Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to- (and a winner)

As we begin Easter week (my most favorite week of the year) we also begin to wrap up birthday season in our household.  I'll be honest... I'm a little worn out with all this festive merry-making. 
This past weekend, we had Ava's birthday party. All of her little friends came, and we sugared them all up and sent them back home. 
The theme was ponies.  I made the cutest little stick horses, for a horse race, and that was the party favor for each girl.  (One of the polite little girls said, "No thank you," to taking one home.  I was like, "Really?  But who wouldn't want a stick horse as a take home gift?")

I made a few extras, and am making them available on my Etsy shop if you think any little girls in your life would be delighted by one. (Mine adores hers!) They have yarn manes, simple ribbon reins, button eyes (that aren't perfectly placed but only add to the endearing quality) and floppy little horsey ears too.  Oh. How cute would these be in a nursery?! Or for a baby shower gift? Just sweet... You may click here for details or to purchase. 
Also, and this must be said. It's awfully hard to resist a grown man who unashamedly wears and eats a candy necklace at his daughter's birthday party. I mean, seriously... it takes a secure man, you know?  Please excuse me while I kiss him soundly. 

And this... well, this is my little birthday princess.  (Don't tell her I called her that.  She hates princesses.)
This is the face of excitement.  (In case you've ever wondered what excitement's face looks like.)
These were the grossest red velvet cupcakes in the world, and I'm ashamed that I made them.  Blech!  They were dry as could be and I threw six of them away this morning.  What is the world coming to, when I throw cupcakes into the trash?  Will someone out there please rescue me and share  Grandma Mabel's amazing (un-dry) red velvet cake recipe with me in comments?? (Unless your grandmother was named Ethel, or Irene, or Myrtle or something else.  I'll take any of their recipes!)  Please?  Maybe it was me.  Maybe I blew it.  (But I don't think I did.... I'm just saying.)
This is where a series of unfortunate events led to the immediate end of a crazy good party.  It all started out so innocently, when I suggested that we tie a couple of balloons to Ava's arms so she could run around the yard, feeling the pull of balloons behind her in the air. Who wouldn't want that?  It sounded good at the time.  Even Ava agreed.  I made sure to tie them tightly, and sent her outside to run.  She ran laughing, dog joining in the grand adventure of balloon running through the grass.  For one brief moment in time, it was glorious.  And fun.  And balloonie.  Rainbows were shining, and unicorns were prancing.  (Okay, that part was all in my head.)
What I didn't count on, was her brother and cousin, who immediately took chase.  (Sometimes I forget I'm not just the mother of a girl.) 
She's feeling them closing in, going in for the kill, but she's still laughing, thinking, "Oh they'll never catch me... I've got balloons on my arms!" 
In one swift motion, arms disengaged balloons from their strings.  They floated swiftly on the breeze, into the early evening sky, laughter dying on our lips.  It was all over but the crying.  It was only minutes after, that all the family guests said their good byes, and headed home. 

You know what they say... "It's all fun and games til someone looses a balloon." 

Thanks to everyone for entering my giveaway! That was a fun one. I loved hearing what y'all are planning to do this Summer, and you gave me tons of good ideas for mine! The winner of the giveaway is Jociegal. (Please shoot me an email at to claim your prize.)


  1. what a sweet little girl party :) i love doing parties for my kids, but I agree...they do take a lot out of you! (we have bday in feb and then in march)

  2. The secret to great red velvet cupcakes: a Duncan Hines devil's food cake mix, an extra tablespoon of oil and a bottle of red food color for part of the water. Works every time. Shhhh!

  3. Dawn, you rock. You said the magic words- "cake mix."

  4. Those stick ponies are AMAZING. I really, really need a baby girl!

  5. The best red velvet cupcakes.....
    Food Network - Paula Deen!

    They are so good!

  6. What an adorable party. I have a great recipe for red velvet cupcakes in a jar if you are interested. YUMMY.

  7. Ponies? What a cute idea for a party! Love the ponies on a stick idea. Kids don't care how the cupcake tastes, they just want the icing. lol. You'll get it right the next time.


  8. A honkin' hilarious tongue & cheek, but-oh-so-real-life post!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!...except for the crying for the....ahem....princess. ; ) Have a great week!

  9. Such a great party favor to go with such a cute theme. I'm so sorry the cupcakes did not turn out...I'm sure it was the recipe and not you.

  10. ah! congrats to the winner!!!

    and the bag of oats was simply adorable!!!

  11. I'm amazed like you were that a child would say no thank you to their stick pony. That was a VERY NICE party favor!!

  12. ive failed at red velvet a couple times. i even did research... but they were gross and dry. i think i will just try them at sprinkles cupcake bakery.

    btw little boys like those horse too!

  13. Ava has the sweetest face. I'm sorry her balloons were lost. It happens. :( The party looks like it was amazing. The horses are too cute! I've never even had a red velvet cupcake, can you believe that? They looked pretty though.

  14. And if you use the cake mix that Dawn suggested, use milk instead of water. That's what I do and my cupcakes always turn out moist. I also don't bake them as long as the box says.

  15. My husband's favorite cake is red velvet. I made him these cupcakes for his birthday last month and they were a huge hit. The only tip I would give you is to cut a circle out of the middle, fill them, then put the middle back. Otherwise, they don't have enough filling just using a piping bag like the recipe says to. Hope this link works, if not, it's the recipe from better homes & garden website called Red Velvet Cupcakes with White Chocolate Filling and Mascarpone Frosting.

  16. i bet you ARE tired!
    so much on that plate of yours!

    you sure made special memories though!
    and your stick ponies... hello... really great sasha!

    you KNOW... our buyers are around the corner!
    they are!
    i just know it!