Thursday, February 3, 2011

What is Love? Baby don't hurt me... Don't hurt me... No more.

Is anyone up for some fun?  I know I am!!  Because it's February, I'd like to interrupt my regularly scheduled moving panic, for a post about love.  And pain.  And the pain that love sometimes causes.  (Especially when the man you love outweighs you two to one.)  And football.  Because I did a very bad thing and bought ballet tickets for our entire family, by accident, on Superbowl Sunday.  (I know... I know... Trust me, I know.)  Since I'm busy trying to find a house, I figured it was a good time to dig through the archives for something fun...(though it wasn't very fun at the time)... We'll call this a re-post, with a twist.

Once upon a time, (2009) we had some extended family photos taken on the very same field where my man went to high school and played football....
"After family photos, my man and brother were reliving the glory days of football on this very field. Adrain decided to show my kids how to properly pop the tackling sled with your shoulder. Apparently, there is proper technique for being a burly man about to drive into something like this. Let's not ask.

I laughingly jumped on top of the sled, thinking, "Of course Adrain won't actually tackle this thing with his wife on it..."

He laughingly thought, "Of course she would grab onto a handle and expect me to bump it a little if she actually jumped onto this thing..."

And that's when my man crouched, and sprung into that sled and knocked me backwards. Hard. I landed on my rear and it knocked my shoe off. It knocked my shoe off y'all!! Well, all but the ankle strap which stayed fixed securely onto a chunk of skin that was now dangling from the top of my foot.

It's not his fault that he outweighs me by 100 lbs. It's not his fault that he mistakenly thought there was a handle for me to grip. It's not his fault that he barely hit that thing and I went flying. Trust me, I know he barely hit it too, because I saw him tackling and flipping that thing upside down just for the sheer fun of it afterward. Twice. (That would have had my heart throbbing under any other circumstance, but my foot was the only thing doing any throbbing at that point.)"
photo from original post

"So in closing, I'd like to say a few things. First, that right there, is a fine piece of Man-manship, and I for one, would not want to be on the receiving end of a real life tackle. Second, I feel a renewed confidence in my man's physical ability to take someone out if necessary. I would not want to be that guy.

And lastly, I assign a ten yard penalty for roughing the wife."

Other possible titles for this post;
"A man, a woman, and a sled..."
"He almost knocked my socks off..."

I hope everyone has a great Super Bowl!  Do you have any fun Super Bowl traditions?  Do they include begging forgiveness because you bought ballet tickets? 


  1. ballet tickets? and he's actually going? i think we've just witnessed a real life miracle, who says miracles don't happen? From now on I shall refer unbelievers to this post!

  2. What's the Superbowl?

    Lol! That would've been my response when asked what I was thinking to buy ballet tickets!!!

    Glad you guys are moving finally :-)

    AND...I think it's too cute that he "almost knocked your socks off!". But sorry about the throbbing foot!

  3. Maybe you can turn the ballet in to a girls night out?!?

  4. I remember that post. So is he going to the ballet or watching the Super Bowl?

    I think this year I would actually pick the super bowl...but I'm from Wisconsin.

    Go Pack!

  5. Oh my! Is he going to the ballet? For real? Our Super Bowl tradition is usually hanging out at home with a bunch of munchies and enjoying the commercials! ; )

  6. knocked your shoe off...goodness! i'm just as bad. birthday party with 10 eleven year old...roller skating on super bowl sunday. what was i thinking??

  7. So since reading this post a couple hours ago, I have had that song stuck in my head!!! I keep singing it & the hubby is looking at me like I'm a crazy person! haha! :)

  8. GO PACK GO!! We always have lots of nummy food, dips and drinks and get together with my family on Super Bowl Sundays. This year is even more special because the GREEN BAY PACKERS are going!!

    Happy Weekend.

  9. Here we go Steelers! Here we go! I will spend the evening at a party with family and lots of yummy muchies and plenty of spirits flowing! Oh, and Terrible Towels a flying! :)

  10. It is all becoming very clear to me now. Ballet tickets on Super Sunday and repost of Sledgate (I am still sorry by the way). I am just very thankful that God created DVRs for just an occasion.

    Onto the game. I hope the refs don't hand over another Superbowl to a certain team from Pittsburg that is appropriately named. It is hard to be a Seahawk fan and root for the team that still has our trophy in their possession. So with that GO PACKERS!!!!

  11. Woopsies. :-)

    I've given my husband a fat lip twice in the 15 years we've been together. You'd think he'd learn not to cross me, ha!! Just kidding, they were both complete accidents.

    I hope you found some girl pals to do the ballet thing with!!! Even I find it slightly cruel to take men to a ballet on Superbowl Sunday!! But, it does sound like the perfect female escape from all the lovely bodily noises and smells that happen when a group of men get together to watch a game. :-)

  12. ONE husband + ONE ballet ticket= "TWO" Love!

  13. I am just impressed that he would go to the ballet with you.


  14. Hi Sasha - I am back from being down and out with the flu; and catching up on stuff with you! WOW congrats on the sell; stay strong and have faith YOU will find the perfect house!

    Remember I think you are adorable; have fun at the ballet and GO STEELERS!!