Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 365 Baby!

Somehow, I managed to stick with this yet again.  I know a few of you guys are still with me doing this 365 too.  Are you still loving it?  I sure am!  I'm realizing that at least half of my month is packed with the panicky 4:00 pm photos of anything I can find, in order to get it done, but you know... I'm alright with that.  This one was dinner ingredients.  Mmm... pasta...
I dug through one of the few remaining boxes in my garage to find these babies. 
I can't remember this day, other than we had some hopes of someone coming to view our home, and for the 400 th day in a row, I made Ava's bed.  It's getting old, I'm not gonna lie.
Baking therapy. 
This is how my daughter empties the dishwasher. I'm not sure I should be 1) proud of her organizational skills 2) scold her because there's probably dog hair on her pants now getting onto our nice clean flatware or 3) laugh because it's weird.  I think I'll go with number 3. 
So.  Spring break was kind of boring for us.  On the final day, we busted out of the house, hit Seattle, and the Science center.  This was in the butterfly garden.  I love that place.  And I love that man. 
Crafty therapy.  I found these prayer candles at the dollar store, printed our Seder dinner Order of Service onto vellum that one of my BFF's, Nurse Nicki, gave me for free, and used glue dots to adhere them to the candles.  They were lovely and all flickery at our Passover table, and I let everyone take them home that night.  People love a little something to tuck into their purse on the way out the door.  True. 
I only took this photo to make my brother, Officer McJakey laugh.  He absolutely hates it when people post what they ate on Facebook.  And more than that, he's got a friend who posts photos of his dinner all the time.  For some reason, I find this hysterical- both when people do it, and that it makes my brother react.  And pretty much half my life has been about making my brother react or laugh.  I'll take either.  Jake... I ate fish tacos with about a cup of pico de gallo on them.  And they were goooooood.  The End.
I don't know what to say.  I blew out my exposure a little but my man wanted a copy of this one, so I figured it must be kinda okay, and I put it in here.  Plus, I didn't have anything very exciting to eat for dinner that night, so I had to go with something else... (Again, that was for you Officer.)
How does this happen?  I want to know. 
When I showed Adrain this photo he laughed because it was very fitting for the day I was experiencing.  It was bananas. 
This recipe began with such promise... and that's all I'm going to say about it. 
I might be obsessed with roasted asparagus. In fact, I think I ate nearly everything on this baking sheet. If you haven't tried it, get thyself to a store and get thee some greens!
Self timer is a beautiful thing.  I love weird shots like this.  Me, carrying a tray of birthday party favors. 
Adrain convinced me that we should eat these at least once a year.  I didn't have time to post it on Facebook for my brother. 
Magical.  That's what I thought when I saw this photo.  That one tiny moment of sheer delight, captured in a photo.
Playing with Auntie's gift... bubbles never get old.
The sun came out.  As did a fun straw handbag, and white sunglasses.  Nothing says sunshine and Summer's coming to me like white sunglasses.
I want one. A baby goat.  (Not a farmer.  Just to clarify.)
Dug these out of a half-packed box.  This has been a constant theme over the past two months in case you haven't noticed.  There will be a day when I will throw every piece of cardboard I can lay hands on, into the trash can.  I can not wait for that day. 
I have a theory, that a lady should never drink alone.  So if you call a girlfriend, and she is also pouring a small glass of chilled white wine in her home, you are no longer alone. Savvy?
Passover Seder dinner.  One of my favorite things in life.  I absolutely love everything about this night, and the symbolism involved.  If you have never participated in one, you must find one.  My table is only so big, or you could attend mine next year. 
My child was whacking pecans with a rolling pin for our Resurrection cookies the night before Easter, and I took this.  She is wearing a little necklace that was my mother's when she was a little girl.  Isn't that sweet?
I didn't get Easter baskets as a kid.  Or chocolate.  Or eggs. I just wanted to get that off my chest.  I feel better now. Thanks.
If you want to inflict torture on yourself, have a birthday where you invite every relative you have, and then make your child write them thank you notes.  Torture, I tell you.  But at least we had cute cards!  Every year, for as long as I can remember, we've taken a photo the day of the party, and then sent copies of that as the thank you.  Costco postcards are wonderful, can be slightly personalized, and arrive in your mailbox.  Thus saving you half the torture you would have inflicted upon yourself.  I can't help you with actually getting your children to write on them.  You're on your own with that one, but I'm pulling for ya.

 This is the day before I went buck wild and painted my coffee table white.  This was also the day I was mildly obsessed with two outdoor pillows from Crate and Barrel.  I let that go after calculating cost plus shipping and handling.  Sheesh.  I don't need a pillow for the out-of-doors after all!

 Guess what I spent a good majority of my day doing on April 27th?  Sitting in my car, waiting for hoodlums.  Exciting times. 
These are Nurse Nicki's hands.  She is soon to be wed to a gentleman my children call, "Toddy-Potty."  I told them they have to stop that, and that it's not nice to call people names.  But then I laughed, thus undoing any parental instruction I'd previously given.  Anyway, Nurse Nicki and Toddy-Potty are getting married and we needed to see the wedding venue, so while wandering around trying to visualize things, Ava picked a bouquet of dandelions for Nurse Nicki to carry around and "practice" with.  I thought it was sweet. 
Okay big confession.  I did not take this photo on April 29th.  Because I spent the entirety of the day laying on the couch, chewing Ibuprophen, and muscle relaxers, while icing and heating my back.  Which apparently hates me for some reason, and has decided not to cooperate with my never-sit-still-for-five-minutes lifestyle.  Adrain said this was God's way of forcing me to rest.  Yes.  Well.  I'm resting.  And I had taken this photo the day before while with Nurse Nicki, so it kind a counts.  Right?  Just agree with me and we'll all get along swimmingly. 
Still listening to my back scream at me... so I realize this isn't a very exciting photograph.  But at least I didn't lie about the date I took it.  Ava was coloring and that was that.

Now I'm going back to lay down.  Because if God wants me to rest, I'd better rest.  May must plan on being a pretty hectic month....


  1. these pictures are AWESOME! I can't believe how good you're getting!

  2. i can't believe how good all of these are friend. i mean really really good! so fun to look back over the month. i want a baby goat sweet was that.

  3. such good pics, sasha. i love your passover meal table. that looks so cool...i should do one next year. hope your back feels better!

  4. Fun times! I like the map colors...makes we want some...and also makes me want to sharpen the red one :P Happy day of rest!

  5. you are rocking the camera my friend.
    give me your lens scoop. i just bought a couple more...but i love your shots!
    that awesome blossom thingy tore me up 18 years ago & sent me into labor. haven't had one since! ;)

    ps. i asked my friend the other day " am i like the only person left doing the 365 gig? & if so, am i annoying?"

  6. I love April 21st picture and comments! Actually, I love them all, but that one is a good excuse for my beer :P.

  7. You are adorable ~ love the pic of you. I am sharing your candle idea for Passover with a friend of mine...I think she'll love it. The photos are all gorgeous ~ great job! Hope you're feeling better today.


  8. You are adorable ~ love the pic of you. I am sharing your candle idea for Passover with a friend of mine...I think she'll love it. The photos are all gorgeous ~ great job! Hope you're feeling better today.


  9. I especially like April 21st, I so agree. If we lived in somewhat the same neighborhood I would be calling you all too often. @April 29th We could barter massage and art. I'm sorry your back hurts, I would help to make it better if I could. By the way (in my spring cleaning)I think I just came across a photo of us in Gallatin when we were like 4.

  10. Your pictures are wonderful! What kind of camera do you have. Mine is awful so even when the subject is grand it still looks like barf!

    Love the posting of food just to drive your brother crazy. Isn't that what sisters are for?

    Love your BAKE letters, I have Eat Cake on my walls in my kitchen!


  11. love your month of April pics for 365.
    your captions are hilarious to your pics! I also love that bucket on your buffet with your flowers in your kitchen...I think you recently moved it into the dining room. Anyhow, that bucket of yellow flowers just makes me smile when I see it in your posts.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  12. I just adore your photos! I did 10 on 10 once and really enjoyed that. I should start taking a picture daily because I really need to make better use of my camera.

  13. you make life look better in your pictures than mine looks in real life. i couldnt think of a single thing to take a picture of in my home that would seem even remotely as interesting as the ones you take. you just have an eye for things pretty, me thinks.
    i love little goats, theyre so precocious. jumpimg on top of things and headbutting. so cute.

  14. I LOVE your pictures!! So many good ones. I so want to do 365 but it's already May 2nd and I haven't started. lol :)

  15. I LOVE your pics and your hair is getting long - looks awesome. Keep up the good work. :)

  16. Love the pictures! My kiddos were perusing them with me when they saw the goat picture! They oohed and aahed. We have a new baby goat named Pixie. You can go here if you'd like to take a peek: