Monday, May 16, 2011

Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married... (Well not me exactly.)

I am just coming down off the high from my weekend away.  I have never laughed so hard in my entire life as I did this past weekend, and man, did I need it!  My friend Kristin used the words, "side splitting" and she nailed it perfectly, because that's a perfect way to describe the whole weekend.  

We headed out bright and early Friday morning, giddy with freedom.   Two of the girls from our book club weren't able to come with us, so we had a moment of silence.  (Sniff....sadness...)
Our main goal and objective, was to celebrate Nurse Nicki's upcoming marriage and teach her everything we knew.  (giggle)
We rendezvoused with Erin, one of our bookalicious babes that had moved away a while back. It was so good to see where she has been living this past year, and hug that girl again!  (From the left; Kristin, Nurse Nicki, Me, and Erin)
So, the first thing we did, was glue a photo of Nurse Nicki's fiancee onto a cardboard back and put it on a stick, dubbing him "Cardboard Todd."  Cardboard Todd was required to go with Nurse Nicki everywhere over the weekend and we made her introduce him to everyone too.  (We defaced Cardboard Todd by the end of the night, also hiding him from her in a restaurant, but I'll get to that in a second.) We also made her wear a veil, and pull little challenges out of an envelope.  If she wanted to decline the "challenge," she could only do so, by yelling, "I'M GETTING MARRIED."  She was such a good sport.  (Though she cheated a lot.)
Now, because we're a book club, we read Twilight. (And yes, we all loved it.) Nurse Nicki had a tour guide book that showed some fun locations that were used in the movie, so we got off the beaten path in Erin's neck of the woods, and scouted them out.  We ended up at a little cafe that a couple of movie scenes were filmed in. 
Nurse Nicki and Cardboard Todd got to sign the guest book. 
For fellow Twilight fans- do you see that table in the corner by the window?  That's the one that Charlie and Bella ate at a couple of times in the move.  This place was way tinier than it looked in the movie, and the food was yummy! 
We left the cafe and headed to another set location that even had markers where they filmed several things.  This tree for instance, was the same tree that Edward climbed up in and told Bella her scent was like a drug to him, causing me to laugh out loud.  (Sometimes I have a hard time taking things seriously.)
We set the timer, and posed by this tree for the heck of it.  Then we tromped around the woods and found all the other sights, laughing, and pointing and listening while Nurse Nicki quoted lines (verbatim) from the movie!  It was hysterical. 
I can't remember what happened at this rock, in the movie. Something... we thought it was a great place for a photo. 
It was really beautiful at this spot, and you could easily see why they chose it.  Everything was very lush and green!
Kristin, posing with NN's veil. 
Because we're a book club, we also had read "Water for Elephants" and decided that we needed to go see the movie.  It was so good!  I was really happy with all the character choices, and I loved the costumes. 
Erin, our fearless guide. 
After the movie, we began a progressive dinner, complete with gifts, and many challenges that Nurse Nicki continued to cheat her way out of.  We started at a little restaurant called "The Chapel."  It was a wedding chapel back in the early 1900's and had been turned into a restaurant, so we felt it was an appropriate place to begin. 
One of the girls who couldn't come with us, sent these glasses to make Nurse Nicki wear.  (I stole them regularly throughout the night and wore them off and on.)
We all kind of took turns being silly with these.  It was so much fun. 
Cardboard Todd was a really good sport too.  What is it about a person's face on a stick, that is just funny? 
The funniest thing, was that I was drinking iced water, but I know people thought I was drinking something quite a bit stronger....because why else would anyone want to sit in a restaurant wearing these as if it was an every day occurrence? I've never had a problem making a spectacle of myself for a laugh. 
After making Cardboard Todd into "Gangster Todd" and "Pirate Todd" and finally "Colonel Sanders Todd" (You can see his bow tie remaining from that costume here) we handed him to our waiter.  We had the best waiter at our final destination.  He was hysterical and let us loiter on the premises well after closing, participating in our crazy little side show, willingly. 
Probably the best part of the weekend, was when Nurse Nicki excused herself for a minute and we handed another waiter Cardboard Todd to hide for us.  He put Cardboard Todd into the back of his apron and just went about his business until Nurse Nicki got back to our table and began looking for him.  She finally spotted Cardboard Todd across the restaurant, and tore off running to get him.  The waiter saw her coming, and started running away from her, and before you knew it, we had a little game of chase happening.  What can I say... we are all Mama's and we don't get out much, so this kind of good, clean fun at nearly midnight cracks us up.

(Those of you participating in my nine week challenge to get fit...Time to report in for week one!)  I didn't eat any sugar with the exception of some yogurt covered pretzels when I was out with the girls, and I walked a lot, and did some weight training through out the week, plus I drank a ton of water each day.  I said "no" to things that weren't particularly good for me (though I did eat a BLT and some home made chips at the cafe we hit this weekend). If I had to rate last week, I'd give it a "good."  My goal for week two, is "great."   How was your week??


  1. There's nothing like a girl's good for the soul! Glad you had a blast! :)

  2. Yay!!! I have been clicking over and over and over yesterday and this morning hoping to see pics and stories from the weekend! Good times! ; )

  3. you are such a hoot! looks like a great girlie time...and yes, mamas do get a little crazy after not getting out for a while! you're excused :)

  4. That looks like such a fun time. I love the cardboard cutout! What a way to treat your friend so special :)

  5. Looks like you ladies had a great time. So jealous that you got to visit all the twilight scenes and see the Water for Elephants.

    I did semi good this week. I cheated a lot and only worked out once. :( I did lose one pound though. I promised myself to be better this week.


  6. I have a girl trip to the beach in three weeks.

    The beach.


    Why couldn't we have went to the mountains? Give me a sweater over a bathing suit ANY DAY!

    Last week I did much better. I was coming off of a week where I ate everything in sight. Although yesterday I did induldge in some frozen custard, I didn't finish it (never happens) and I ended up the week feeling lighter than I started it.

    Although not "great"....I will give it a "good" and try to incorporate some exercise this week.

    (I hope to have 1/2 as much fun as it sounds like you had!)

  7. Looks like you gals had a great time! I love the cardboard cutout! Such a great idea!

    I didn't do so well this week. Ate lots of takeout and only walked 2x during lunch. Does moving count as a workout? :)

  8. OH MY GOSH. I want to be in your book club. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm the missing member you don't even realize is missing. Yep.

  9. that sounds like SO much fun. tyhe waiter part had me laughing out loud! glad you 'got away from it all' for a tad bit! and slightly jealous over here!

  10. I am such a dork but I'm pretty sure I know that rock. Isn't that where she is up against the rock and he has his arms on either side of her and she says that she is scared of losing him and they do the whole lion and lamb reference thing? I think so.

    I can't wait to see water for elephants! I'm so jealous I'm not in your book club!

    The waiter in the last couple pictures is hilarious! Poor nurse nikki

  11. Oh it's so much fun to relive our weekend through your post! Can't wait for next year :) My favorite picture, tho has to be of Brock and Cardboard todd. It looks like it's straight out of a movie scene! I did notice that you happened to forget to write about some balloons....hhhmmm. Selective memory?

  12. sounds like such a fun time. i want a girlfriend weekend too!