Friday, April 22, 2011

Some people (Adrain) hate having their photo taken.

I am a woman who has been known to snap anywhere between 1-100 photos a day, for a long time now.  My walls are littered with the remains of this obsession, and it's increasing at a frightening pace, as time passes.  Because I can't stop.  I can't make myself.  And I can't get rid of any of them because I love them all.  The bane of my photographing existence is my man.  Okay, not really him specifically, but his lack of enthusiasm for having his photograph taken.  I mean he just hates it.  (I checked to make sure I could share this with you and he gave me the go-ahead.)  He gets kind of irritated because I guess (and I just don't get this) he doesn't particularly love the way he looks in photos.  This presents something of a problem for me, as I could look at the man all day long, not to mention that I want to photograph him constantly and I'm forced to sneak in photos when he's least suspecting it, creating something of a camera cat and mouse game that I usually lose. 
The other day, I decided to mess with him.  I actually achieved a fantastic photo (or two) of him, and I almost laughed at how easy it was to bend him to my will get him to smile.  First, as I stood there with a camera pointing in his face, I told him to look at me.  (It seems rather obvious, but camera shy people avoid you at all cost.)  Once I had alerted his anti-photo taking senses I had to fight doubly hard to work for that smile I wanted, so I told him to close his eyes.  Believe it or not, he actually did this.  And it made him grin, when I said, "Okay open your eyes."  My camera was ready.  I did this three more times to him, and finally he realized I was just doing this because he would go along with it, and I got the following:
Be. Still. My. Heart. 
I would like to be buried with this photo, thankyouverymuch.  I would also like to state, that this very grin, with a little shadow of his left dimple peeking at me, is the one that reached into me, yanked out my heart, and kept it when I was eighteen years old. (That sounded kind of violent, but I assure you, it was anything but...)

All I have to say, is that I'm sure there is some sort of science-meets-photography that explains why having your subject close their eyes and then open them, relaxes their face, brightens their eyes, yada, yada, yada.  But I don't really care about that, because I think the real hero in this story, is just knowing your subject enough to know how to get them to give you the smile you want. 

Happy Easter, and thank you for smiling at me today big man. 


  1. Wowza, that look! I can see why you melted my dear.

    Plus I'll always love your hubby for wanting to hold my little Peanut. Something about a man who likes to hold babies.

    I'm going to try the eyes closing trick!

  2. Reached into you, yanked out your heart, and kept it. That does sound violent. Mr. Darcy can't beat how violently in love with you I am. The fact that I let you photograph me after three days of minimal sleep (to be generous) and while working should prove that.

  3. your husband just allowed you to take a picture, post it on the w.w.w. and he commented and mentioned Mr. Darcy...he's a keeper! my Jerad is the same way...and he hates me posting his mug on fb or my blog:(

  4. Alright, Sasha, I have to ask... how do you pronounce Adrain's name? For a long time I was reading it Adrian but I'm realizing that's not right, is it?? do tell. :) great pics, btw!!

  5. My first thought at the last pic was ,"oh my God you are toast." Cooked, totally done for. Which you then confirmed. Then your very handsome hubs writes a comment and mentions Mr.Darcy! A man who knows a Jane Austen story? AND admits to that knowledge in public! Ya'' are just plain showin off now.

    My hubs God bless him has nary an idea of either, how to write a comment or who in all the world Mr.Darcy is.
    And I "shoot" my numerous pics a day with a sure shot not a real camera and now I must go repent in dust and ashes....

    You have a very blessed Easter and take a lot more pics of you and your man!

  6. He's a keeper--great picture! Thanks for the hints I may need to try the close your eyes thing--my husband is always so serious when I point the camera in his direction...Happy Easter!!

  7. Whoa!! That look says it all. Your handsome husband is soooo in love with you! Just look at those eyes smiling at his lovely wife.
    P.S. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to try that on my hubs, too.

  8. I'm the one with the camera because I am the one with picture phobia!
    Your husband IS handsome....and the eye closing idea is brilliant. I'm going to try that with my little punks....especially the 11 yo girl. She's at that stage where she wants to force the smile and it just doesn't work...or look like my pretty girl.
    love your blog. i'm a frequent reader!
    Happy Easter!

  9. seriously? you got him to sit for the camera AND he paraphrases mr darcy? what the heck lady.. you hit the jackpot!
    there are some things our men say to us that last a little bit...THAT one will last a lifetime im guessing.

    its so nice to see loooovvvee.

  10. Okay Adrain's name is pronounced ADE-ree-Un. Like on Rocky.

    Yo Adrianne...

    Get it? His sweet mama didn't know how to spell his name when he was born, and misspelled it on his birth certificate. True story.

    Also. Yes, he referenced Mr. Darcy. I love that man. He knows me so stinkin well.

  11. :-) One time I was taking a picture of a couple, and they were very stiff. I got ready with my camera, and then said, "think about your fist kiss..." and then snapped the picture. Their smiles and dreamy faces in that picture and the way they snuggled in together in that moment was perfect. :-)

  12. Every woman needs a guy that can look at her that way and make her melt! He's a keeper, I can see that!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!


  13. My fiancee is the same way. He refuses to let me take a picture of him. For the four years we've been together, I've only been able to get one or two semi-decent photos of him!