Thursday, June 16, 2011

I feel like rambling tonight. Grab some iced tea and join me?

 Tonight I'm sitting in an empty living room.  Every piece of furniture besides the couch I'm currently sitting on, is loaded with piles in all three of our bedrooms, while we await the finished flooring project. (Hopefully tomorrow.)
 I just panicked about an hour ago, because I realized that I'd left my camera at home today and didn't have a 365 photo!  (Gasp!) I started snapping dinner prep photos (tonight was broccoli beef and miso soup night) and came up with a few fun ones that seemed to want to be shared. 

I love it when I see a moment and capture it, with that little tickle down my spine that says, "That's the photo of the day!"  To be honest, we've had a very discouraging week.  We got some tough news, had some emotional meetings, and I was kind of beginning to think I'd never be able to make lemonade out of the lemons ever again, when my man showed me his fortune cookie fortune and made me smile.  (Perhaps for the first time all day!)  I don't put much stock into fortune cookies, just so you know, we just eat the cookies for fun and giggles, and every now and then we post the really good ones up on the fridge.  If you've been reading my blog for the past year, you know that this little cookie fortune falls right into the Sasha category of "fridge-worthy."  And for that reason, I decided to share it with you.

Another thing I haven't shared since it's been a while since I sat here and rambled to y'all, is that I joined this stupid P90X revolution sweeping the nation.  (Oh, it's not sweeping the nation?  Weird.  Could be because of the hour and a half yoga session on day three!) I have decided that if I ever meet the P90X guy face-to-face, I might just punch him.  Unless of course, I get totally ripped by the end of 90 days and suddenly find my abs again.  In which case I may kiss him.  Time will tell.  Also- word to the wise, if you are married to a jock, do not join a fitness program with him and give him permission to kick your hiney and whip it into shape.  Because he will take you at your word, and you will be sorry.  The End.  (No, there will not be before and after photos of me.  Thanks.)
 So I'm sitting here posting, and the following is my view:   Me, wearing yoga socks, because I just discovered them today at Target while trying to kill seven hours of can't-be-in-the-house-because-flooring-guys-are-making-a-mess-and-Kung Fu Panda 2-doesn't-start-til-3:00, and now I'm hooked.  (I have yet to actually use them for yoga, but I'm sure they will be wonderfully non-slippy.)  I'm surrounded by boxes of laminate flooring scattered everywhere.  I can not wait until this time tomorrow.  But mainly because it's my day off from P90butt-kickingX workouts.  (Hollering from LMM)

This is what my flooring looked like this morning when I left. (Please take note of cute sandals.) Eight years worth of babies with acid reflux crawling around on cheap plush carpets, (I know, this is all very disgusting when you actually spell it out) two kids and potty training, puppy training, and the messiness of everyday life, about to be rolled up and replaced!  (More hollering from me.)
Isn't he cute? Just wanted to share.  Funny kid, this one.  Love him so...

Also, for those of you who want my watermelon daiquiri recipe, stay tuned, cause it's coming up soon!  Which means that I'm breaking my P90X program for at least the evening and drinking one.

Life.  It's short.  

Happy Weekend sweet things!  Thanks for letting me ramble...


  1. I feel so delighted that I already HAVE your watermelon daquiri recipe and have made them no less than 8x since you gave it to me No. We are not alcoholics. Promise! ;) I just have sung their praise so loudly that every time a friend pops by they say, "Soooo about those watermelon daquiri's I've heard so much about...." At which point, they have to follow me into the garage because that is where we keep the blender at this time in our lives. Yup. On Hubby's work bench next to his table saw. :) It's awesome. But, littlest boy has verrrry sensitive ears and wails when we *blitz* out to the garage my girlfriends must go..with a red party cup in hand. They are also delighted that you shared the recipe with me! ;)

  2. P90x...ugh my nemisis!!! Lets both talk abt that. Instead lets talk abt thief fact that I bought those cute target sandals in 3 , it!. Can't wait to.see the flooring updates!


    And, Daquiris. Yum.

    And cute toes... yoga socks = genius! The ONE time I did a yoga class it was reeeeediculous... I slid ALL over the place and kept losing my balance cuz of the sliding.

    I've thought about p90x, but I try to abstain from workout programs that I'd have to get into shape to even start. HA! I really need to do something though.

  4. Oooh. Target now sells yoga socks? I am all over that. I hate how my feet get cold in yoga!!
    I am glad I am not the only one who has gross carpet like that for the SAME reasons. Its only in our den, which the kids and dog use, but still. Its gross. And I cannot wait to get it out!

    Mnn...watermelon daquiris.

  5. Cute sandals! Can't wait to see the flooring before and afters! ; )

    No workout before and afters? *sigh* Oh, alright, but this preggo mama is going to need some inspiration in a few months! : )

    Hope the floor guys can get the flooring done early for you tomorrow!!

  6. LOL! I decided there would be no before and after shots of me doing p90x either. And here is my dirty little secret for the program...I skip the yoga (because I can't handle the hour and a half of it) and I do the cardio x instead!!!) I can't wait to hear how you do with it. My hubby and I are in week 5 now. My arms felt like falling off today when I got up;-)

  7. just the mention of p90x frightens me. i have been horribly inconsistent in my workouts and i don't really want to think about it :) but your sandals are super cute and i can't wait to see the flooring!!

  8. Love listening to your ramblings: ) Love daquiris. Can't wait to see the floors. P90x--you are brave! Ramble again soon. I have to get my booty in gear--camping trip tom. and I'm not done with the packing yet. All right, I haven't started but I will now.

  9. I might just break my "no alcohol" rule (I also am not an alcoholic, I just gave it up because beer makes me miss cigarettes) to try a watermelon daquiri. That sounds so summery, and it's so MISERABLY hot!!!

    And yoga socks, I didn't know there was such a thing. Hubby and I both enjoy Wii yoga (NOT 1-1/2 hours!) but our socks always slip on the board. Guess I will be hitting Target tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing your have a nice way of reminding that tiny pleasant moments are worth appreciating (and photographing!)

  10. Sasha,
    The hubs and I bought P9OX last summer and yeah I totally agree with you. If I ever met him I would do the same. LOL the workouts are not for the faint of heart cause he kicks butt on every workout.Hang in there though.
    Sneeky peek of flooring looks great...and so does the shot of those cute sandals.
    Okay, so I just have to know if that lovely glass of tea is sweet tea? : )
    Have a great day!

  11. Waiting with baited breath for the daiquerri recipe!

  12. I lasted about 2 weeks, @20% more like 5%, of the p90x workout. I think I damaged my whole body permanently! I know you "can" do it! Looking forward to the floor, but more importantly to the daquiri! Not really! well yes really!

  13. ugh. carpet. we are dealing with the same thing. i can't hit a home depot without oogling over the flooring.

    sigh....someday. we are still too knee deep (ewwwww) in diapers and muddy boots that after MANY reminders STILL make their way onto the carpet.


  14. Can't wait to see the new floors!
    Your boy is the cutest!

    Have you ever made watermelon lemonade? It's amazing!

    Enjoy the new feeling beneath your feet this weekend!

  15. i am so excited for you. you DESERVE those floors. oh and i'm jealous of your toes. mine are still sporting my cheapo pedicure from before we went to hawaii. can you believe how lazy i am?? we loved kung fu panda. good times;)

  16. Hello! I'm new to your blog, but I just wanted to mention that I L{o}VE your sandals! Happy Weekend!


  17. Love the fortune, spot on! My husband and son are doing P90 and I'm thinking of going over to the dark side myself. Haven't made the final decision though!

    Can't wait to see the floors!