Sharing a room is so much fun!!! :-) It will be a great adventure.

    Good luck with the packing, moving and unpacking. I'm STILL unpacking stuff from my move last October! Ugh! I wish I had been more organized and prepared.

  14. The pillow is so cute! My youngest kids, daughter 10, son 7, share a room. It's not ideal because my 10 year old is starting to mature. They always complain they want their own rooms but guess what? Will either of them go up there alone and play? Nope. Will either go up and watch a movie alone? Nope. On a rare occasion, MAYBE. I think it will work out just fine for you. If you can try to come up with some sort of defined space for each of them, I've found that has helped with us. Both of my kids have their own shelves, that way they can put whatever they want up.

  15. My youngest two shared a room for a couple years. My best idea was putting up two bookcases as a room divider. I placed them side by side but each side had a set of shelves and the back of the other bookcase, which I covered with spraypainted cork to use as a bulletin board. Does that make sense? They loved it. I shared a room with my brother and we both loved it and we are super close now as adults. :)


  16. Our two boys shared a room when they were growing up - this was an intentional decision rather than a space issue - it was the best decision that we made, the boys are close and great friends to this day! I used to love quietly standing outside their bedroom door after 'lights out' and listening to their childish chatter .... I miss it now they are teens and hvae their own space!

  17. love that you're getting ready before the move - smart!
    my 2 oldest share a room (girl - 7 boy - 5) - they always have. they have a smallish room - so there isn't much space for anything but a dresser, bookshelf and small bedside table. they've each claimed a top of the dresser/bookshelf for their "stuff". they have a huge playroom - so, most of their other stuff is in their. one thing they do love, they have a white board in their bedroom - i can usually find them in hiding out in their room doodling with eachother on that board!
    i don't think they'd have it any other way:) they're the best of friends...good luck with everything!

  18. My son and daughter (who are 20 months apart) share a room with two sets of bunk beds every time we are in our RV. Being in our RV happens a lot since we travel for my husbands job. I did what you are doing and let the kids pick out their own fabric. I made personalized curtains for 'their' side of the room. They were so excited to see something created from what they picked out and gave them something of their own. Sharing a room was MUCH easier than I had imagined it to be. They will do great...I'm sure! I'm excited for y'all!