Friday, March 18, 2011

Come shop with me this weekend!

I have just completed my second, tiny, little, Etsy collection.  And though I'm excited to share it, I'm also 100% terrified that it will just sit there.  That might be a fear that never goes away, judging from the other Etsy gals who have comforted and encouraged me.  Then again, fear makes a person feel alive.  Or so they say. Whoever "they" is.  Today I'm feeling very alive. I'm going to show you guys my stuff.  That kind of sounded weird when I say it like that.  If you want to see it on Etsy, you can click here!

I love numbers with all my heart.  They are fun and let's face it... trendy.  So I created these adorable napkin sets with numbers from one to eight. 
I kept a set for myself.  Because Easter's coming, and I thought they would look so sweet on my table.  I know that they will look sweet on other tables too! 

I also created a few of these owl messenger bags. I'm going to let you in on a little secret- I wasn't very happy with the strap on this one.  It was my first try, since I was doing it slightly different than the one I made for my daughter.  But the colors and fabrics were still so cute I figured I'd put it out anyway. Sold out.
This one has an extra long strap that would work for me.  Ahem.  I mean anyone else.  Because I'm selling it.  (I've got to remember that.)  Also, it has turquoise buttons for eyes.  It doesn't get any better than that. Sold out
Can you say fun?  Ava tried to convince me to let her keep this one.  I said no.  I'm mean like that. 
I almost kept a set of these too.  That keeps happening to me!  I might have to make myself another set.  I can't help it.  I make what I like. 
   I thought these would be so much fun for wedding gifts or anniversary gifts, or gifts because it's a weekday or something like that. Sold out
These babies flew of my shelf overnight last time, so I made some more.  Just in case you didn't get them the first time.  On in case you got them, but wanted more...or in case you have a birthday coming up... you know, things like that.  Sold out
 Also... and I'm very excited about this one.. I created a long pair of tab top curtains with cooking words all over them! 
 It's so easy to like these...  I feel inspired to mix.  Or stir.  Or grill.  Anyway, I thought these would be darling on a patio door or kitchen window. 
 And these...  Chicken wire memo boards, with three mini clothespins...
 I treated the chicken wire to look aged and farmhousey.  (Can we pretend that's a real word?) You could hang photos on them... Sold out
 Or recipes... Sold out
 Or movie ticket stubs, or just about anything you wanted.  I have created one in a creamy white, turquoise, and chartreuse!  Lovely.... I might have a chicken wire obsession. Sold out
And hey... since I'm not moving right now, those of you I had to turn down for customized Family est. signs can go ahead and place your orders!  Click here for ordering info and photos.

If you love anything above, but want something a little more customized, I'm always up for that.  You can email me at

And for my Etsy store, click here!

Happy Weekend friends!


  1. OMG, there has to be excuses for me to buy all these things right now. Right?

  2. very very cute stuff, chicka! love it all :)

  3. Omigosh! Those bags are so CUTE!!!
    I love 'em!

  4. I LOVE those numbered napkins. Everything is super cute.

  5. Very cute! Don't be afraid. Your offering your wares and there is nothing wrong with that.

  6. wow! I love all of it! I would totally buy the curtains, but I don't have a window in my kitchen.. :(

  7. I am seriously thinking of remodeling my home so I have a place for those curtains! LOVE them! Great job as usual!

  8. There is no way that any of that is going to "sit around" hun. Everything is AMAZING! Well done you esty-special gal!

  9. I love what you make! Be confident, you are very talented!

  10. Please make more of the chicken wire frames, I missed out!

  11. I'n so sad about the chicken wire frames...GRRR! Those smart women who got them so fast! I hope they love them as much as I would have!

  12. Absolutely love the family verse sign that hangs in your kitchen (seen in a different post) -- please consider selling them in your Etsy shop!!

  13. Found you via Pintrest! Love it.

  14. Wow you are talented! Found you via Pinterest.

  15. I love your blog, your etsy offerings, and the fact that you share your fear, like that everything will sit there. I get that! I am getting ready to also get an etsy shop...and to get on with my blog. I started a blog, but I'm the worlds worst journaler, and blogger. But I know I have to do it. I make jewelry, and how else am I supposed to get the word out? I do other art as well, but it isn't my life yet. I still have my day job, but heart belongs to the Lord and to my art. So i need to get my blog on and my etsy on. I thank you for sharing your stories,your art, and your fears. It helps me to see I am not alone.
    Sue Chesley

  16. The chicken wire on the frame.. a girl that is local to me and makes hair bows for girls had those at a booth at a craft fair this year.. they are awesome for hanging bows on!!! cool to see another use for them that I wouldn't have thought of! Thanks!!!

  17. I find for myself the more afraid I am about the art I make. The less creative I am. If I truly want to make the most expression and creative art I have to have no fear in what people will think of it. I agree with you that the fear can be exciting but we can't let it at the same time burn ourselves out. There has to be a balence. I like the napkins with the numbers on them. I think it's cute.

    -Zane of ontario honey

  18. Cute ..... Cute.....Cute! I especially love the "eat" napkins. It looks like you did very well with all the "sold outs" Happy for you. Debbie - Deliciously Inspired -

  19. Wow! Wow! And Wow! It’s truly an honor. Thank you so much! I’m new to this and working hard to get out there. Femme A La Fleur

  20. Looks plainly amazing! especially that chicken wire art frame looks suppacool!


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