Friday, May 20, 2011

Evolution of backyard BBQ

 I almost titled this post, "Everything tastes better on a stick," but I wasn't sure what my Google ads would do.  Sometimes it pays to play it safe.  Ahem.  We tend to do a lot of things on skewers this time of year, because you can almost always convince hoodlums to eat food when it's on a stick.  When you're nine years old, skewers = fun.  (Or something like that.) We have to make sure no one starts sword fighting after the meal.  Cause it's all fun and games till someone takes a skewer in the eye.  Ya know?
I love my backyard.  When we moved into our house eight years ago, there was no fence, no patio, no grass, no flower beds... just dirt, as far as the eye could see.  (Well as far as the neighbor's house anyway.)
 We kicked off our first official BBQ with friends this weekend.  I do love me a good par-tay!
I pretty much made the decision that we're going to eat outside every night that we can, so I wanted it to look pretty and be functional outside.  (Think, great outfit with a gorgeous pair of heels that don't hurt your feet.)   
 I hung an Ikea candle chandelier from a piece of rope above our newly painted picnic table.  It felt like a perfect little cozy dining area with that addition.
 I can bring it inside each evening by simply unhooking it from the rope. 
Can you even have a BBQ with out watermelon?  I don't like watermelon, but I think this is a BBQ rule.  My kids suck it down like candy.  So as long as we're on the subject, let's talk about the food okay?
 Veggies on skewers, drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper.  London broil, sliced thinly, and marinated til tender. (I got this idea from my friend Erin, when we went to stay with her for our girls getaway last weekend.)
To this, we added beer-steamed potato packets.  Yummy!  You just chop up a potato, add a small chunk of butter, some salt, pepper, a splash of beer, and I cut up some fresh chives from the garden.  Put it all into a parchment lined foil packet and plop onto the grill.

For dessert, we did strawberry shortcake on a stick.  I bought an angel food cake loaf, froze it, and then chopped it into chunks. (It's much easier to chop when it's frozen.)  I will do this all summer long, because it was fabulous and easy to hand out to kiddos on the run.  (I mean... don't let the kiddos run with the skewers.  Because that would be very dangerous.  I'm just saying.)
 I let Ava skewer the cake chunks and strawberries for me.  I love little kitchen helpers, and it's a good thing too, because I've always got at least one!
Are you having a BBQ this weekend? 


daisy said...

It's too hot here to BBQ in the summer (it already feels like summer here). Love the chandelier idea! Y'all have done a great job with the backyard. Very inviting!

alison said...

we've yet to dust off the bbq and host a shin dig but we've started sprucing up the porches, yard...getting the flags maybe the sun will show his face for more than an hour at a time!

Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

Oh my goodness your pictures are making me droooooool!

The picnic table is adorable and maybe one day I'll have one, too. :)

Jessabells said...

So lucky that your able to have bbq's right now. It won't stop raining here long enough to do anything. I just adore the chandlier hanging down over the picnic table. Hoping you have many more great BBQ's.


A Thrifted Market said...

We sure are..but burgers for's my birthday celebration! Love the chandy!!

teresaskitchen said...

I love being outside in the summer and BBQ's with friends. The only down side where we live (Alberta) is we have pesky mosquitoes!

I love the chandelier above the picnic table, great idea!

Rachel said...

I would love to BBQ, but we don't have a grill yet. I'm really tempted to go commandeer my parent's grill though since the live like 10 minutes from us and they have a super nice expensive one. The strawberry shortcake on a stick is a brilliant idea! And I love the chandelier! I think I might steal that idea for our little deck. Have a great day!

Mrs. Duck said...

Love the idea of strawberry shortcake on a stick! Neato!

Kirstin said...

I take it that you don't grill the angel food cake--or do you?

Jensamom23 said...

We have been BBQing, but not as "prettily" as you! That shortcake is a smart idea...will definately try that soon. The chandelier is so pretty!

MamaMonki said...

The strawberry shortcake skewers are a terrific idea!

Carmen said...

Love the ideas! I bought some skewers on clearance last year and forgot I had them. Thanks for the reminder! We've grilled a lot but not eaten outside. It's been too stinkin' wet. Can't wait for a nice summery day to do so!

Alicia said...

i still haven't cleaned off my patio...bad mama, i know!! you've just motivated me (again). your food looks super nummy...especially those dessert skewers.

Cheryl said...

Looks lovely!! I love your style. :)
p.s. how can you not like watermelon?? just askin'

LuLu said...

Oh my gosh oh my gosh.... I love the strawberry shortcake on a skewer idea!!!!!! You have completely inspired me to make koboes!!! Your backyard is so pretty,

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

our first official BBQ will be the last day of school. we have 5 kids and our neighbor next door has 5 kids too, so we decided to throw one together to kick off summer w/our families!....i'm blessed to have found my best friend next door. we had our #4 and #5 babies together each (weeks apart) ...we laugh that we should go for 6 and time those too! i liked ur angel food cake and strawberries on a stick...think i might just have to add that to our menu!

Courtney Walsh said...

WHAT? YUMMOO!!! I know you're breaking from blogging (go you!!) this week but hopefully you're still getting emails...this is so wonderful and inspiring!! :) I cannot wait to make outdoor eating a regular tradition!! :)

Dandy said...

You're back yard is adorable! OK, so someday when we buy a house (like maybe if we leave Orange County and can afford it :)) Will you please come help me?

OK thanks.

Strawberry Shortcake on a stick- genius. said...

Soap on a rope, why not chandelier on a rope! What a great idea. Your backyard looks so summery and fun.

Lorie said...

I love the short cake kabobs!! I am going to share a link with my readers!!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

LOVE the short cake kabobs - so pretty, so fun, so yum!

Jessica Lauren said...

It looks lovely, and I'm loving the strawberry shortcake on a stick! I'm featuring this post as a favorite find for the week on my blog! Hope to see you there!
~*Jessica Lauren @

ProudArmyWife&Mommy21 said...

Your blog is soo adorable! I love it! and I am now a follower. Please follow back or check mine out! Looking forward to try some of these out and see more!
<3 God Bless

Michelle said...

Simple, yummy, pretty. Love it! Pinned.

Mrs. C... said...

Who doesn't like ... on a stick! WE are constantly doing the same. My kiddos favorite is chicken on a stick (marinade in Mr. Yoshidas sweet and savory and wahla your done)

Srlmcb said...

Yum! I've got to try this! I'm sure it will be my new summer Fav! Blog is Gorgeous! blog envy here!:)

Kristy {Sweet Treats and More} said...

New to your blog and LOVING it! Strawberry shortcake on a stick is the best idea ever. I'm so doing that for 4th of July!

Sara said...

I just LOVE your blog!! Following you now! ;)

Tammy Burks said...

Thanks for blogging about the strawberry shortcake on a stick....made it tonight for my crafting group and it was a big hit! Even blogged about it....thanks for a great super easy idea!

Anonymous said...

Love the strawberry shortcake on a stick - add some blueberries and you've got the perfect idea for Memorial Day or July 4th! Did you have any kind of dip for it like Cool Whip? Or even chocolate?

Tracey Regimbal said...

Love this blog

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