Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stawberry Fields, forever...

 This weekend was a whirlwind of activities and emotions, but I'll stick to the activities part for this post.  We went to a strawberry festival.  I had these grand imaginings of my precious family, tromping around in wellies, buckets in hand, and strawberries being picked all around.  Only my man laughed out loud, when I shared this, and reminded me that he'd been a strawberry picker back in junior high, and flatly informed me that we were not picking strawberries ourselves, and that he was happy to pay a little more to get a flat of picked strawberries. 
 We did get to ride on a tractor's wagon, much to the delight of my son.  I've always though it would be so much fun to drive a tractor around, but my man assures me that it's fun for about the first ten minutes, and then it's work.  Whatever.  (I bet if I was the one driving it around, it would  be fun.)
See? Doesn't this look like fun?
We also got to watch a magician perform, and this may have completed me.  I loved the performance, which began with opening dance number to Muse's Supermassive Black Hole, using magic rings and plenty of little foot kicks and magiciany-type gestures.  It doesn't get any better than that in my world.  Ava got her face painted, and it doesn't get any better than that in her world.
Adrain was happy because I didn't force everyone to actually pick any of these little gems.  So really, we were all in happy little worlds, there at the strawberry fields.   

This morning, I was faced with 8 lbs of ripe strawberries, so  I made lots and lots of jam.   My kiddos are in PB and J heaven.  
Lastly, I just had to show you this.  (Please ignore the fact that I've got one extra stripe at the bottom, and it's white.  The original plan was to cut it off, but in the end, I just decided I didn't care, you know?)
 I convinced Adain to hang this up for me.  It's huge!  I don't think I quite realized how ginormous it was until I saw it hanging on the side of my home.
 I put my hand on the stripes so you could see how large they are.  I put it together from old pallet boards, and then painted the flag on it.  Bring on the forth of July! 
 How was your weekend? 


  1. Gorgeous photos! Those flowers are unbelievably beautiful. The strawberries look amazing, we did peaches last week here, so yummy and juicy. Glad you had a great weekend.

  2. Can I just say I am drinking in this whole post? LOVE IT!!! ; )

  3. I love your blog. I just really enjoy seeing the pictures you take. You have a way of taking plain ol ordinary things around the home and turning them into great pictures. Your very talented.

  4. Love those flowers! So glad ya'll had fun! I love riding in a wagon on the back of a farm, pumpkin farm, strawberry much fun! I love the flag sign! I am going to get one of those made this summer if it's the last thing I do. (It will probably be the last thing I do, but it *will* get done!)


  5. We love tractors too! Lovely photos, Sasha!

    That jam looks wonderful!

    I'm gonna make me one of those flags! A neighbor has had pallets waiting for trash pick-up. Thanks for the idea!

    Hope you have a happy day today.

  6. Those flowers are gorgeous! Would you mind posting your jam recipe? I have only made jam once in my life and would love to make it again this summer.

  7. What a fun festival and all those strawberries look oh so yummy! There is nothing like homemade jam! Have a great week!

  8. My husband was a strawberry picker once upon a time too and he still refuses to even eat any! What torture did they impose upon those pickers?!?

    I saw a similar flag idea on pinterest last week and it's on my to do list today! Fun!

  9. Oh my how I love that last picture. I love fresh flowers. We missed strawberry picking this year and I'm a little bummed. I hope I can still get some good strawberries to make jam again. We had a nice to see a few friends and found a new playground!

  10. we are two peas in a pod...geesh it's scary sometimes:) thanks so much for that big picture tip. it really works great. now i need to figure out how to remember to tilt my camera. old habits die hard! love those flowers...beau-ti-ful:)

  11. Yes, please post your jam recipe! Fresh picked strawberries are so delicious, but strawberry jam is also heavenly!

  12. I see you over at FarmGirl Paints quite often n' I just wanted to pop in & say "Hi."
    I have a blog too. Well, actually it's in the foundation building stage really. But, a good foundation is the important part.

    I'm SOOO excited to find so many Christian Mommy bloggers out here! Makes my day!

    Loved your idea for the 'fabric wrapped cardboard' in the back of your cupboards! I am totally gonna use it on my china hutch!

    Have a Blessed Day!

  13. You guys are hilarious... yes, it's an old family secret, that recipe.... Er... I found it on the pectin box... LOL

  14. What a wonderful weekend! Your flowers are absolutely stunning! I really need to make some jam, yours have me craving jam on bread!

  15. Hello Lemonade Makin' Mama! Becky (Farmgirl Paints) introduced me to your blog and i'm loving it! I made your watermelon daiquiris today. Although I replaced the rum with oj as I was serving it to a 2 yr old ;) Delish! We made jam this summer too, but never thought to make a super cute label! Even if it's just for us, I may have to do that! Have a happy day!

  16. driving a tractor is fun! when i was little my grandparents had granny smith apple,walnut and pear orchards. we would go for a long weekend and help fill crates with ripe fruit and take turns driving while the other kids were on the back of the flatbed trailer. one of my fondest memories.

  17. Your strawberry pictures are gorgeous -- as usual. But your crate boards caught my eye. Do you have the tools to sand/plane one down past the rough? My husband stumbled upon a place throwing away piles of these crates and he recognized this "trash wood" as mahogany. He brought it home and planed it down, and has been building me a giant dining table and chairs out of it. The wood had been stamped and he researched it...came from Brazil or someplace like that? Might be worth checking out!

  18. freshly picked strawberries are the best! we have a huge garden and it's been a couple of years since we had a great strawberry crop. i've got my fingers crossed this year, they're mostly planted in manure, so i think we'll be okay! if only the sun wasn't a requirement....then we'd be good!!!

  19. Strawberries are the best this time of year (summer is just yummmm!) and your pictures are wonderful.