Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hi Friends! I've just completed silk screening 60 "eat" napkins for my Etsy store, and our counter tops were installed last night, so I've been busily cleaning dust, and putting the place to rights while I finish a few more items. I'll be listing a bunch of things on Etsy and showing our finished kitchen in my next post (s?) so bear with me while I post a breezy post about not much. (And take a nap.)

One of my very favorite things in life, is going to a house of someone I've just met, and getting the house tour.  Oh the bliss... I'm probably one of those annoying people who look at every little thing, examine all the details, and ask a million questions about where did they find this, or how did they make that... The other day, someone I had recently met asked for the tour, and did the same thing to me.  It was so much fun, that I decided to do a tour of this room with you.  (You may be bored stiff right about now, and clicking out.  It's okay, I totally understand that not everyone pours over magazines for an hour the way I do, scrutinizing every little detail and taking it all in.)   If you are like me however, this post is for you... I'll explain in brief detail how I infused my personality into the details... Here we go!
1) Our photo gallery.  I found frames in all shapes, colors, and sizes at the Goodwill.  Then I spray painted each one Heirloom White, and distressed them.  I used only black and white photos for a cohesive feel, and above that, I painted a Great is Thy Faithfulness sign on a thin slab of bead boarded wood.  (see below)

 (FYI, I am currently taking orders for these signs- they are priced at $50.00 each, plus a $20.00 shipping/handling charge.  Each sign measures approx 58" long  by approx 5" wide, and is hand-painted and lightly distressed.  If you would like to order one, shoot an email to me at lemonademakinmama@comcast.net )
2)  I ordered this print on Etsy, and used a Goodwill frame for it.  (See below)
 This is the same frame that I used for this post, and I had painted it turquoise, (exact color, Sherwin Williams Jade Jargon- same color as my desk, only without the Walnut stain over top.) thinking I'd use it for something else, only I loved it for this print, and white was the best color for the frame, so I painted it. See the turquoise version, below:
(Awww... aren't they the cutest?!)
3) I get emailed about this coffee table a lot.  My brother made it.  That's really all I can tell you. Other than the fact that I love it, and my Mama bought me those green mossy balls that are sitting on it, for a birthday present a couple years ago.
4) These pillows were my version of stopping the madness.  Er, something like that... I used to switch them all out seasonally, but that was getting expensive and driving me crazy thinking that I needed to change all my decor along with them... not exactly the mindset I'm striving to promote in my world, so I agonized for a couple of weeks and settled on these with my whole heart.  So far, I've still got em.  My goal is to keep them for a really, really, really, long time, and be content with that.  I'm fairly confident that can actually be done.
5) This is a wooden box I found at a store locally, and some folded blankets and curtains.  Yes.  The top pile is a stack of curtains.  I just keep thinking I may need them for something, and they look rather nice on top of my TV armoire.
6) I painted this many years ago, after seeing the actual painting in Pottery Barn.  Which I could not afford.  I actually painted this for a friend, and then I loved it so much I painted another for myself.  I'm sure I'll probably go to jail for copyright infringement or something, but I'm coming clean here and saying that I copied it, so hopefully I'll get off early for good behavior. 
1) I silkscreened these pillows, and one time, I even listed some in my Etsy store, but they were too much work, so I discontinued them.  Plus, you can find them all over the place and I hate to be predictable.  (giggle.)
2) I get asked about this mirror all. the. time.  Here's the skinny- It was in our bathroom, and I hated it.  No, I loathed it.  I would dream of ripping it off the wall, and finally convinced my man we should do that very thing, and replace it with a nice mirror.  Well, it must be strong, because it remained intact.  So then we had no idea what to do with a ginormous unbroken mirror.  Finally, I decided we needed to epoxy a wood frame around it (using molding) and create a window!  Hanging it was a challenge, but we finally figured it out, and everyone was happy.  Especially me.
3) A Mama desk.  Which makes me blissfully happy.  You can read about it here.
4) A goodwill chair makeover, found here.
5) These are the silhouettes of my kiddos, and I get emailed about these every time I show a photo with them in it. (see below)
These larger ones were super easy to create- First I hunted until I found a silhouette example online, and I used that for the backs of their heads, and an example of how it should look.  I snapped a photo and printed it out in the exact size I wanted the silhouette (which took about three tries to be honest) cut the outline of my hoodlum's profile, then traced that right onto a piece of card stock.  I then cut that out, and glued it down onto a contrasting card stock paper and framed it.

Thanks for going on this little mid-week tour with me!


  1. Thanks for sharing - that was fun!!!

  2. Love home tours! I also love magazines...I get giddy when my Southern Living and Coastal Living come in the mail! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love house tours!! I was just totally imagining running thru your house squealing- is that weird?!

    I wanted to do one of those silhouettes but I just don't think thats Peanuts strong point :)

    I love the idea of doing all black and whites so the wall doesn't look chaotic.

  4. Thanks for the tour! I'm "one of those people too!"
    L0000ve the 'Mama Desk'! Super cute!!

  5. I love "Stop The Madness". I'm with ya. :)

  6. I didn't click away, I guess that means....well what you said! Thanks for the tour!! I've always loved that Pottery Barn barn, hope you don't go to jail!

  7. i love home tours too. i even like when i drive by at night and see a bit of living going on... i suppose that would be illegal if i stopped and lingered!

    thanks for sharing sash... i could read 100 of your posts a day.

  8. Fun! I love house tours so this was my type of post.
    And I swear it is like you were reading my mind, about the silhouettes and the saying keep calm and carry on.
    Love it!

  9. http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/
    does home tours every now and then, sometimes from popular movies! like somethings gotta give.. i dont know if you ever visit her but thought you would like to do some snoopin'

  10. Love it all! That jade jargon is such a pretty color. I'm on a hunt for some end tables to refinish, any good green colors you know off hand? I'm thinking a shade of mossy green or jewel green, or some sorta green with a distressed finish is what I'm going to go for.

  11. Your home is very welcoming. I especially like the mirrored window idea. Thanks for the tour!

  12. Thanks for sharing. I love the red barn painting, if any of those go in your etsy shop I'd love to know! Blessings.

  13. those floors, that desk...all your little touches. it looks great girlie. i love what you've done with the place;)

  14. I love tours of homes and learning the history behind the items.

    I love your "Keep Calm and Carry On" print. I've seen those in stores here. I even bought a large coffee mug in red with the same saying. I love the history behind it too!

    Your house is lovely! Thank you for sharing it.

  15. Your home is so lovely. I love the details and the explanation of all of the details. I need to go out looking for frames because I need to fancy up my naked walls. Thanks for sharing...I'll be ready for the rest of the tour soon :)