Friday, May 6, 2011

Pull up a chair, and let's gab for a minute...

I've been pretty absent from the blog world all week, but I've got very good reasons!  We did our assessment testing this week, and it very nearly did me in!  Many of you already know that my son has been diagnosed with a variety of learning disorders and other diagnosed issues, (read here for the long, drawn out version, if you dare) but I do a pretty okay job of breaking things down for him and nudging him along each day.  He's super smart so that helps, but we sure had a week of meltdowns with this testing.  I tell you, it's days like those that I find myself really looking forward to the support Public Schools can give me for his "hidden" disorders next year.
 Anyone out there watching American Idol?  If so, does anyone else have a tiny little crush on Scotty?  Especially now that he's not doing that sideways microphone thing? My mother-in-law and I agreed that he's dreamy.  In front of my husband (her son!)  So funny.  Funnier still, that I could be his Mama.
 Because I've been so busy this week and mainly absent, we haven't talked about Wills and Kate.  Please disregard that I'm way late to this party okay?  Thanks.  Was she not the most gorgeous bride ev-uh?  I might have screamed when she stepped out, and then I said, "Oooh my word, she has the Grace Kelly Dress!"  My man was leaving for work, and he just looked at me like, "Huh?  Who's Grace Kelly?"  And the fact that moments later, the commentators mentioned that her dress appeared to have been taken from Grace Kelly's made me look really smart.  (Or something like that.  I'm pretty sure he was impressed. What can I say?  I loved Rear Window.)
 And I love a Prince dressed up in uniform that tells his bride that she looks beautiful.  Wedding perfection, right there...
 I might be alone on this one, but I loved watching him help her out as she tried to juggle dress, bouquet, and steps. 
Of course the romantic in me loved this to pieces!  They are just so stinkin' sweet together.  I just bought the People extravaganza magazine, and was bummed because I wanted more information about the behind the scenes and big day.  I don't know what I wanted to know exactly, but I wanted to know more.  Anyone else?

Also, I just got my hair cut.  My sweet hair dresser, Robin, and I had a giggle when I pulled out my inspiration photo...
 Yes, I did have this haircut, along with 800 million other girls, back in the day.  Ross and Rachel made the 90's a better place, didn't they?  We agreed that we liked the layers, and the flip at the bottom, since that's what my hair is doing right now anyway, but brought it slightly up to date with a little less "flippy."  Does that make sense?  Plus my hair is in awkward grow out stage, too short to be long, and too long to be short.  So basically, it drives me crazy.  Plus it's super heavy and thick when it's all the same length.  Robin's a hair genius.  She also had this magic powder that you sprinkle at the roots, then just fluff your hair and it gets huge lift without any back combing!  I have got to get some of that stuff.  Soon.   
 If I have time this weekend, I'm going to sneak back on here with an amazing and easy Mother's day cake recipe, plus one of my favorite Mama stories from when I was growing up.  

Otherwise, Happy Mother's Day to all the Mama's. 


  1. you crack me up, girl! i have to say though, that i am not with you on the scotty deal. country music and i do not get along well...we'd never make a good couple :) the wedding...holy beautiful bride!! she just looks "queenly." and your hair? adorable!! love it :)

    ps: bought myself the shirt...i couldn't wait till the end of the book...too impatient. story of my life!

  2. The wedding was dreamy! The trees in Westminster Abbey were so gorgeous, totally in love with that. She looked amazing I love how loving he is towards her. Seriously, he dotes on her. She was poised and perfect. Pippa's dress made me want to get married again. Love the way it fit her.

    Your haircut looks great! The fact that your inspiration photo was from the 90's made me laugh :)

  3. You're just too cute!! I'm going to be up your way kids keep telling me it's too creepy to try and grab coffee with you. Are they right?? :)

  4. P.S. I think the Rachel never goes out of style....I was JUST talking about that cute.

  5. Love Scotty's voice, but the sideways microphone thing almmost did me it...glad I'm not the only one! I agree Kate was soooo classy and timeless. Love the hair, I was supposed to get a cut this week, but my stylist was very sick....bummer for both of us!

  6. Your hair looks cute.

    I loved the wedding and even downloaded the "Official Programme" (at It has the prayers and hymns and everything.

  7. I let out a little squeal because her dress looked exactly as I'd imagined. I knew she would go classic and not trendy. Also, I just adored Grace the flower girl. She was so precious!

  8. More information on the wedding...I wanted to be there, NO I wanted to be her just for that day! It was amazing and she looked so beautiful. Oh and your hair looks too cute :)
    Have a great Mother's Day!

  9. Yes, I have a major crush on Scotty. I'm trying to convince my 15 yr old that he is the perfect guy, but she doesn't like country and we live in Texas! When he comes to the Houston Rodeo hubby and I will be there. Super cute hair cut - Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Can you give the name of the powder? I could really use some of that!!

  11. Love your hair! Love the fact that you took a 90's picture as inspiration, hilarious.
    Loved the wedding, they were such an adorable couple.
    And what is this about magic powder and lift for hair, why haven't I heard of this?

  12. love the chat even if I'm late for the party. The testing thing is tough, but hope ahead. And yes, Kate was stunning and so elegant. I dvr'ed the whole thing (6-7 hours w/o commercials BBCA) and just enjoyed, even with my bro's snarky comentary (she's not middle class, that's just the story they want to believe, they don't actually know any of that, blah blah blah). Though I did tell him to shush, this is my show and I've watched enough UFC and car chases to merit some silence. Thank you very much. And the trees. If you have to get married in a stunning cathedral by all means bring in trees. It was brilliant.

  13. love the sassy cut my dear.
    & while i've only watched one song- the casey song that was fab and parts of one other-the girl that i think did a horrible job on adele's rolling in the deep. but what do i know. so i'm in no place to talk about scotty. you did say scotty right?
    let's talk about kate & will
    LOVE them
    LOVE her

    happy mother's day cuteness!