Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm not normally known for being a hypochondriac, but....

(I'd appreciate it if everyone who knows me in real life would stop reading.  And don't comment. Because I know what you're going to say.  And you're wrong.  So there.)  Also, the photographs have nothing to do with this post.  Obviously. 
 Heart attack.  These are words that kept me awake all night long.  I went to bed after fighting some shoulder and arm pain.  (It could have been the P90X workout two days prior, but I'm not so sure.) Something in my brain triggered a memory (perhaps Oprah?) of a show that talked about the odd manifestation of heart attack symptoms in women.  Things like stomach aches, back pain, headaches, etc.  I looked up the symptoms just before bed (first mistake?) so I'd be aware.  Because it's smart to be aware.  Then you're never taken by surprise and found dead in the garden, clutching your heart, an ash gray tone on your cold skin.  (Not that I've ever worried about this.)
 Anyway, one of the symptoms talked about a burning pain.  That's all it took for me.  About 4:00 am, I was convinced that I was probably having a minor heart attack, as a burning sensation was working it's way from my shoulder into my under arm area.  I lay quietly, trying not to panic, wondering if these were the pains that would lead up to a heart attack. (Also, I read once, that women can experience several of the symptoms up to a month prior to the heart attack itself.) I was mostly concerned with the fact that I don't have any asprin, and I've heard that if you give someone an asprin while they are having a heart attack, it could save their life.  Resigned that there was probably no hope for me, I poked Adrain in the back to tell him about my burning arm pain, and was met with a patient, though muffled and sleep interrupted, "Do you want me to take you to the hospitaaaaaa..snoooooore."  (Apparently he wasn't overly concerned.)
 In any event, I'm still here.  And asprin-less.  The pains subsided for the most part, and I don't seem to be experiencing any other obvious heart attack symptoms (at the moment).  Over breakfast, Adrain sat, chewing his eggs, and thoughtfully remarked, "So... you made it."

Yes, well, my toes just went numb for a few minutes, so I'll need to think that one through.

I'll tell you one thing though, I'm not going out into the garden today...

(The events in this post have not been exaggerated.)


(The authors of this blog realize that heart attacks are no laughing matter.  If you, or someone you love are experiencing mild chest pain, or any other related symptoms, don't hesitate to seek a professional medical diagnosis or treatment immediately.) 

(You also might consider taking an asprin.)


  1. First and foremost, cutest little pink skirt ever in that first picture! If you think you are going to have a heart attack, you should put that on, I think the paramedics would like it. But seriously, you should really go get things checked out. You just never know. While you're there, could you ask the doctor if a pain like an icepick going through your right eye means that I have a brain tumor? I'll cover your co-pay.

  2. How can I not comment on this post. It has me rolling with laughter at my desk. I LOVE the part where AJ comments " made it"! Friend I thought you were banned from medical sites and the such? Do you need another intervention? I believe the last scare was a brain tumor...if I'm not mistaken. Do you need me to bring you the baby Asprin so you can sleep well? Maybe slosh it down with a nice glass of red wine to enhance the affects. Then if you do die you may still be flush (from the wine) when they do find you.

  3. I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing when the end comes than gardening...

    Your boy is just too cute!

    Go pick up some aspirin, willya?

  4. Those muffins are lookin' yummy!!

    Your post hit the spot! I've have a stressful couple of days (three to be exact) and just before clicking on your blog I was thinking that my chest feels horrible. I don't know if it's the stress or really a problem. It's so hard to be a mom ... and a wife ... and just a woman!! Waaaaahhhh!

    Anyway, thanks for your post! It made me giggle and encourage me to go take an aspirin!


  5. This is too GOOD! No I mean BAD! No I mean FUNNY! Seriously! ;)

    Might wanna get some know just in case!


  6. I feel bad for wanting to laugh, did you get the aspirin??

  7. Not to make light of your situation, but that can really happen to even young people like us. An aquaintence just passed away from a massive heart attack at 42. He was in the middle of texting and died. So, as we giggle about, be careful. Stranger things do happen!

  8. I totally thought I was having a heart attack once and googled the symptoms (so bad to do!) and saw that women can have them up to a month in advance. So I thought if I'm not have it now, it's a month! LOL. But seriously what I was experiencing was more like a panic attack-same symptoms as a heart attack! I had other symptoms, shortness of breath, dizziness, heart palpitations. Even wore a stinkin' heart monitor for 2 weeks to make sure my heart was okay! It was fine. I was going through a rough time with my dad being very sick (he had melanoma) and all the stress was building up.

    I know you've had some stress with your house, maybe it was a little panic attack. Who knows, but glad "you're still here";)

  9. LOL!!!! If you don't answer your door, I PROMISE, I will look in the garden! I'm glad you are OK!

  10. you are such a funny girl! I think we all do this EXACT same thing whether we admit it or not. And I've told Neal very similar stories to the one you told your husband last night and I've been met with the same reaction. (snore....)

    so glad you're alive to tell the tale...

  11. Haha, this post sounds oddly familiar to my life! I lay in bed sometimes wondering what THAT pain might be...not to mention that I just ran 3 miles 2 hours earlier! Love your blog!

  12. I need a like button for Alli's comment.

    p.s. Please, don't die. The blog world would be listless without you.

  13. Giggling! You are so dang cute! I would encourage you to go to the doctor if you're concerned. All he can say is you're fine, right? It probably is the P90freakinX though. ;) By the way, I have made your watermelon daiquiris several times, and I LOVE them! So do my friends. Please let us know what the doc says.

  14. No joke my 22 year old son had some of the same simptoms and went to the doctors. They said it was Costochondritis also called Tietze's syndrome. Look it up it really could be the P90X. He is a rower so that is likely what caused his. Of course my jock son rode his bicyle to the hospital after his doctor told him to go to the ER. Kids! xoxo I am sure a cupcake will make it all better.

  15. This post cracked me up, especially since yesterday I had seen part of a show on women and heart attacks. Later last night my stomach started hurting and that was one of the first thing I thought about~ minus the being found dead in the garden. : )

  16. You are a good writer as you made me laugh out loud, the parts about Adrain. Sounds like my husband's responses to me. I did the whole stress test/heart dr visit and I was glad to know my heart is in good shape even if the rest of me is falling apart. It could be heart burn. Once I got back on prilosec it went away. Try a tums or zantac next time. But you are right, chest pain can be serious.
    Love the ruffly pink skirt!

  17. I am SO with you! In fact, just last night as we waited fo rour girls while they rode rides at the amusement park, I was having the *exact same symptoms* (even numb toes- really!) and same conversation with my husband.

    Bless your heart! I'm convinced I'm not a hypochondriac either, just well informed and on alert!

    Hope yo are feeling better today!

  18. And is it wrong that after reading this I am adding aspirin to my shopping list today?

  19. This post just made me laugh, but then, I've been known to have a mild case of hypochondria or two. Two hundred is probably a more accurate number. ;-)

    Glad you made it! Stay out of the garden for a while. Kay?

  20. Sorry, but I'm laughing.
    You are hilarious.
    Heart attacks are not; you are!!!

  21. Haha! Laughing only because you are so like me! And I am NOT a hypochondriac! I'm not!! I hope it's all just from lots of exercise and nothing else. :o)

  22. Sasha,
    glad you are feeling better. It can be scary. Don't you just love how the guys are? LOL, they can sleep through anything.
    Okay, so you had me all looking at the beautifully set table with those lovely muffins while reading about your story and we never heard you talk about those lovely muffins. So, spill it sistah. What kind are they and will you share a recipe? : )

  23. Cheryl- yes, those were my world famous raisin bran muffins....

    (Um. Except that they came from a Krusteez box! Bwhahahahaha!)

  24. I'm a granny that loves your blog....we are the worse kind of hypochondriacs,the one that worries about something serious but don't dare go to the hospital just wait to see if it gets worse.I heard one doc, on one of those shows say when her female patients complain of getting really tired while shopping...she test for heart problems...they scare us to worry when you have the worse headache ever,brain aneurysm symptom...I had brain surgery 8months ago for brain aneurysm. Mine was found before any symtoms,thank goodness. Check out my blog to see my bald head after surgery...aneurysm awareness always.. Thanks..

  25. Loved this post! I too have laid in the bed feeling like I was going to have a heart attack! I had heard the same info from Dr. Oz. I have vowed to sstop watching these shows!

    But for your info, anxiety and panic attacks have exactly the same symptoms as these "pre-heart attacks" they talk about. The more you focus on your symptoms the worse they become. Hormonal changes can also magnify anxiety too!

    I did go and have my cholesterol checked, blood presure and other stuff at a free heart screening offered at our hospital. Everything was textbook perfect. Knowing that for sure has reduced the severity and occurance of those symptoms. Most hospitals/county health dept. offer these and it may give you peace of mind.

    Did I mention that I run 12-15 miles every week? It does happen to all of us!

  26. Oh my, I worry about silly things all the time. I get fixated on things and can't shake them. I think cause I have little ones and I always want to be here for's a deep rooted fear that something will take me away from them. Silly or serious, I pray that you are a healthy Mama!

  27. I think the first comment I ever left on your blog was in reference to a post I had stumbled on about tingling toes.

    I had them.

    I have them.

    Chest pain at times too.

    I have forbid myself to EVER google symptoms again. Not that I have ever over-reacted or anything like that.

    I don't know why the dr. says it's anxiety.... Crazy, isn't he? (Nervous laugh) Isn't he?

  28. HA! You are such a hypochondriac! it makes me laugh. Go get some aspirin!

    When women get diagnosed with cancer and ask me for advice.. I always tell them not to google random aches and pains and whatnot.

    There are too many things on the internet... if we followed all the symptoms we'd all think we were dying every day.

    Now persistent symptoms or something you really feel is unordinary is a different story.

    It's hard to say. :)

  29. Love it! Lol! I am so the same way! If I mix up my words when talking with my hubby I will quickly look at him and smile asking if my smile is straight so I know that I'm not having a stroke. And darn Webmd! Seriously ~ there must be some many people out there looking up symptoms freaking themselves out. I know I do! Lol!