Saturday, July 2, 2011

June 365

 June... sweet month wasn't it?  I feel like some heart recovery happened for me over the early part of June, and then I hit some hiccups mid June, but had some sweet moments with my Saviour, knowing that each moment and each day is in His control.  Sweet.
 I bet you didn't know that cherries in a white colander were photogenic, but they are! See what I mean about sweet?
 Speaking of sweet, I love those moments when all the toys are strung all over, and there is some big time playing going on.  Those moments are getting fewer and fewer as the kiddos grow, and spend more time outside on bikes and backyard fun.  I'm just going to enjoy them while they last....
 This was a sweet moment, when my baby girl danced for me, and let me snap dozens of photos. 
 We went to Ikea to return some things, and one of the few things on my shopping list to pick up, was a tray.  I found this one and it just seemed to want to go in this place. 
 This was right in the middle of our kitchen painting party and I couldn't have been more exhausted.  This photo was the only photo that I could think of snapping that day!  (And only because it was the place I longed to be as my back ached and my arms screamed at me from all the hard work!)

Um.  Yeah, a lot of time spent in the kitchen... I painted this pear (copied from an actual artist, shamelessly) long before my hoodlums were even born, and I've never been able to get rid of it.  It always has a way of coming back onto a wall some where.  I just love it and I always have.  It's residing in my dining area right now and it seems to be most at home there. 
 I knocked over one of my two table candlesticks and broke one.  We break a lot of things in our house.  I think we are a house full of klutzy people.  (I exclude my man from this.  It seems both my children inherited my gift of klutzyness.)
 Finally seeing progress!  I got the best idea in the middle of the night, about putting a fabric-covered foam core board behind my dishes and I couldn't wait to wake up and create it!  I was so happy that it turned out a thousand times better than I thought it would.  If you have a cabinet that you open a lot, or can see through doors into, you must try this.  This fabric is like a sweet little burst of sunshine.  I'm not sure if you know this about me... but I love bursts of sunshine.
 So do you see that splotch of white paint on my little finger?  After a whole day of painting, my man rescued me by ordering out.  Sweet!  I love a man who knows how (and when) to order out a full meal.  I think that might be one of Adrain's finest qualities. (Well, aside from some very broad shoulders, that is.)

Speaking of shoulders... These are the ones I cry on, lean on, and depend on.  I  know he's going to hate that I tell you this, but he was serving communion at our church this night, and as I took the bread and juice from his tray, he winked at me as he said, "This is the body of Christ for you."  I think God smiles when I have a sweet moment with Adrain and Him at the same time... knowwhatImean?
 This was the day I finally collapsed.  In fact, I took this photograph while sitting on my couch, sipping a glass of iced tea, right after reading a sweet chapter of Anne of Green Gables to my daughter.  I just kind of sat here for a couple of hours, looking at the view....
I rallied the next day and finished my dishwasher project.  Technically, this photo shouldn't make it into my 365 because Adrain took it, but I've got to appear in a few, and we both agreed this was one was great fun. (Besides, he's taking my baby camera to Africa with him this summer, and he'll be doing my 365's so he needs the practice.)
 Lots of helpers in my world.  We melted sweet red and blue candy melts (they ate as many as they could get their grubby little hands on when my back was turned) and then I piped them in star shapes, (using a guide underneath parchment paper) so we could top cupcakes with them on July 4th. 
Summer days... iced tea... Hawaiian Tropic... paper straws. Sweet moments of life in the slow lane. If only we could live in summer.
If this can even remotely be true... my heart will sing.  Because no matter where we end up in life, what place, what home, what city... I want our little haven to radiate happiness.  This past year it has radiated a lot of things- excitement, fear, stress, emotion of all kinds, trust, hope, faith, more stress... happiness is my new goal.  Happiness and joy.  And then spilling it out onto everyone who sets foot inside my door. 
Is there nothing more fun in life than a sprinkler and a trampoline on a hot day?  The answer is no.  There is not. Well, unless you add a popsickle.  Obviously.  Duh.
Not the best quality, but who cares!  My baby girl at her recital.  Oh the sweetness... oh the joy... oh the knots in my stomach while I waited for her, praying peace over her little nerves, praying that she'd have fun!  Smiling from ear to ear as she searched us out in the crowd.  (I got to sit in the front row, and she spotted us right away!  It was so fun!)
Taking all my favorite guys to the Baseball game for Father's day.  You can see my man, then my little man, then my Dad, then my brother. (Who's not a daddy yet, but is a really amazing Uncle, which sorta counts in my world.)  Awesome.  Now, let me tell you what I did during all this baseball cheering. I pondered the ways in which I've warped my family.  And myself.  If you've been reading since at least the previous Christmas holiday you will know that I'm completely addicted to the movie Elf.  And Will Farrel (specifically in that movie, as not all of his films are family friendly, or even mildly appropriate, though secretly, and quite possibly, still funny). Anyway.  I know it's like six months from Christmas (and Alli is laughing her hiney off right now, I guarantee it) but when we attended this baseball game, I realized how my life has been permanently affected by Elf.  (And quite possibly not for the better.)  As my family, and extended peeps were crossing a road in Seattle, I yelped out, "The yellow ones don't stop!"  To which, both of my kids began hopping across, while my parents went, "what?"  I tried to explain.  Later, while watching the Mariner's play the Phillies, I was giggling to no one in particular when the name "Francisco" flashed across the jumbotron and I said, "Francisco... Francisco... "  Then I turned to my son and said, "Ohhh, that's fun to say!"  He laughed.  No one else around me did.

I might have a problem.  Or an addiction.  And I think I'm dragging my entire family along with me. (If you've never seen Elf exactly 742 times like I have, you probably have the same look on your face that my Mama did.  Bless her heart.)
 These are P90X friendly.  In that, they don't contain anything good.  Bwahahahaaha!  Just kidding.  But not really.  No fat, no oil, no cholesterol, no trans fats... just applesauce, bran, and egg whites... that sort of thing.  Surprisingly, they were yummy.  Or it could just be that my taste buds have died.  I say this because I bit into a protein bar the other day and went, "Oh wow.. this is delicious."  And I meant it.  Weird.
Bunting makes me deliriously happy.  Let me tell you why.  1) I have wanted three bunting thingys for eight solid years. (Well just in the month of July, mainly) 2) When we decided to stay here in this house a couple months ago, I went to the fabric store, thinking I could use my little discount coupon, and find some cheap bunting materials, that I could whip together on my sewing machine.  Only they don't sell it.  Isn't that odd?  3) I stumbled upon this when I went to Michaels, and it was already put together, and less then $5.00 each without my coupons!  4) Three of these things fit perfectly on the front porch and whenever I come home it smiles at me.  The End.
What makes me laugh, is how my dog Lucy lays beside her toys.  I don't know about you, but it's sure a comfort to snuggle up to a rubber ball....
 Sometimes I feel like I was born in a barn.  (I've just always wanted to say that.)
 A friend brought me strawberries.  I love strawberries.  
I was sitting in a car, with this bouquet positioned between my knees, so I could sip the White Pomegranate Iced tea that my man had just purchased me. (My very favoritest summer drink in the entire world, no question!)  First of all, and as long as we're talking about favorites, pink peonies are my most favorite flower in all the world, followed very closely by tulips.  Do you remember the spring time, when I posted eleventy hundred photos with tulips in them? Yeah.  Peonies weren't in season yet.  Second of all, I was wearing one of my favorite summer shirts- a darling ruffled baby doll tank top and I had to make sure it was in the photo so you could see how sweet it was.  And lastly, the cute little seventeen year old making my iced tea leaned into the car and asked, "What are the flowers for?"  To which I replied, "Oh... just for me..." (followed by a sweet smile at my man.) The barrista sighed and said, "Oh that's just stupid cute."  (For a split second, I considered climbing over and french kissing my man to show her some real stupid cute, but I thought my kids (in the back seat) might not appreciate it.  I'm just saying.)
Then I woke up the next morning and made jam.
Ava, stopping to inspect and smell the flowers.  Kids have such a natural way of reminding us to do that.  Is there anything more precious?
 This is Bella.  The injured butterfly that my hoodlums found and nursed back to health, feeding it flower nectar, and strawberry jam.  They were sad when Bella finally regained enough strength to escape fly away, and I may or may not have muttered, "If you let something go and it comes back to you, then you'll  know it was truly yours..."  (This may or may not have been met with blank stares.)
 Etsy.  Oh how I love Etsy.  I love making these napkins so much.... I love thinking that they are going to your homes and gracing your sweet tables....
 Well... I did say June was a sweet month, didn't I?  Indeed it was.


  1. What a wonderful month of memories.

  2. I love these posts to pieces. Although they do give me a bad case of camera envy. ; ) My favorite picture and story are the peonies. Because yes, it's totally stupid cute.

  3. My MOST favorite part of these pictures was the photo of your daughter at the flowers with the Judy Blume booked tucked under her arm... My Madelyn Mae and I are reading all sorts of Judy Blume this summer and it made me smile to see that her book's stretch far & wide to little readers. Love it.

  4. I love this post and your photos!! Love the part about the flowers and the kiss!! Happy 4th to you and your family!

  5. Your pictures are GORGEOUS!! I would LOVE for you to enter my new Sweet Little Photo Swap party running today...:) All you have to do is share 5-10 of your favorite photos and explain why they are your favorite!

  6. I love the beginning of the month when you put up all of the following months pictures. It is so relaxing getting to read along with them. I love Elf too, but unfortunately, I don't walk around quoting the movie. LOL. Have a great July!


  7. I love peonies and tulips, too! I was so happy when we moved into this house 3+ years ago when I found a gazillion tulip bulbs in bloom and then in the summer a bunch of peony bushes in bloom! Simple bliss!

    I also dreamed and wished for a home in which to display bunting. I was so happy that this house had the perfect area on the front porch for bunting. I want to put some on our side porch, but am waiting for after holiday sales. (I'm cheap. er, I mean frugal!) If you want to see a pic I have a little outdoorsy tour on my blog --

    Love the pictures!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! : )

  8. Love all the photos, especially the peonies matching your pretty top and the puppy(all dogs are puppies to me). You are also a great artist with canvas and paint. I'm glad you can look back on your month and smile! Oh, O love the red & white stripe straws. Can you tell us where you got them and I pray not Trader Joe's because there is not one stinkin' store in the entire state of Texas. Blessings on your 4th!

  9. I got the paper straws at a boutique about an hour away from my town... I'm so sorry I can't be more help, but I am pretty sure I've seen them online at ""

  10. awww, I love these!! Love how you're documenting your days! :) Beautiful pictures, Sasha!

  11. I just love your pictures! And those cupcakes look mighty delicious, too! Hope you are having a good weekend!

  12. you do close-ups better than anyone. love your artist's eye! that barn had me at hello:)

  13. Hi Sasha - I am really enjoying your blog. Your writing style, sense of humor, artistic talent, decorating, creativity, personal inspiration...etc. (I don't have all day to list everything, Okay? : ) Your kitchen is just beautiful ~ the blood, sweat, and tears that you put into it really paid off! I would say this is where you are meant to be at this time in your life!
    PS - love your 4th of July decorations too!!

  14. I look SO forward to these posts. I'll take one jar of jam, thank you very much :) My jam helper was out of town this season and we missed the strawberries. Bummer. I adore those straws...they scream summer. I'm off to finally read about the kitchen...I'm behind.

  15. Oh I LOVED this post!! loved it!! such sweet memories!