Monday, May 16, 2011

Decision time...

This week is kind of a big week for us.  We have several decisions to make, that can't be put off any longer.  We've been rolling around possibilities and various scenarios, but we must come up with our final answers on a few different things at this point.  I can't tell you how many questions with no answers we've still got!  (My photos are from a recent realtor tour we hosted.  The house was so clean, and looked so nice I couldn't help snapping some photos even though they have nothing to do with this post!)

I'm so bad at making these kinds of decisions.  I'm one of those people that can think something passionately one moment, only to be filled with doubt, the minute one little thing happens that might possibly be a "sign" or road block.  I'm so anxious not to miss a closed  door or a "no," that I find myself frantically on the lookout for anything at all that might point us one direction or another.  (I drive myself bonkers in the process.)  

That's what happened to me this morning.  I woke up, filled with joy.  Nothing has gone as expected recently, yet I'm confident nothing has come as a surprise to God.  How can you not be filled with joy if you believe that? 
I was going along, and flipped open my memory verse cards.  I'd pre-written a bible verse passage that I've been memorizing little by little, and the verse for today (that I pencilled in three months ago) read "He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness and light dwells with him."  (Daniel 2:22)  Oh my word!  I can't tell you how many times I have mumbled this verse as a prayer already this morning, asking God to reveal the deep and hidden things of the darkness we are in.  I couldn't believe this was my bible memory verse!  It couldn't have been more perfect...
Adrain and I banded together this morning, and we are giving our many decisions serious prayer.  We know God doesn't really do deadlines.  But we also know that He's completely aware of the ones we have looming ahead.  (He's completely aware of yours too...just so you know!)
It's hard to come off a weekend of fun like the one I just had (previous post) and be struck with, "Okay, so what now?" 
Left on my own, and in my own strength, I'm a panicky, emotional mess about all these decisions.  Terrified of making the wrong ones... afraid to miss opportunities and sure my thinking is all twisted up.  Boy, it's a good thing I'm not left in my own strength, isn't it?
 When facing deadlines, all I want to do, is curl up and let someone else make the you ever feel like that, or is that just me?
 We've prayed for open or closed doors on so many of these things, and felt like for the most part, we've gotten cracked doors. 
I don't know what the end of this week is going to look like.  I don't know if God will reveal the deep and hidden things that are hidden in the darkness right now, but I know that He surely can if He chooses to.  So right now, I'm going to soak up that thought and keep on repeating my verse as a prayer.    

Thanks for having this little heart to heart with me... You guys are great listeners!  (giggle.) 


  1. Once again - We are RIGHT THERE with you, Sista. It's uncanny.

    Praying for/with you...

  2. your house did look beautiful for the realtor tour! LOVE the verse! And how you're praying God's word right into your situation. The answers are coming!

  3. Thank you! We have our home on the market also, preparing to downsize and I often think when noone comes that maybe his answer is no! I tend to jump to conclusions but know that everything in his timing not mine! Praying also...Beautiful always!

  4. Love the pictures and the Oreos! Hope God reveals to you soon just what you need to do! This too is a growing experience!

  5. Loved your pictures--way to impress the agents! I think about you often and your situation. I admire your strong faith and you always share great Scriptures. We're going thru a really tough situation but God has really been guiding me and giving me peace and I know He will protect us. I hope you are able to come to a decision soon! Praying for you.

  6. I completely get like that.. sometimes deadlines make me freeze up.

  7. I am completely there a good bit of the time, girl. And your verse from Daniel? That's getting put into a page tomorrow. I need it. It'll be a nice finish-up to my 2-page "Why God Why" layout that I'm working on. I'll be praying for y'all for peace and faith while you choose what you gotta choose. I look forward to heaven, where God's plans are less obscured from our limited vision.

    Hugs! ~Tammy's no longer the pie. It's those salted caramel brownies. They are the Downfall of willpower I hadn't even thought of having yet!!!

  8. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend, how fun! Thanks for sharing about decisions. Remember the Israelites came up against many obstacles they had to overcome before entering the promised land. I think God does that with us a lot, gives us a vision and then gives us many opportunities to trust Him on the journey to the vision. Love the verse, I needed to read that. Blessings!

  9. i am eagerly awaiting the post where you tell us all what God has decided for you in this area...He never fails to surprise us with unexpected joy.

  10. He will show you--He always does and He will bring you peace whatever the answer is: )

  11. it's coming down to it girlie. decisions will be made and then life will move on. i'm excited for you friend. bask in that joy. i'm basking in it for you:) He will not lead you astray.

  12. Love the pictures! I'm totally with you on not wanting to miss a possibility. I'm always thinking of things that I could have missed, or that I really wish could have happened. Don't worry though, He will show you the way you were meant to go.

  13. God KNOWS. God SEES. God HEARS. God LOVES.

    Don't forget that and you will be just matter what happens!

    Huge (((HUGS)))!

  14. hmmm, looks like we're on the same worrisome wavelength lately! i can't tell you how many times i've wanted to crawl back into bed in the last month or so...but i can't. i have kids. and God's not good with deadlines, so that means i have to the word and wait. i'm praying you get your answers quick!

  15. Good luck and I think your house always looks so neat and clean.

  16. LOVE the idea of pre-written bible verses. Did you do them yourself or purchase them? I would love to do that for myself. Can you tell me how you did it? Love your blog! You are an inspiration to me each and every time I read your beautiful words!

  17. I prayed those very words "Lord, reveal the dark thing" just over a year or so ago and my whole. life. changed. It was the impetus for our move, and looking back I can see that even though there was pain, there ultimately was joy and peace and it got us out of our comfort zone into the newness of HIM.

    I'm praying for you, Sasha. Nothing surprises that.

  18. I am always so impressed with your words. You have a true way with them. Wanting to curl up in a ball waiting for the decisions to be made sounds familiar. He will not lead you astray and His plan will become apparent in time...wish I could tell you when. :-) Hugs, Sasha!

  19. You, my friend, are such a great example of godlinessestaciousness. Yes you are. And yes I just made up that word.

    Also, the verse that has been rampaging in my mind over and over again I think is a good one to share with you:

    "Unless the Lord build the house, the builders labor in vain."

    That nugget of wisdom is somewhere in Psalms. I can't tell you where because I forgot. Too much Diet Coke has destroyed my memory.