Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I think I need a free pass on this post... I don't have much to say since I'm so stinkin' tired!  My entire neighborhood was awake all night long, lighting things on fire.  So, if y'all will let me, I'm just going to post a bunch of photos unaccompanied by the sparkling wit mixed with hard-hitting journalism that you've come to expect here on the LMM blog. (grin.)
 It must be said- I'm so happy that my neighbor loaded up his truck bed with fireworks, making my life complete on many levels;  1) I didn't have to leave home to go see fireworks.  2) I didn't have to spend any money on my own fireworks.  3) My children got to learn how to light punks and stomp out duds without ever leaving home or spending money on fireworks. 4) Did I mention that I'm so happy I didn't have to leave home or buy fireworks?

I've begun to notice a celebratory trend.  Every time there is a holiday or event in my little world, it gets it's own batch of cupcakes. (Have you noticed that too?)  I believe this is due in part, to the fact that cupcakes are just cute.  That, and the fact that if I don't bake cupcakes my hoodlums think the world must be falling apart.  Apparently, it's become tradition. 

And besides, if cupcakes are wrong, I don't want to be right. 

I may not in fact, be capable of celebrating anything without cupcakes. We baked these, and I used Martha's simple white frosting recipe (remember my version of it with crushed Oreos added into it?).  I melted candy melts, and piped them into star shapes, and topped each cupcake with them.  My neighbor kids all approved.

I also baked sugar cookies and Ava and I decorated them like Martha did, on the cover of her July magazine. Ava decorated a plate of similar looking cookies, and then dropped them by accident, all over the floor.  There were tears.  And dogs licking the floor.  It was very sad for everyone.  (Well, everyone but Lucy.) 
LMM's top ten favorite things about this July 4th. 
10) My husband's crowd pleasing playlist.
9) My kitchen was completely finished. 
8) My Mama's iced tea that tasted like a icy cold cup of Christmas.
7) Going for a post BBQ walk with my sis-in-law. 
6) Watching my kids gleefully light things on fire. 
5) Putting the hoodlums to bed before midnight, with all limbs intact. 
4) Sparklers.
3) My man in a tank top. 
2) Hawaiian tropic shimmery sunscreen.
1) You'll have to wait to find out what my number one favorite things about this day was, until my July 365, when I show you the photo....

How was your 4th of July? 


  1. Our 3-day weekend was great! The weather couldn't have been more beautiful! I'm exhausted as well :-) Your cupcakes are beautiful! Happy short work week!! YIPPIE!!

  2. But what I want to know is....Are you happy you didn't have to leave home or buy fireworks? Those cookies are so gosh dang cute.

  3. we had a great weekend. a LONG weekend! it felt like it went on forever, which is a good thing when it comes to weekends :)

  4. I want one of those cookies...and by one I mean 5.

  5. One of these years it would be so nice if all of you could be over here with us for the 4th-so you can watch your cousins and uncle shoot each other with bottle rockets ;)

  6. Loved reading your list and seeing those cupcakes. I think any day is good for a cupcake. My hubby and kids made red, white and blue cupcakes yesterday. Sounds like you had a great holiday and I can't wait for the July picture recap to see #1.

  7. Why does everything you make look like it came out of a magazine?

    Those cookies are intimidating. Do they dry so they are stackable or do you plate them like that?

    Can I be your neighbor?

  8. uh did i just flip through martha stewart living or what?? seriously friend you are insano! those cupcakes...those cookies...they were gorgeous. maybe you need to start a bakery or something.

  9. It's nice to see someone other than Martha make one of her recipes or decorate the way she does. : )

    Our 4th of July was nice as well. We had our small groups gang over Sunday night for prayer time and whole bunch of fun! The kids colored our basketball court with all sorts of patriotic chalk art. Hubby grilled burgers, brats and hot dogs. While eating we had the "joy" of watching a skunk family of six waddle across out yard to the field across from us. Eeek! Then we enjoyed s'mores around the fire pit and a boat load of awesome fireworks (courtesy of one of the families that brought them). Then last night we enjoyed sat around the fire pit and had fun with sparklers and chasing fireflies (not a combined activity I assure you!). It was a very fun weekend. I have no pictures to prove of it, but lots of memories in my heart!

    Hugs and blessings dear Sasha!

  10. I like the new header on your blog. : )

  11. Those cupcakes are gorgeous! So are the cookies!

  12. Looks like so much fun! Your cupcakes are amazing, and I still need to learn how to frost like that!!!

  13. Awesome post. Your cookies look better than Martha's. Great job.