Thursday, June 2, 2011

May 365!

 I decided to delete the 365 tab underneath my header, because it felt redundant to have it both there, and do a big lump post at the end of each month.  I can't give up these big monthly review posts because they have become my favorite posts Ev-uh!  This little face... man, I love it. Ava is a tomboy.  She begins the day with clean clothes and brushed hair, but by dinner time this is what I get.  And I wouldn't trade it for anything!
April showers... May flowers.  God is good. 
This is my favorite photograph to date.  I just had it printed up and framed it in my creative space. 
I love gifts.  Giving and getting them!
This is what I call a stack of reading material. I'm honestly not ready for the Royal Wedding hub-bub to be over.
I love these candlesticks.  I have absolutely no idea what else to say about this photo.  I think it was, "one of those days."
I could almost cry, these were so sweet.  They made this day so special...
I'm amazed every year, that something seemingly brown and dead looking, can spring up (Get it? "Spring?) and turn into the prettiest thing in my yard. 
Mother's day flowers.  I was so spoiled this year.  My kiddos had the entire day planned from breakfast in bed, a walk, a spa lunch complete with foot soak, a viewing of Pride and Prejudice, my favorite snacks, and dinner.  They told me not to "lift a finger." I didn't.  It was grand.
I'm still laughing at this kid.  He cracks me up so much.  I thought the other fist should have a "Pow" on it.  (I do not encouraging punching.  Just so you know.)
He's just such a ham.  All. The. Time.  (Usually because he's in trouble, or about to get into trouble.. so he uses humor to weasel his way out.  Sometimes it even works.)
Bah.  Relator tour... Well, I tried.  It doesn't matter anymore, since our home is no longer on the market. The sign came down last night.  It felt really weird.  Not happy, but not sad.  I am starting to get kind of excited about some of the house projects that we've been putting off for the past couple years, because we felt like we'd be moving someday and didn't want to spend the cash to do those things... Now we've got to repaint one of the kiddos rooms, fix our dryer that's not drying properly, and stay tuned, because the first of some big projects will be painting my kitchen cabinets and distressing them.  I'll be hanging bead board and doing things to two of my cabinet doors with glass, etc. (I've been dreaming of a white kitchen for over a decade.)  I'm calling it "The summer of home repair."  It's way less exciting than it sounds. 
This was a day I really needed.  With two girls I really needed to hang out with.  Friends are good medicine.
I laughed harder than I've ever laughed on this day.  And I stole a bouquet of balloons at midnight, and ran as fast as I could with a knife in my hands into a get-away car, on a dare.  (There Kristin, I said it!!) Please don't ask me any questions because I'll never give you one more word about this!!  Ever!  
I came home to this.  Joybird blessed me with a spontaneous gift, and she couldn't have known that not only the gift, but her words were probably the biggest encouragement our family has had in months.  It's hanging right by the door I come in and out of every day so that both Adrain and I see it.  I will keep it always.  I cried buckets because of it's sweetness.  Joy, you touched my heart so deeply.  (You already know that... but I had to say it again.)
This was a really big day for us.  This photo doesn't make much sense to anyone, but I promise it means something to me. 
When I grew up, we had a picnic table to eat our BBQ at.  My man loved me enough to put one together for me too.  I think he nearly threw his screwdriver through a window after breaking two screw bits (is that what they are called?).  I swear I never laughed. 
I woke up to this on my fridge.  It made me laugh.  Boys are funny.
I love blogging.  I love you guys.  I love your comments so much.  You will never know!
Getting the backyard all pretty for a BBQ.  Also... side note: Eighteen years ago, on this day, I went on my first date with Adrain. He kissed me. It was all over for me after that.
 This was a rotten, rotten, awful, horrible, stinky poo poo kind of day.  The End.
But the sun came out the next day, and so did the kids new backyard entertainment.  And eleventy-hundred hungry neighborhood kids and dogs.
 I went to Goodwill and found a chair for twelve dollars.  Then I gave it a makeover. Yeee haw!
 Becky said this would need no commentary.  Becky, this one's for you.
 I buried myself creating. 
 I was doing a photos shoot for my Etsy collection but I really loved this one and decided to make it my photo of the day.  Obviously, I don't play chess.  My son does, and I'm sure he's rolling his eyes at how I placed the pieces.  I don't even know if I want to learn to play chess.  I always get beat in checkers so I have very little motivation for learning this game. 
 Okay if you haven't gotten your fill of "cute" lately, I am here to bring you some.  Or rather, Lucy is.  Isn't she the cutest doggie? 
 If that wasn't your kind of cute, maybe this is?  It's my (baby) brother, Officer McJakey, drinking a watermelon daiquiri.  He's the king of our trampoline.  What a goof.  Love you Jakey-poo!  You are so lucky to have a big sister like me.  Everyone, tell him how lucky he is to have me in your comments.  Thanks.
 And then there's this kind of cute.  Buttercups brought in by my baby girl.  The prettiest flowers on God's green earth are the ones your babies bring you.  Amen.  
Losing steam a little bit with life... Memorial day.  Worked my ever loving tail off this day, and therefore had nothing fun to shoot.  Isn't that a crying shame?  These flags sit on my front porch and I thought they were kind of Memorial Dayish. 
I blew out this exposure a little bit, but my photographer friend (the Fabulous Amy) always says that it's better to capture the moment than fiddle with the camera and miss it.  Classic example of that very thing right here, and that's the whole reason I'm doing 365 anyhow!  I loved this photo of lunchtime.  I have such funny, weird hoodlums. 

Capture the moments people.  We're almost half way done! Happy June!


  1. i LOVE your pictures! They're all about life, love, family, home, and.... bacardi????? ha! great job! LOVE the one you printed out for your creative space!

  2. ok love watermelon anything! hubs and i love hitting our craft fair here in our town every month for watermelon juice!!! but watermelon rum? ohhh hello!!

  3. please share all of your kitchen DIY's. I'm dying to paint my oak kitchen cabinets. I'm so tired of wood colored everything. Teach me all you know.

  4. I am having such a craptastic day that this was a lovely ray of sunshine. Although I just laid my 16 month old down for a nap, it prompted me to sneak back in and smooch the cheek of the very same little man that is running me ragged today. :)

    Dying to know your mixology on the watermelon daquiri? Everyone makes things a wee bit different...have a bbq to go to on Monday and would LOVE to bring it along. Pretty please post?? :)

  5. i NEED to do this! fun! (and your brother is hot (did i just write that?) my husband is way hotter of course;)

  6. watermelon rum? Now that sounds delicious! Can't wait to see how you redo your kitchen!

  7. I love your blog and decided to stop being a "lurker" and actually leave a comment! I have been reading your blog for a few months now and am so inspired by your words, your honesty and your love of life! In fact, I am tempted to look into this whole blogging thing for myself...maybe! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with not only your friends but even us lurkers out there :)

  8. Sasha, you minx. Kissing on the first date! Now, what would your papa say?

  9. girl you are so dang good! i can't get over how much i love you. can i make a special request? you need to make a print of the colored pencils. i want one;) thank you. oh and your brother is a hottie.

  10. I can't tell you enough how much I adore these posts. I love how it gives us a glimpse into your life and who you really are. It really makes me want to take more pictures.

  11. I fixed my blogger "identity"... Thank you for pointing that out!! :)

    And MUCHO thanks for the recipe!!

  12. your brother is definitely a hottie! i would marry him any day of the week!

  13. I am soooo glad I found your blog through the Top 25 competition. Your photography just captured me immediately. I am your newest follower!

  14. I have been really busy (with a new full-time job) so I haven't been been blog reading too much. I'm not sure what's been going on exactly with your house situation. But as I read this and see that you've taken your house off the market, I feel like this is the right path for you guys. I feel like this was meant to be. :) I can't wait to see what projects you're doing.

  15. i LOVE these posts! can't even try to pic a favorite...they're all seriously fantastic! can't wait for june's...can i really be june already!!?!

  16. I just love getting lost in your photos! Hey, what size trampoline did you get? We are waiting on pins and needles until ours gets here. We sold the playset *sniff* I guess they've outgrown it, but the space will soon be filled!