Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jewelry hanger DIY and an update!

Good morning sweet friends!  I'm sitting here, in a patch of sunshine, listening to some amazing uplifting music.  I've got a darling project to share with you in a minute, but first I wanted to update you all since the encouragement has been flooding my way from this group, for months.  (I love you guys!) At present, it's looking like our buyer will not be able to back up her promise of paying for our home, unless something miraculous happens between now and next week. (Um.  And you just never know, right?)  My heart is absolutely going out to the sweet people we were hoping to buy from.  We had all signed paperwork before finding out about this weird Publishers Clearing House situation with our buyer, and it's sad that there are several households packed up and excited to move, that now may need to unpack.  I love that little red house so much.  I'm hoping and praying it will still work out somehow, but also unpacking my kitchen so I can live somewhat normally right now.  Many decisions still need to be prayerfully considered, but amongst the mess, I can honestly say that I'm calm.  I am wrapped in a blanket of peace because I know that I'm not here in this place by accident, and I know the story will not end here yet.  I would never have chosen to spend my past 30 days packing and excitedly planning to move, only to have it fall apart, days before a moving van arrived, but life does go on, and God is still the same God today that He was 30 days ago.  I have been able to worship and praise God more through the past week than I have in the past ten months, because I've been unsure, afraid, fearful, upset, mad, and many other things.  I have clung to His strength, and He has not let me down.  Thank you for all your prayers.  They have lifted me up more than you will ever know.
My goal here, is to see just how many photos I can take of the same thing from slightly differing angles, thus placing my name forever in the same categories of other well known bloggers.  Because that's what you do if you blog, right?  Take multiple shots of the same thing? (heh, heh)

Okay but seriously, I did want to show y'all how to make a really cute jewelry hanger.  (And in case you'd rather not trouble yourself to make one, I might be putting a couple of these in my Spring Etsy Collection!)  I bought a piece of chunky trim, and cut it to about 18 inches.  Then I painted it white.  After that, I marked three equal places, and tried to drill holes in it myself, only I couldn't make my man's drill work properly, so he ended up doing it for me.  (I'm okay with that.)   
Note to self:  Next time you make this project, paint the whole backside so it looks better... and also please measure the length of the screw you are using, because if it's not long enough, you'll have to make a special trip to the hardware store. 

Not that I did that.  I'm just saying.  In case you also do fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-types of crafts, and regret not thinking the whole thing through before the holes have already been drilled.  Mkay?  Please tell me that's why you like me.  Thanks.
I forgot to mention that you'll want to find some cute knobs.  (Preferably before beginning this entire project.)  At least I did this part correctly.  Because these are stinkin' cute knobs, if you ask me! 
They beg to be photographed, don't they?  (Um... or maybe that's just the blogger in me....Um... also, I just almost accidentally typed, "booger in me."  Oops.)
Tighten the knobs onto the protruding screws and you're done!

Now dance around.

Do it.   
I know... I regularly shock you with my superb crafting abilities, don't I?  You'll also want to attach two self-leveling hangers on the backside, for ease of hanging.  What do you guys think?  Would you hang a few of your favorite necklaces on these?

Hmmm... Think I could  get Adrain to pre-drill all the holes for me?  (Oh just joking honey... I'll figure it out!)


  1. So sorry about your house. I'll keep praying that it sells soon!!

    I also love your jewelry hanger. I've been thinking of making something like that, but yours is so much cuter than what I had in my mind! (I might need one with 5... no maybe 7 hooks though!)

  2. Your heart to cling to God in this is so beautiful. It encourages me! Truly, there is such peace when we are brought to the end of all of our selves. Still praying for you!

  3. Very cute, now we need to see some of your wonderful jewelry hanging on it!!
    I am so sorry to hear about your house journey. I was really hoping it was all going to come about. We will keep praying you through this, God has the perfect buyers for your sweet home! Hold onto that!
    Fun giveaway over at my blog! Would love to have you visit! : )

  4. fun stuff, sasha! you're so on top of it! i'm trying to get a spring line done for my shop and everything keeps interfering :( i have a (self-imposed) deadline and it will be done, i tell ya!

  5. Yep I would considering mine are currently hanging on the back of a door with a door hanger for clothes. Yep have a picture of that in a recent post actually. I'm sorry about your house deals. You had a premonition didn't you. How weird. Your attitude is awesome!! I'm having my 500th post give a way come enter. You could use a present.

  6. ps so what can you think of for earrings?

  7. so proud of you girlie...with your attitude being such a great testiment to your faith! It WILL work out. I really believe it with all my heart. LOVE that hanger. I'm a sucker for anything with glass knobs.

  8. Those are stinkin cute knobs!! So sorry on the continuing saga of the house!! How crazy and sad that so many people are involved!


  9. Sweet Sasha, I am so sorry to hear about the house situation. I know that God has wonderful things in store for you and I'm so glad to hear you are calm in His presence. You will continue to be in my prayers. Love the jewelry hanger and the different's absolutely why I love you!

  10. Oh, Sasha, you are such an encouragement to me, you just have no idea. I am praying that there is a miraculous way for this to all work out, for the little red house to join your family.

    You asked for your story and you sure got it!! God's going to do something amazing, I just know it.

    Prayers headed your way...

  11. Love the hanger. It is awesome. Prayers are coming your way that your house situation works out. One thing for sure, you will be right where God wants you to be. Be blessed and thanks for sharing your awesome ideas.

  12. The house situation must be very stressful for you and your husband and I'm sorry you're going through this. I know it will all work out in the end! {It did for us after a long road to our newest house and we couldn't be happier here.)
    Love your jewelry hanger! So pretty.

  13. Cute...cute...cute!! Glass knobs? I never would have thought of those. Another Sasha project I may have to soon as I try to refinish, and rough up a big huge dresser that belonged to my Nana. I like to start big and just pray it all works out as my husband shakes his head with a slight smile playing on his lips...told you we're a lot alike: )

  14. Oh I have been so hoping that all would work out with this house situation. I will continue to pray, trusting that God will work good through this (cuz I know He will!). You are right, He is God today, yesterday and tomorrow. Your faith and trust in this is admirable. Hang in there. And...the nobs are really cute!!! Where did you find them?

  15. I am so sorry about the house situation...and so glad that you know deep within you that God is not surprised by any of it.

    In these times, it is so easy to let the relative truths of the world overwhelm us....those stinky little voices that seem to scream at us that we've been forgotten or maybe never even known at all...

    Thank GOD for his absolute truth that we can rest in and trust with every fiber of our being....
    He knows us intimately...he crafted us in our mother's womb...he has a plan for us and it is to prosper us and not to harm us...and he can make ALL things good for those that love him and are called according to his purposes.

    praying God's truth over you and your family...praying you cling to the gentle whispers of his word.....

    and, on a side note...I LOVE this craft!

  16. God has a plan, He just hasn't revealed the whole thing yet. Maybe there is an even cuter house down the road, maybe He's protecting you from a bigger unforeseen problem. There are lots of maybes but it's still a disappointment and I'm sorry for you. You have an awesome attitude.
    I think your current house is pretty darn cute and love those knobs!

  17. The jewelry hanger is super cute! And yes, I think I would buy one of those from your etsy store if you put them up.

  18. I'll be praying for all of you involved in the house situation.

    I love your jewelry hanger. I think I'm going to have to watch flea markets and yard sales for some gorgeous knobs this summer.

  19. Sasha, I LOVE your jewelry hangers!! and if you lived close to me I would give you the woodwork off of about 7 old windows that have a ledge on them that are screaming "make something out of me"!!!!

    I am so sorry about the house... unfortunately/FORTUNATELY God really grows us the most when we are in the valleys and it looks like once again you are making "lemonade"!! AND someday you will look back on all of this and smile!

    As always love reading your blog and even when you are in the pits you are lifting "US" up!

    :) Nancy

  20. you talking about Faith reminds me of a beautiful song...
    It's just really about life as we know it.
    Blessings, Laura Story:)

  21. OK, it looks like I've signed the post above with my name.
    The song is "Blessings", sung by Laura Story...sorry about that!

  22. I love your little jewelry hanger! The knobs are super cute!

    So sorry to hear about your house deal. What a comfort to know that we do all thing through Christ who strengthens me. He is in control of everything and nothing happens by chance.
    Keeping you and your family in my prayers!

  23. so I had to come read it... =)
    I love love the jewelry hanger... I am the girl in the little gold necklace that never takes it off... but I could use that for SO many other things!! I love the ones with Glass door knobs... have you seen those?? =)

  24. Love the jewelry hanger! It looks so much better than mine (3M Command hooks.. functional, but not pretty!)

    I'll be praying for you tonight!

  25. Please let me into your 'photo taking secrets' - your photo's are always so inspiring. They seem so real and 3 dimensional - mine always seem so flat and lifeless? I have a middle of the range Kodak - usually it is on automatic. I and others would love to know how you do it! Mandy

  26. I LOVE the Jewelry hanger!!! I know severl people that I would give these to as a gift! PLEASE SELL THEM!?? Where did you find the glass knobs?? They are very very gorgeous!