Monday, June 20, 2011

Questions, answers, and other nonsense from my world.

I am really bad about answering questions, so I'm sorry if you've asked me something and I've forgotten to respond with an actual answer.  I realized that I needed to get some questions out there answered, because I opened up my inbox to six of the same question, from six different people this morning.  If you have one that you have asked, but I haven't answered, leave it in my comments for this post, and I will do my best to get back to you... (I mean, I'll try.  That counts, right?)

Number one question I get asked is, "What kind of camera and/or lens do you use?" 
 I loveth my camera.  I shoot with a Canon Rebel XS.  I bought it from Amazon a couple of years ago, and it was just under $500.00, with an entire kit of accessories, a basic kit lens, (18-55mm shown here) and some things like additional batteries etc. 
 Then I was given this little 50mm lens for a Christmas present last year, and I've shot nearly every photograph with it, from that day forward.  (Except this one, of course.)  I love it because it does great portrait shots, and is wonderful in low light, not to mention that it's lighter in weight.  It isn't a zoom lens though, so it takes a little getting used to. 

"What color of paint do you have on your walls?"  I have the color Ivoire by Sherwin Williams Paints, in nearly every room of our house, except the bedrooms.  I love it.  It's buttery, warm, light, airy, and neutral.  Just what an all-over color should be. 

"Can I have the recipe for a watermelon daiquiri, pretty please?"  Yup.  Here it is. Enjoy. 

 And here's the "nonsense" part.  Do you see what I have to put up with?  Please tell me you see.  1) I have children who photograph my butt while I'm working out.  And if that's not enough 2) I have a dog who wants to be under my feet (literally) the entire time I am doing P90freakingX.

And yes, that's what I've taken to calling it.  I also call it the devil's playground sometimes, but only when I'm feeling really extreme. 


  1. good stuff sasha...i need to get one of those 50's...becky has one too and it takes great photos.
    way to go with p90x too!

  2. LOL Sasha, I almost spit my breakfast out reading this post. You are too stinking funny.

    I loveth my Canon too. I have a
    30D. I would love to get a 50mm lens...or a zoom. But for now I play with what came with the camera.

  3. I'm a new reader and follower...and I have camera envy.


    (Great post!)

  4. Well let me tell you that you are doing a fine job with that camera and your photos. I did have to laugh at the last picture, but not at you...just at the situation ;) Oh and one of the posts below absolutely makes me want tea in a mason jar...can I come over?

  5. That's the camera I've been wanting. And now that I know you use it I want it that much more. It's turning into a covetous envy thing. ; ) Your pictures are always better than all the rest! I have an ancient Canon 10D that is mostly broken and shotty - I suppose since we're talking cameras "shotty" could be a good thing, but I assure you it's not.

  6. Haha! Our dog does that when I work out too. She especially likes to lay on the "yoga mat" (that is really only a towel I lay on the ground because I'm classy that way!). My daughter is only 4 months old so she can't photograph my butt yet..but I'm sure those days are to come!

  7. I stil need to learn how to use my new canon (now getting dusty), but 3 small children think otherwise!

    btw, I love your new floors!!!

  8. I need a P90X review, please! My husband and I have talked about investing in this and I'm wondering what you think. Do you have a pull-up bar? Will I die if I do it? :)

  9. that is HILARIOUS! love the blur. you guys are working it and with lucy right in the way!!!

  10. My camera stinks, it's a little digital that I broke the 2nd day I had it. So I have great photo opportunities and lousy photos as a result. A camera is just one of many things I can't justify purchasing at this time in my life. So I really appreciate checking out your photos. Thanks for sharing all your great picutes!