Thursday, March 31, 2011

March, in photos that really don't make much sense. Mostly.

 I'm going to be honest.  (Like I'd be anything else with you.) I'm really looking forward to these posts more and more.  I can't explain it.  But I've also got to be honest, most of the photos I took this month for my 365 were kind of, "Oh dangit, it's 4:00 and I'm losing the light, so what can I photograph?"  I'm just saying.  Last month I did that cool thing, where I put one word under every photo.  Remember that?  Well, I won't be doing that, because if I did, I'd say things like, "Uhhhh."  Not very entertaining.  KnowwhatImean?
 A lot of work went into this month.  And I'm not just talking about the packing, and then unpacking thing.  Okay, I am talking about that. 
 A lot of love went into this month.  Mainly, from other people to me.  And man, I needed it. 
 This was the month of JJ.  It just was. 
 This was the hardest day I've lived in a looonnng time.  Pulling things out of boxes, wringing my hands in frustration, trying to figure out what to put where.  And why. 
 This day... well, this day, I made lemonade.  Metaphorically.  Somehow, I put the pieces back together and pulled myself up by my bootstraps.  Cause life goes on. 
 I hung things back on my walls. 
 And then I moved one box too many and.... ouch.  Pain.  Apparently I don't have the back of a twenty year old anymore.  Weird.
 I worked slowly, taking plenty of time to ice my back.
 And finally got my Etsy collection together.  Can I just say... I'm still madly in love with these napkins?  Possibly my number one favorite thing so far.... (Get it?  "Number one?")
 This was just one of those days... you know the aforementioned, "Oh dangit, it's 4:00 and I'm losing the light, so what can I photograph?" kind of days. 

 So was this. 
 And this...
 I'm sorry... I'm boring. 
 Ah... but finally, we found a reason to celebrate. 
I don't know... she was there, I was there, and I had a camera in my hand.  Pretty much a normal day in my life.
 Feeling once again, overwhelmed by the kindness of my friends, readers, and (yay!) customers. 
 Open house. Walk in the park.  Incidentally, the last time we had any traffic through our home.  Let's not think about that today.  We'll think about that tomorrow. 
 Party planning....
 For my little green-eyed hoodlum.
 Sick day, where I was completely manipulated by one tiny, "sick" little girl, who just needed some mama time, as best I could tell.  It happens. 
 Yep.  One of those days again.  Man, 4:00 just comes up on ya!
 Seriously thinking I need to find a way to bottle up the moment and never forget how little they are. 
 I tried really hard to snap photos for my 365 that didn't appear in my blog posts, but I loved this one too much. 
 I bought this because the sign said it was a "Tangelo."  I didn't know what that was, but guess what?  It was a grapefruit.  So I felt lied to.  I mean, here I was all jazzed about trying my first tangelo, and I got a grapefruit.  Wow, big surprise... I know exactly what a grapefruit tastes like!  I'm really craving tangelo right now.  I think.  I can't be sure exactly though, since I don't really know what that would taste like. 
 I bought a ruffled pillow cover for my bed, on a whim.  And it made me feel better. 
 Did I ever (and please tell me if I did) say that I didn't want a dog?  Because I can't imagine me ever saying something so utterly ridiculous.  Who on earth would say something like that?  I know I certainly wouldn't have. 
She really makes a nice rug.  Or pillow.  Or footstool.  She completes us. 
 And this photo was just so I could wrap things up for the month.  I plan to do something cute with them in April.

Good bye March.


  1. Aw such great pictures. What a lovely month.

  2. I so enjoyed all your pictures and blogs this month! Hope you can stop by my blog!
    have a great day!

  3. i love your 365's my dear.
    i seriously wonder, is anyone else doing these? all the rage in january, and then i see so few.
    i'm still going at it but frustrated with where to put them. i get super behind updating on my neglected photo blog, maybe i'll be inspired by you...or let's just call a spade a spade for crying out loud....copy you
    & wrap it all up in one post.
    i love it.
    red rover red rover may i send a copy 365 post right over?
    & bravo YOU for whipping up a meal of green on 3. 17
    you rock

  4. Hmmm...I know Tangelos more as a cross between an orange and tangerine...with a knobby neck (much taster than it sounds with a knobby neck) I learned something new today.
    Your photos are so good, Sasha! I love your eye for interesting things. Hope April is filled with sunshine and good things.

  5. I love your 365 post too :) You pics are fabulous-o! And can I also just mention that I think you have a thing for buckets...which is totally cool, because I also love them. I buy them almost everytime I see them. Don't know why, but I just love 'em :)

  6. I love your blog. I get so excited when you post - LOL. Like a new magazine in the mail - short version. Have a blessed day and thanks for being a "favorite" blog :)

  7. Your kids are adorable, and your photos are beautiful! I really like the light in your 4:00 pictures.

  8. Love checking in on your blog and your little family! Love the pictures even if the sun is going down! Life happens quickly!


  9. I adore these posts. I love how you capture the little moments...even at 4:00.

  10. where on Earth is that sweet pillow from (and you should totally know by now that you can NOT post pictures of cute things without all the buying info attatched, for shame) I love these posts:)

  11. So many lovely photos! Can't wait for the April photos and to see what you do with the cute little buckets.

  12. Mandy, that pillow cover came from TJ Maxx- which is why I bought it on a whim, because it was the only one there, and "He who hesitates at TJ Maxx is lost."

    Er, something along those lines. You see it, it's $12.00, you BUY it.

  13. I love the dog pictures because I love dogs. The way they are laying kills me.

  14. My favorite ones are your "oh no it's 4 o'clock" ones! So fun an artsy!

  15. I enjoyed them all - even the 4:00 ones!
    But your more-than-one-word-captions are what hooked me till the end. :-D

  16. loved all your pics. Those numbered napkings make me smile too. I love typography and anything with numbers....or are those the same thing???? Ha!
    Your forsythia in the bucket pic makes me smile as well as the pics of your kids. Precious moments albeit everyday ordinary moments. years from now you will love that you captured them all.

  17. You are such an amazing photographer! You really know how to capture gorgeous colors~even at 4 o'clock!

  18. I so love your commentary, Sasha!! It's so honest and refreshing and well said!! No one can describe life like you!

  19. My favorite is the puppy. I love black dogs and have my own black 75lb hunk of love name Yogi. The yellow and white stripe dish towel is my second favorite, love dish towels. I pray April is an easier month for you!

  20. Wonderful photos and so impressive that you kept up with it every day.....what kind of camera do you have?h

  21. i love them all sash. looking back over your month tells a story. i think i may have to do something like this one day. love you friend. and i need those's fancier than i roll but they are just so stinkin' cute!

  22. Yay for bright and shiny! "My bedroom is now a fun place." no comment...grin.

    Now me, uhhm, I wrote,tried to pay bills, had a meltdown, went to the beach to visit my BFF who flew in to visit her Meemsy, walked 7 miles, saw an unforgetable surfer, caught a cold, babysat, rehearsed for my church's children's musical, took a million pictures, responded to emailed issues as a member of my church's business council, went to the library, read some books, sinned, repented, sinned again, repented again, made some good food, discovered I don't think martinis taste very good, sang on the worship team at CR (isn't that a funny pair): none of that in any particular order. You know, just a typical, unemployed single girl kind of week. ;)