Sunday, March 20, 2011

Each other...

Tonight, as I reflect over our weekend, two things come to mind.  First, it must be said... you guys once again blessed me beyond measure by buying up nearly all of my Etsy store in two days.  I love knowing that these things I lovingly created are going into your homes... and I love writing you guys little notes of thanks to tuck inside... familiar names... fond feelings.  I'm so happy to have you guys.  (And I'm posting all my weekend photos just for fun.)
Which brings me to the second thing.  Things kind of hit the fan around our place this weekend, and I'm so sorry in advance if this post ends up feeling heavy, but it's me, being real, as always.  Adrain and I are handling all the changes and ups and downs pretty well, but somewhere along the line, we kind of forgot the effect they were having on our little ones.  We experienced meltdown after meltdown this weekend, with both.  I realized how close we are to our breaking point, as I held a sobbing little one close to my heart and listened to the words, "Mama... I want everything to just go back to the way it was..."  Heart wrenching.  
I feel like we need some extra special prayers this week...
I told God that I didn't know how much more our little family can take... I know He does... but it feels like if something doesn't flip soon, we're all going to lose it. 
We cleaned and frantically finished unpacking "just enough" to make it look staged by Friday morning so someone who called could come view the house... so much goes into that no matter how you try and stay relaxed and calm... no matter how you supress hopes and dreams... no matter how you lay it before the feet of God and know He is in control.  And then they never came....

I don't know whether to unpack every single box in our garage...
... or just leave things as they are...
Once again, in a place with many questions and few answers.  Pondering school choices as it's looking more and more like we are leaning toward public school... but wanting to know which public school we'll be living near... Knowing God knows... but wishing He'd be clear about His plan with me...
More emotions swirled around us as we opened up our home today... covering our home with prayers of hopefulness... knowing we might hear only silence...
Trying to have fun together while we wait...
Getting things done...
preparing for our week ahead while still in this same place... waiting...
But knowing we are not alone.  We have each other... and we have faith. 


  1. Sasha,
    Will be praying for you this week.
    We've moved many times for hubbies work and I know how you feel. Just staying on top of keeping the house model home ready for anyone that might one to stop by is stress enough.
    Keep leaning on the Lord. I have found that when he makes us wait he wants us to learn something. He also blesses us with more than we were hoping for.
    Hugs to you and your family.
    have a blessed week.

  2. Oh, I almost forgot,
    I love your previous post with the table fixed. My fave part of your table setting is that galvanzied bucket with the flowers in it. So pretty. : )

  3. Will send some extra prayers for you and your family tonight. God has something great in store for you, it is so hard to be patient though and not stress about life's issues isn't it. You will get through this and come out stronger. Hang in there :)

  4. Girl, with all this waiting and turmoil you just KNOW the Lord is up to something special and good and wonderful and more than you ever thought possible if the enemy is fighting you so hard!! You just KNOW it! Walking through the fire is always awful......until the fire dies down and you see the refined beauty that lasts. Praying for answers and joy in the waiting, sweet one. Hugs from Texas. ; )

  5. oh sasha, i so hope things turn around soon! i can't imagine how icky this waiting game feels. praying for you and yours.


  6. I just shook my head when I read that the people never showed up to look at the house. That stinks! I am praying that you guys find your direction soon. (((Hugs))) I know it has to be so hard on your whole family.

  7. Been there. There's nothing more disruptive to a family's life than trying to show and sell your home. Not a house, your HOME. There are some incredibly inconsiderate people out there who either don't understand or don't care what it means for you to drop everything to tidy up your home so strangers can tramp through it, eyeballing everything, opening every closet and cabinet door, then worse, not showing up when they're expected. This too shall pass and there are better things down the road. Best to your family during this time of transition. Great photos. :)

  8. Sasha,

    My heart is so full for you right now. You know I'm right there with you. I am praying for you every morning this week, for answers, for direction and especially for peace. I'm wondering, have you thought about putting a time limit on it? Put a fleece out? Just something we do that really helps me feel thankful for God's voice...

    Thinking of you...

  9. Oh Sasha, My heart is wringing for you. In so many ways I can relate, but it is just me. I don't have little eyes with big hearts looking to me for answers. That's a whole other layer I haven't had to deal with. You got my prayers. Really you do. I don't get God either, I love Him and I follow Him, but I don't get how He least not today.

  10. "Never think that God's delays are God's denials. Hold on; hold fast; hold out. Patience is genius" Georges-Louis Leclerc

    Prayers for you ALL this week. You are showing your children SUCH a wonderful lesson in your perseverence and strength through this adversity. God is walking with you through this trial...unfortunately for you, only He knows the ending to this story. Praying praying praying that you are closing the chapter on this Season of your life!

  11. Praying that this rollercoaster of emotions smooths out soon. You and Adrian sound like amazing and strong people and together you will help your kiddos adjust. Congrats on the store, too!

  12. Praying that things smooth over soon! God will get you through it :)

  13. I am praying for you and your little ones. I know that you know God has a plan. Sometimes...we just have Roll with it, don't stress if there are socks on the floor. People have all seen socks, I am pretty sure most where them. I know you want it perfect, but YOUR buyer will buy it whether it is perfect or not. There is one out there meant for you.

  14. I will be lifting you and the little ones in prayer. I breaks my heart to hear you're at your breaking point. I know what it's like to want God to give you a list of His plan. Keep leaning. Ooh, and I love the picture of your Bible along with one of my FAVORITE studies and my favorite pen :)

  15. your littles are just precious sasha. you really captured some great photos. i think that a hand's off approach is what it's going to come down to and just giving up and not caring. just focus on your peeps and let the house sell or not sell. in the end what's important is the four of you and not the four walls your in. big hugs girlie. i love ya!

  16. Thinking about you and sending hugs, love and well wishes your way. You have a beautiful family with a strength that I can feel through the computer screen. Hang in there girly - this too, shall pass.

  17. We'll for sure pray for you this week-the children too. It is ever so hard. We took almost two years to sell our home and cleaning it to perfection, hopes all over the place almost did me in. We can so, so clearly see now, why time after time, deal after deal fell through and God had nothing but the very best for us in mind! It is hard hanging on though---but yes, you have each other and you have faith. You've also have a lot of friends who are rooting for you too.

  18. Can't imagine the frustration you are all feeling - especially your babies. I'll be praying for you all this week.

  19. So, so hard. When our house was for sale, we needed it to sell, NOW. But, I dreaded when it was going to be shown because it was huge and I had three little boys and I was pregnant and had to clean the whole thing. It made me forever want a small house. In other words, I get it.

  20. I am praying for you! I know God has blessings in store for you are a blessing to your readers...and as much as I know how hard it is to wait for Him. I see you're doing Beth Moore's Daniel study--I did that one a couple of years ago and it was tough but great. Keep your chin up!

  21. I love your post - your honesty, your truth! I am a Realtor and know how hard it is on people when it falls through and things don't seem to be going as they should! I have seen it on several occasions and I know it can sound like a cliche but it's very true - things happen for a reason!!!!! Stay strong - you can do it!!!!!


  22. Praying for your family, Sasha. Let it be. It is all in his hands.

  23. Beautiful post...wishing you peace in your decisions.

    sandy toe

  24. and your shop is chock full of awesome things!
    one day... i repeat one day... :O)...
    when we are in our new home...
    those napkins... boy howdy... i can not wait ti use them!
    and campbell will squeal when she sees her new bag! :O)

    i am so thankful to get to read your heart...
    your thoughts.
    i love your "realness"!
    that you share.
    i am... however... so sorry for the "unknown".
    the "how WILL things unfold".
    all i know... it sure is great to know...
    and know that you know... wow that's wordy...
    He is working out quite the plan for you!
    quite the good!
    all will be great!

    covering your home in prayer too!
    and your little ones hearts.

    just like you said... faith... stand on it!