Sunday, July 17, 2011

The cutest little market bags I ever did see... and other LMM makings.

Sit yourself down, because I've got a jam-packed post coming off the heels of this weekend!  Our town is passing a law, banning plastic shopping bags over the next year.  I agree with this tactic, (we should all want to take good care of the earth that God created for us, correct?) but the other day, I was realizing how many varieties of re-usable bags are flimsy or unwashable, and I really didn't like this.  Plus, I happen to like cute cloth varieties. (Emphasis on cute, here.) But I couldn't find many that I just loved.  (Insert Ice, Ice, Baby lyrics here: "If there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it.")  Solution: I made my own.  (I made a few extras to put on Etsy as well.)  I made two different bag styles.  The bright fuchsia and coral polka dot print on the inner lining of this one, is fun enough to transform any boring trip to the grocery store into a delightful outing.  Well, and the free cookie for both kids in the bakery department helps a little bit too.   
Can you really ever go wrong with ruffles?  Of course, I'll have to find a more manly bag when Adrain runs into the grocery store.  You know, like when I send him after things like Asprin because I want to be prepared in case of heart attack symptoms. Ha!  Just kidding.  But seriously.  You know I kinda mean it. 
I wanted a bag with a really cute saying, and originally, this bag was going to read, "Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate. (just the necessities.)" but I got lazy and wound up with "wine and cheese."  Plus I didn't want to infer that all you need to get by in life, is wine (and cheese and chocolate).  And you could easily carry other items in this bag.  Just saying.  Love, love, love the adorable lining in this market bag.
All of these bags are made from a nice, thick-ish heavyweight fabric, in an unbleached cotton duck.  It's not as rough or stiff as canvas, but much more durable than plain soft cotton.  The linings are colorful and soft cotton, and I've added contrast stitching here and there, for a little bit of fun. All the edges are finished, and these bags should all wash beautifully. (I say "should" because I haven't needed to wash them yet.)  Which is a must in my world. 
See what I mean about the cute lining?  Love it.  Okay, now I'm going to show you myself taking it for a test drive, because what kind of Estyish gal would I be, if I didn't try these things out and report back to y'all?  I have to say that this bag held tons of produce, and was cute as could be, to boot.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I saw many an envious eye cast toward my cute little bag, as I was stuffing it full of organic salad fixin's, snap peas, fresh baguettes, cinnamon spiced almonds, and boxed raspberries. 
My man took this photograph.  (I am more comfortable with him than any one else in the world.)  Have I ever mentioned before, that I absolutely love the Farmer's Market?  I would seriously go every single week if I had the time or money (because let's face it, things are a little pricey there).  I did get a few fun photos, however, and so my life was momentarily completed....
I'm always amazed how many...shall we say... unique?... people live in my town.  Sadly, I don't have any photographic evidence of this fact for you today.  I'll try to do better next time. 
Okay, back to my Etsy listings... I'll say it again.  I don't really do camera strap covers because they are everywhere.  But I was sewing away, and in the mood to sew, and I had these darling scraps that were just the right size, so I made one.  That is all.  If you want it, it's yours for the taking.  The ruffle is all raw-edgy and cute.

I restocked a few more chicken wire memo boards in some fun colors and sizes...  I love these things so much.  I would make you guys some ginormous ones too, but I have to get pretty creative with shipping.  My favorite thing about these, is the finish on the chicken wire.  It ends up looking all rustic and farmhousey.  And who doesn't like farmhousey?  (I made that word up.)

I also got one of these signs finished and listed.  (I have two more in the works, but one just got claimed, so hopefully I'll be able to get the other one finished soon.)  These signs make my heart so happy.... not only do I sit there humming the old hymn, "Great is thy Faithfulness" but I also find myself being grateful for His faithfulness, which I guess, is the whole entire point! 

Just a little reminder, that 30% of our July profits will be going directly to Kearsie, one of my favorite sweet blogging mamas who happens to be kicking breast cancer's nasty rear right now.  So if you make a purchase from my Etsy store for the remainder of this month, you get something fun, and you also get to help her family, at the same time!!

 And beginning today, for a little extra summer sweetness, I'm throwing in one of these cute button accented hair bands for every order placed, while my supplies last! (My choice of color.) I don't know about you,  but I can almost never resist a win-win like that. (Or would that be a win-win-win?)

I've reduced a few prices on some of my older items, and I'll be restocking my sold-out supply of Mr & Mrs pillow slips later this week, plus I've got two more fun things in the works to throw into the mix as soon as I get them finished, so stay tuned!  I'll give you a hint- one involves a wooden crate, and one involves a sandbag kids game.  (Are you very excited??  Are you?  Huh?  Sorry.. sometimes I get a little carried away....)
And side note- because I warned you this post was gigantic... I just got this photo from Nurse Nicki's photographer and my friend, Amy, and had to share it... Why don't we get dressed up more often?  Seriously.  I quite enjoyed it, and wish we did this more.  I guess I have to find more friends who are about to get married.... (giggle.)

Lastly, I'd like to leave you with this photo that I've titled, "Welcome to my world."  I believe it speaks volumes for itself. 

Please send a nanny.  


Oh I'm just joking.  



  1. I'd have a hard time if they banned plastic bags here because I don't think I could own enough canvas ones for my big bi-monthly trek to the grocery! (and I re-use them!!!) But oh, are these ever cute!! I love them. And I really want a memo board too...adding it to my wish list! :)

    Beautiful stuff, as usual Sasha!!!

  2. SERIOUSLY!! I just LOVE your blog and everything about it. I come visit all of the time. And I love your photography! What kind of camera do you use? I would be so happy if you entered in my photo swap that's going on today and tomorrow!

  3. Such cute bags! Your market looks fantastic, today is my market day getting produce for the week. Your photos are just lfe like.

    Have a great Sunday!

  4. I love the bags you created so fun & feminine!

  5. Adorable bags! I'm getting ready to make some, but they aren't near as cute. I'm reusing feed sacks from the goats and chickens. ;) I made some digital silhouettes of my kids last night, and thought of you. I can't help but think of LMM when I see a silhouette!

  6. ADORABLE bags! and you look so stinkin cute in that pic with your bag :)

  7. I would TOTALLY nanny for you Sascha. Really and truly. I'd love to. :)

  8. I LOVE chicken wire too! I'm wanting to put some in my cabinet doors in my kitchen. How did you get yours to have a rustic finish? All I can find at the hardware store is the new tin color.

  9. Have you ever heard Fernando Ortega's Great is thy Faithfulness? It's beautiful. Same words, different melody. Bet you'd love it!

  10. Love it! Your etsy items are already on my wish list! And look at you all fancy at the farmers market with your new bag and shirt! Stylish indeed!

  11. Okay...way to ADVERTIZE it! Sincerely! You've got me WANTING one of those cute lil' market bags! Probably can't afford one right now....but I want one! :) Off to ck them out!

    Also....farmhousey....I prefer it to 'country' for some reason! Farmhouse decor beats Country decor my book!!! ;)

  12. Super cute bags, girlie!! I LOVE them! Glad to see someone else who loves the Farmer's Market as much as I do! I could LIVE there! LOL

  13. I love them!!
    I love that camera strap too, the gray and the pattern is perfect

  14. love your bags! i'd love to nanny for your kids! :) and i'd love to have you at my upcoming wedding! There are some DIY things I've been wanting to do and I have been wishing I had a local friend that was like you to help me! Wish there were more people like you out there!

  15. OMGosh. Your boy reminds me so much of mine. What loves your babies are...

    I adore farmer's markets too! You've done a terrific job with those cute bags! I wish I sewed!

    Enjoy your week, girl. It's all good 'cause it's all God...

  16. those are too cute!!
    & the images of those gorgeous veggies are wonderful too.
    girlie, that may be one of my fave shots of you, the one with you & your bag!

  17. I love that you sew pretty things. And useful things! I have my husbands grandmother's old sewing machine. It sits there and stares at me like, "Hey, you could probably make pretty things with me. Maybe even useful things. But you are intimidated by me, so here I sit..." :)

    I love the wedding photo of you and your hubby. Very, very pretty!

  18. Sasha, I love stopping by to read your blog each morning. You crack me up.
    Love your new market bags. I have been thinking about doing the same thing,but haven't found the right bag tutorial I like and then there is the time to sew it.
    Great photo shots at the farmer's market.

  19. love the ruffles! and i love that last take the best pics of those kiddos.

    im going to check out the etsy.

  20. The plastic bag ban in my city in California will start to go into effect next month. Stores that wish to offer bags will be forced to sell recycled paper bags for 10 cents. Heavy plastic bags, like Target's, are not subject to the ban.

    I take along a Baggu bag and a Trader Joe's reusable bag when I shop, and I oppose the plastic bag ban. I can't wait to see what my city council will make us do--or not do--next.

  21. I'm drooling over your market! Where in the world do you live to shop somewhere so adorable!?! And your ruffle MARKET bags are sooo cute! I love using reusable bags. It gets under my skin just a tad when the sackers at our local grocery store sigh when they see my bags coming at them. :/ Oh well, trying to do my part to spare my kids and grandkids from living on a landfill. :)

  22. The bag's are darling. You and your hubby look fantastic and I so LOVE that last pic of your noodles! I have two boys who keep me on my toes and would strike the same pose as you JJ. Too cute!