Friday, May 6, 2011

Caaaake for your Mamas....

 What would Mother's Day weekend be without cake?  (An ordinary weekend, that's what.)  I've got a well loved cake recipe for you, that I'm sure most people know about, but just in case...I thought I'd share it here. Because this is my number one favorite cake in the entire world. 
 Begin by baking a German chocolate cake according to the box instructions.  Don't worry, because by the time you're finished with this baby, it will be almost better than anything.  In fact, the name of this cake is "Almost better than anything chocolate cake."  And actually my recipe doesn't say, "anything,"  it says something entirely different, and not altogether family friendly.  It's a three letter word that begins with an, "s" and end with an, "x."  In other words... this cake is wicked good. 
 So after the cake is baked, let it cool for about five minutes.  Then poke holes all over it with a fork.  Tear it up baby!  As soon as you've finished destroying the surface of your cake, pour an entire can of sweetened condensed milk over the top. 

Now, pour an entire jar of caramel ice cream sauce over the top of that and let it cool completely.  Don't worry, the cake will absorb it and soak it all up.  Then it will be a blissful, gooey, mess of yum. 

I like blissful, gooey messes of yum.  Don't you?
 Now, once that's all soaked up, and the cake is cold, top it with whip cream, and some sort of chopped candy bar.  Our candy bar of choice is Twix, but you can't really go wrong.  You're adding candy to cake for goodness sake.   Now serve this baby to someone you love.  Like your Mama.   

Speaking of Mamas... When I think back on my childhood, I laugh about how my Mama successfully managed my always dramatic self. I required a little bit of tough love, and I'm sure she had to bite her lip to keep from laughing sometimes when I freaked out about things. The summer of my fourth grade, we had two ornery horses by the names of Cocoa and Red living in our backyard, eating all of our grass.  You see, my dad didn’t really enjoy cutting the grass, and it just so happened, that a neighbor owned a few miniature horses that needed a place to graze.  Fortuitous. All of us kids (my brother and the dozens of neighborhood children that were always around) used to climb up into the tree house my dad had built us out of scrap materials, and jump off the edge, and onto the horses.  Then we’d hang on for dear life, while they bucked and kicked.  

It was tremendous fun. 

It’s a wonder none of us ever got seriously hurt.  My man and I laugh about it all the time when we recount childhood exploits of danger and metal slides.  The only time I remember getting hurt in our back yard, was the time I stepped on a rusty nail.  (It was probably leftover from the building of the tree house.) Our house was at least a hundred years old, and the shed out back might have been even older.  There always seemed to be random boards here and there, but never anything to really worry about, until we began adding on to the tiny old house we lived in, and construction materials took over the back yard.  

 One morning, I went outside to feed our big, black dog, before school.  As I was rushing back inside, I accidentally stepped down on a board with a rusty nail poking out of it.  Searing pain shot up my leg, and my entire brief life flashed before my eyes.  "This is what it feels like right before you die," I thought.  Gasping for air, knowing my final moments of life were being wasted away in a lonely backyard, I had to step gingerly on the board with my other foot in order to pull the nail out.  Then I started screaming my head off, because for heaven’s sake, I’d just pulled a nail out of my foot!  When I came hopping into the house on my one good foot, shrieking in pain and agony at the top of my lungs, because I was surely going to die, having just stepped on a nail for heaven's sake, she took a look at my foot, cleaned it, and assured me I was going to live.  After calming me down as much as a person who had just pulled a rusted nail out of her foot could be calmed down, she slapped a band aid on my foot, loaded me up in the car, and took me to get a tetanus shot.  

Then she sent me to school. 

And I lived to tell the tale. 

Mama, I don't know how you ever put up with me, but I make really good cake and you can have some.  Happy Mother's Day.


  1. um...ya. i stepped on a nail once when i was about that age. it sucks! yuck!!
    also...i think i need to quit reading your post too many naughty recipes. i'm trying to be GOOD, sasha! you keep tempting me. you got me in huge trouble with the salted carmel. i'm trying to lose 10 pounds, girl!! quit with it! :)

  2. I made that cake at Easter for the first time--delish!!!! Happy Mother's Day!!

  3. My mother-n-law makes this cake and it is delicious!!!

  4. If you like Butterfingers try it sometime with a yellow cake, then mix the sweetened condensed milk and caramel before pouring on, and then add about 3 or 4 chopped Butterfingers...and then then the cool whip when cool. OH MY GOODNESS- Butterfinger cake, how I love you. Now this preggo mama wants some cake!

  5. OH, YUM!! I could see it now on my hips. lol.

    Sasha, Have a wonderful Mother's Day. Your kids are so blessed to have you for there mother.

    your friend in blogging,


  6. the good old rusty nail. If you haven't stepped on one you haven't quite lived. I stepped on one too, although my mom didn't take me to get a tetanus shot. She just said to me "if your jaw doesn't lock shut you'll be fine."
    I'm was fine.
    Happy Mother's day to YOU.

  7. Was introduced to this cake my freshman year of highschool (cheerleaders are a corrupting influence). Truly decadent.

  8. Happy Mother's Day to all women - mothers and all those who want to be a mother! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. I've made that cake. It's ridiculous!!! Sooo yummy! :) Thanks for the I'm gonna have to make it again! lol :)

  10. this is my fam's favorite cake too...we've always called it 'tom selleck cake'...don't know why...and our candy of choice? chopped up snickers bars...yum...happy mother's day!

  11. That does look about better than anything!! :)

  12. i'm with alicia~~you're recipes look amazing and they're all sweet, which just happens to be my favorite!! whenever i make black bottom cupcakes, i end up eating almost half the batch, so i don't even think i could ever attempt this cake. i might die of sugar poisoning!!

  13. this cake would look perfect on my butt. and thats where it will go! sheesh... how do you eat all these goodies?

  14. My husband and I host our church's high school youth group in our home every weds night. My yummy baked goods have become legendary among the kids. Tonight I will be trying this out and we'll see where it rates. So far it smells amazing and I can't wait to report complete and utter success!

  15. Jen made me this wonderful cake from your blog for Mother's Day. Her and her boy friend took me and John to a fabulous restaurant for a Mother's Day brunch. She was called to do a massage after we ate so she couldn't eat cake with us at home. It truly was delicious. I have not been blogging lately but hope to get started again. Jen is blogging pretty regularly and is doing a good job. She needs some followers maybe some of your friends would like to check it out, it is "I Rely on the Sun."
    Hope you have a good road trip.Loved your outfits, especially the little red dress.
    Tell your sweet mama I said hi.

  16. OH. MY. HECK. That cake was so good I believe it may have been inappropriate to serve to a group of innocent-as-doves Christian High School students.

    Here were some of the comments I heard last night:

    "Wow! What is this?"
    "What did you make now?"
    "Uhhh, WHAT is THIS?"
    "This is AWESOME!"
    "You should,like, seriously open your own bakery."
    "I would buy this. Can I buy it? Will you make another one right now so I can buy it?"

    Thanks, I guess this will be on my normal rotation now!

    P.S. I had one teeeeny piece and agreed, it is heavenly. Then, after the kids left, me and the other female leader ate two pieces right out of the pan! Wow! Sugar buzzzz.

  17. OMG that cake. What in the world is wrong with you?! Cake. Sweetened condensed milk? Caramel? Candy bars? I mean really Sash?!

    I can't wait to make it.

  18. I made this recently and my family loved Loved LOVED it! I'm sharing the recipe (with links to you and to your post) on Tuesday on my blog. Thanks for a new family favorite!